6 Crypto Assets Under 1 US Dollar on The USDT Market
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6 Crypto Assets Under 1 US Dollar on the USDT Market

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6 Crypto Assets Under 1 US Dollar on the USDT Market

Cara Trading di Market USDT, Apa Bedanya dengan IDR?

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Indodax also sells crypto assets on the USDT market. There are 6 crypto assets that sell for under 1 US Dollar. Which one will have the potential to 1 US Dollar?

In addition to selling crypto assets at the Rupiah exchange rate or IDR market, Indodax also lists a number of crypto assets that can be exchanged for the USDT market.

So far, there are 8 crypto assets sold on the USDT market. However, we will not discuss two of them, namely Ethereum and Bitcoin, which are already very expensive. Meanwhile, the other six crypto assets are still under 1 US Dollar.

Let’s discuss one by one the crypto assets listed on the USDT market.

The difference between USDT Market and IDR Market

Indodax sells crypto assets with two fiat currencies. First, is IDR from Rupiah. The second is USD dollar from USDT.

Currently, around 130 crypto assets are listed on the IDR market. However, there are only 8 crypto assets listed on the USDT market. Not all crypto assets listed in IDR are listed on the USDT market. Vice versa.

Then, why is there a USDT market? This is because the USDT market sells crypto assets cheaper. However, you can also trade Bitcoin and Ethereum on the USDT market, including the BTT crypto asset. Even though in fact, if it is in Rupiah, it is the same.

Because apart from that, you can also take advantage of the USDT market for arbitrage trading, exchanging from other exchanges.

What is USDT?

Before we discuss one by one the 6 crypto assets listed on the USDT market on Indodax, let’s first understand what USDT is. Crypto asset Tether (USDT) is a crypto asset which is 1:1 in US Dollar price. USDT is the most widely used crypto asset, in fact almost all exchanges in the world.

USDT is said to have the same circulation as the US Dollar. These crypto assets are classified as stablecoins or crypto assets that are stable and are usually used only for payments.

Only a few traders take advantage of the ups and downs of the price for investment because the movements tend to be stable.

The purpose of Indodax listing the USDT crypto asset is to overcome the price of crypto assets that are too small, if they are in Rupiah.

Although, so far there are 6 crypto assets selling for under IDR 100 in the IDR market.

6 Crypto Assets under 1 US Dollar on the USDT Market

1. BitTorrent (BTT)

Price range : 0.002350

The BitTorrent crypto asset is a crypto asset that is also listed on the USDT market. This crypto asset also became popular in the IDR market because it had increased from a price of Rp.20 soaring to its highest price of Rp.180s.

BitTorrent is a blockchain project with a file sharing container. One of the most famous features is the download feature. Actually BitTorrent has been around for a long time, around 2008.

However, Justin Sun, owner of blockchain projects Tron and JST, has acquired BitTorrent and adopted blockchain.

2. Hashgard (GARD)

Price range : 0.000149

Several times the GARD crypto asset has been trending in rising prices. In fact, it was one hundred percent in a short time.

Hashgard Founded by true blockchain believer in China and early participant Charlie Xu. Hashgard is developed based on the leading cross-chain technology Cosmos SDK.

It adopts Tendermint as a treaty, aiming to build a financial autonomous website focused on trusted finance, inclusive finance, Intermediate Finance, Programmed Finance and traditional finance empowerment.

Therefore, Hashgard will provide a set of open-source distribution network, which can ensure the security of financial data and data processing capabilities, support the development and deployment of smart contracts on the blockchain.

3. Pundi X (PUNDIX)

Price range : 0.745101

Pundi X (NPXS) aims to make the use of cryptocurrency as a form of payment a reality for retailers and consumers alike. By applying the technology to a range of real-world use cases such as XPOS cards and point-of-sale devices.

They have created a product that can accept NPXS tokens for goods and services. With the aim of supporting retail intelligence, marketing and loyalty programs and inventory and order management systems, Pundi X Point-of-Sale tools can help support digital commerce worldwide.

4. Play games (PXG)

Price range : 0.00040

Playgame (PXG) is a local crypto asset initiated by the Tokenomy project. Playgame is a blockchain project from game developers. They also bridge game developers to get funds in the form of ICOs.

PXG is a crypto asset on the ERC20 network with a smart contract platform that allows publishers, developers and the gaming community to monetize their products directly from cryptocurrency users around the world.

5. Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Price Range : 0.000007

Shiba Inu is the most recently listed on Indodax and probably the most popular. Crypto assets

this has increased by thousands of percent in just a matter of days.

The price increase occurred when Elon Musk posted about the Shiba Inu. This crypto asset is often equated with DOGE. However, Shiba Inu are crypto assets that can be obtained through DeFi, such as swabs.

Many people still hold SHIB because they believe this cryptocurrency will go higher, if you look at the whitepaper.

6. Smartshare (SSP)

Price Range : 0.000136

Lastly, the crypto asset in USDT markets that is under 1 US Dollar is SSP. Smartshare or Smartshare Protocol (SSP) is a smart and credible decentralized Blockchain technology platform designed to reshape the value ecosystem and data value of the Internet of things. Currently, the internet of things (IoT) and the volume of data generated are increasing.

Smartshare products and technologies will implement three phases. First, Smartshare is creating a public industrial chain and building an ecosystem for IoT.

Second, the decentralization of trading platform data and value circulation from terminal data will be realized. Third, Smartshare aims to achieve the interconnection of all things and value trading terminals.

How to buy crypto assets on the USDT market?

It’s easy, you just have to go to Market. Well, on that page there is a column for USDT markets, right next to the IDR market. After clicking, you can see what cryptocurrencies are listed on the USDT market.

To trade in this market, you need to buy USDT first.


Well, that’s an explanation of crypto assets on the USDT market. Are you a trader in the USDT market? Have you traded or invested here?

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