Get to know Tokenomy Earn, a New Digital Asset Investment Feature
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Get to know Tokenomy Earn, a New Digital Asset Investment Feature

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Get to know Tokenomy Earn, a New Digital Asset Investment Feature

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Tokenomy Earn is a new feature in Tokenomy that can help you to grow money just by storing crypto assets.

This feature is very useful for those who want to earn extra from crypto, but find it difficult to learn crypto trading. It is also important to note, Tokenomy is a licensed digital asset investment platform, which offers a variety of crypto-based financial services.

At Tokenomy, you can safely invest in crypto assets while earning passive income with a wide selection of deposit types according to your convenience and high interest rates. In addition, if you are a crypto asset trader, Tokenomy also provides a spot and futures trading platform.

Well, curious as to what new features that will make it easier for crypto traders from Tokenomy? Check out the full explanation below.

What is Tokenomy Earn?

Tokenomy Earn is a crypto investment platform where you can earn passive income easily, with minimal risk, with a low deposit amount and high interest. You can also invest long term crypto here as this platform offers high interest rates.

Tokenomy Earn products

There are three types of products available in Tokenomy Earn. Here is the review.

  1. Fixed Deposit

You can choose Fixed Deposit on Tokenomy. In addition to offering various types of crypto assets and various tenors and competitive interest rates, Fixed Deposit at Tokenomy is also free of charge.

Tokenomy has also become the only place for crypto investors to be able to make fixed deposits for IDK, a rupiah stablecoin with more competitive interest rates than investing in rupiah directly in conventional banks.

Of course, on other crypto investment platforms, you won’t be able to profit from crypto this easily.

  1. Staking

Staking cryptocurrencies on Tokenomy will allow you to earn daily or weekly rewards without having to think about the complicated technical process behind it. As a crypto asset investor, of course it will be very beneficial for you.

  1. Dual Currency Deposit (DCD)

Dual Currency Deposit or DCD is the next option. Here, you can invest in crypto assets by receiving returns in two different asset options as a way to maximize the benefits of your investment.

For example, you will make a BTC deposit on the BTC/USDT pair. Then, when the price of BTC rises when it matures, you will receive your assets back along with the interest in USDT. For traders who already have a target price for buying or selling, DCD is a very suitable product for trading while earning interest while waiting for the target price to be reached.

Great deals, definitely!

Advantages of Investing Digital Assets in Tokenomy Earn

After understanding what Tokenomy Earn is and its various products, then you also have to know what are the benefits of investing in this new digital asset investment feature from Tokenomy? Here are some of the advantages.

  • High Yield: Please note, Tokenomy Earn will offer high yields. Well, here, you can multiply your crypto assets with competitive yields.
  • Security: the next advantage is security alias guaranteed security. By using Tokenomy Earn, you don’t need trading skills or experience. That’s because everyone can benefit, just by making a deposit. (Note: this is intended for users who qualify according to the Trading Terms of Use.)
  • Support: You only need to make a deposit, then wait casually. In Tokenomy Earn, you don’t have to worry because your assets will definitely grow.
  • Free of charge

How to Invest Digital Assets in Tokenomy Earn

Already know the benefits of investing in Tokenomy Earn? Next, you need to know how and steps to invest in digital assets on Tokenomy. Here’s the guide.

  1. Go to
  2. Login/login to your Tokenomy account
  3. Enter your Tokenomy account email and password
  4. Click Sign in
  5. Open Portfolio
  6. Choose deposit/withdraw
  7. Select Generate Wallet Address
  8. Copy your Wallet Address which is shown in letter and number code. Use this Wallet Address to make a deposit
  9. Don’t forget to copy the memo if needed
  10. Done!

Now, you already know about investing in Tokenomy Earn, a new feature from Tokenomy that will help you make investing in crypto assets easier. Well, you can also watch the full video about Tokenomy Earn at the following link.

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