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The Beginner Learning Pack aims to build your basic knowledge of crypto trading, and after following materials 1-12, you'll be ready to dive into the crypto market. Enjoy your learning!

About Us

Indodax Academy is a part of Indodax that aims to build public awareness about crypto assets. We built an educational system by providing materials about cryptocurrency that have been curated by experts.


1. Introduction to Crypto Assets

The introduction of crypto assets starts from the initial history of their discovery, evolution, and development and their potential in the future.

2. Blockchain Technology

Learn crypto fundamentals by understanding Blockchain concepts. Master this material to start your trading journey.

3. Bitcoin

Get to know what Bitcoin is and why its presence has become an essential part of the history of the development of Blockchain and crypto assets.

4. Ethereum and Altcoin

Learn the concept of decentralization further with Ethereum. In this section, you will also learn about altcoins as part of crypto assets.

5. Crypto Wallet

Find out how digital wallets can be useful for storing, managing, and transacting with crypto assets.

6. Crypto Asset Analysis

By studying crypto analysis techniques consisting of fundamental, technical, and sentiment analysis, you will be more confident in choosing crypto assets.

7. Collection: How to Trade Crypto

Before deciding to trade, you must choose a trusted exchange like INDODAX for the security and convenience of your transactions, In this material, we will discuss tips and tricks and how to trade crypto for beginners.

8. Staking

Besides trading, you can also do staking to make a profit with crypto assets. In this material, you will learn what staking is, the types of staking, and how to do staking.

9. Get to Know the Web 3.0

As time goes by and technological developments, the internet has also developed. Currently, most of our internet still uses Web 2.0, then what is Web 3.0?​

10. Decentralized Finance (DeFi)​

DeFi is one of the technological developments you need to know about because DeFi makes transactions more efficient and transparent. In this material, you will get an explanation of what DeFi is. ​

11. Non-Fungible Token (NFT)​

Do you like collecting unique items? If so, this NFT is for you! Find out what NFT is and what makes it unique in this material. ​

12. Metaverse World ​

The metaverse is a technological development that unifies physical and virtual reality, and you can find out more about the metaverse here. ​