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The Beginner Learning Pack aims to build your basic knowledge of crypto trading, and after following materials 1-7, you'll be ready to dive into the crypto market. Enjoy your learning!

About Us

Indodax Academy is a part of Indodax that aims to build public awareness about crypto assets. We built an educational system by providing materials about cryptocurrency that have been curated by experts.


1. Understanding Blockchain

Learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency by understanding how Blockchain works. Take this lesson as a start to your trading journey.

2. Bitcoin 101

Understanding what Bitcoin actually is and why it is so important for the development of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.

3. How Impactful Ethereum Is?

Learn more about decentralization concepts with Ethereum. In this section, you can learn about the development of Ethereum, which is as important and impactful as Bitcoin.

4. Trading Terms on Crypto Market

Once you have a fundamental understanding of crypto and blockchain, you are one step closer to starting to trade cryptocurrencies. Before that, it is important for you to understand the trading terms that exist in the crypto market.

5. Step by Step to Trade on Indodax

With the knowledge you have gained until now, you are getting closer to your first crypto transaction. For that, you need to learn the step by step to trade on Indodax.

6. Indodax Mobile Trading Feature

After going through all the steps to trade on Indodax, it's time for you to know. what features are in the Indodax application and how to use them for your trading activities. You can learn everything here.

7. Crypto Trading Tips and Trick

After studying the materials above, you are already an individual who is ready to jump into the market. In this final lesson, you will find tips and tricks to help you on your journey into the world of crypto trading.