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Traveling Around the World Using Bitcoin, Is It Possible?

Traveling around the world using Bitcoin is not impossible, but it might also not be an easy thing to do since Bitcoin itself is only 8 years old and is still slightly less popular than cash or credit cards.

Trading Tips for Beginners

This information can help you not to be tricked by all kinds of strategies or invalid information. Because in 2019, there are a lot of newcomers who are getting interested in the world of digital assets, and this is important once again for beginners


Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer open source crypto asset that belongs to the altcoin category and has a Doge unit of value.

Cold Storage

Cold storage is a place to store digital assets offline. This is done for security reasons, especially to store large amounts of digital assets.

Bitcoin Address

Bitcoin address is an alphanumeric character arrangement of 26-35 letters that is useful for receiving Bitcoins from other people.

Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM is the name for a machine that can be used to buy and sell Bitcoin. Some Bitcoin Automatic Teller Machines require a user ID to transact according to the regulations in force in their country.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is now in the third position in popularity after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Get to Know Fundamental Analysis on Digital Asset

Fundamental analysis looks at all financial information related to digital assets and the technology behind it to predict. The results of these two methods of analysis should be complementary.

Cut Loss

A cut loss strategy is where your crypto asset position is closed to prevent further losses.