VCGamers Crypto: Finally Listed to Indodax
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Raffi Ahmad’s VCGamers: What You’ve Been Waiting For Is Finally Listed to Indodax

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Raffi Ahmad’s VCGamers: What You’ve Been Waiting For Is Finally Listed to Indodax

VCGamers (VCG) token Akhirnya Hadir di Indodax

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This week, the VCGamers crypto asset will be listed on Indodax. Open deposit will start on March 9th, 2022 at 14:00 WIB (UTC +7) and open trading will start on March 10th, 2022 also at 14:00 WIB (UTC +7).

VCGamers provides a place for gamers, creators, artists, esports teams, game developers, game publishers to interact, compete, create, and share content to build a community through the VCGamers platform. Curious enough? Let’s read more here!

What Is VCGamers?

In its ecosystem, $VCG is integrated, in the future with a team of experienced VC Gamers, can gather all gamers from all over the world in a unique way where gamers do anything related to games.

VCGamers is a Web-based game community application and application that provides all gaming needs in one container. An all-in-one platform where gamers can interact, socialize, collaborate, become gaming creators, make direct transactions, and even register NFT through VCGamers’ online features and marketplace.

Supported by Blockchain technology, VCGamers launches a cryptocurrency in the form of $VCG, which can be used as a whole to support the VCGamers ecosystem. $VCG operates on the Binance Smart Chain, built on a platform-agnostic and game-agnostic social trading network, staking tokens and NFT assets will be universally integrated through existing Infrastructure and communities benefiting any metaverse connected to it.

In the long term, VCGamers will launch themselves with a smart-chain for creators and partners to create their own tokens and NFTs, especially in the gaming industry.

VCGamers Team

One of the crypto assets created by the nation’s children and led by Isya Sony Subrata as Chief Executive Officer, VCGamers currently has a total of 74 members and is still growing.

VCGamers Main Features

The ecosystem of VCGamers is always growing into a solid gamer community. The launch of $VCG will expand the ecosystem. VCGamers now has additional support from the blockchain. With the utility value $VCG token, the gaming community can now use Marketplace, Social easily and with universal utility value across currencies in a single token at a controlled and accountable price with very clear tokenomics. Check out some of the main features of VCGamers that you can enjoy!

  • VC VerseSocial

Network for the needs of Gamers. With a timeline feature to upload status, share content, and upload clips of gaming moments, and many others. Imagine the needs of gamers in 1 container and of course $VCG will be an important utility in the VCGamers platform. Create or join a Group to find playmates or relevant content. In addition, Users can create or follow Official Fanspages as Influencers or Fans and can watch streaming and support your favorite Gaming creators via Livestream.

  • VC Arena

Participating in Game Tournaments, you can create and even join a Team to compete with other gamers or even create your own eSport team with friends.

  • VC Badges

Get Experience and Badges to level up your VCGamers account for every achievement.

VC Market (Digital Products & NFT Market) Sale and purchase of Game Assets, Graphics, Music and Sound effects in the form of NFT. For every sale, VCGamers will charge a transaction fee of 10% in VCGMarket in $VCG, 75% of the fee will go into the company’s treasury, 25% of the fee will be put into the Staking Pool to always build community spirit in contributing to the success of the platform.

Game Artists and Developers as well as Freelancers/Professionals can advertise their creations and assets using $VCG on VC ADS MANAGER. 50% will be distributed to Developer/Platform/Marketing, 50% to all $VCG holders via Staking Pool.

  • VCGamers C2C trading web3

The buyer can send the FIAT directly to the seller who provides the digital (Crypto) currency and the seller sends it to the buyer. Crypto purchases are made between User to User on the platform. VCGamers acts as an intermediary and increases security for buyers and sellers. VCGamers will conduct an audit for sellers, so buyers don’t have to worry about being cheated when transacting within VCGamers.

  • Premium NFT Content

NFT is now an exclusive content DLC for Gaming has become a new hobby for some people who have been on the internet because of that VCGamers launched a new market that will support the ecosystem in this phenomenon.

A new market in the Indonesian gaming community will be followed by many opportunities for gamers in Indonesia to grow into better and capable players for the global gaming community.

  1. Esports, game developers, game publishers, gaming hardware who want to collaborate with us on digital NFT.
  2. Collect and collect our premium NFT through the mystery box feature and get NFT staking after successfully completing the collection. 
  3. Earn benefits by accumulating our Premium NFT such as extra % in Staking and more.
  4. Sell ??your unused NFT to other users who are looking for rare ones to complete their collection on the NFT marketplace.
  • RansVerse powered by $VCG and integration with other partners

Collaborating with Rans Entertainment, the single biggest influencer in Indonesia with 100m+ followers, RansVerse will be powered by $VCG and will offer the following features:

  • Mini-games to earn rewards
  • Daily activities/quests to complete
  • Virtual land plots for investment and development
  • Premium Content (music concerts, sports matches, etc.)

Entry to RansVerse and all transactions within will require $VCG. This collaboration is made possible through our partnership with UpBanx, a fintech platform specializing in content creators and ShintaVR, a company specializing in the development of metaverse worlds. UpBanx provides launchpads, NFT minting, liquidity solutions, and more for content creators launching their own Web3 projects. We will also further expand partnerships with game developers, game publishers, and gaming creators to broaden the VCGamers ecosystem.

VCGamers Crypto Assets

The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #3833, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 100,000,000 VCG coins.

How to Buy VCGamers Crypto Assets on Indodax

For those of you who want to buy VCGamers crypto assets, you can buy them on Indodax starting March 10th, 2022 at 14:00 WIB (UTC +7)

Here’s how to buy it:

  1. For those of you who have not registered as a member of Indodax, you can click here
  2. After that, make a deposit. Here is how to deposit, click here
  3. After your deposit and balance filled, you can return to the market
  4. Look for VCGamers in the Rupiah market then click
  5. After entering, all you have to do is buy by filling in the balance and at what price you want to buy VCGamers. You can also buy it instantly or directly at the current price
  6. After that, you need to patiently wait for the price to increase for some time
  7. After the price increases, you can sell it at a higher price with the instant method
  8. If you sell with the limit method, you can place orders after buying. Make sure you enter a higher number when selling.
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