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About Us

Bundle Pack - Tentang Kami | Indodax Academy

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Indonesia Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange (Indodax)

Indodax is the first and biggest crypto exchange for buying and selling crypto assets in Indonesia.

With more than 5 million members, you can trade an extensive selection of crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more, hassle-free! Fast, safe and easy.

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Established in 2014 with members spread throughout Indonesia and abroad, Indodax has earned various certifications and permits from the Commodity Futures Exchange Supervisory Board (BAPPEBTI) and the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia.

CoinMarketCap also lists Indodax as a global Top 50 Spot Exchange* in terms of exchange volume, traffic, liquidity, and confidence in the legitimacy of reported trading volumes.

Indodax Academy

As the largest crypto asset exchange platform in Indonesia, Indodax has social responsibility to build public awareness about crypto assets.

This is why the Indodax team creates a Blockchain and crypto asset education platform called Indodax Academy as a “One-stop Crypto Learning Platform”. In hopes that the Indonesian people can learn about crypto assets before deciding to buy and sell crypto assets on Indodax.

There is a lot of information and reviews about crypto assets on the internet. However, it’s important that you don’t take everything at face value, especially if you’ve just read a piece of information.

Do your own research as much as you can from different sources, and make your own judgment. It’s what we call Do Your Own Research (DYOR). To support your DYOR activities, Indodax Academy presents the best articles about Bitcoin Blockchain that can help you as a crypto trader.

You can read various articles at Indodax Academy. In addition, there are videos and interesting contents on Indodax’s official social media that you can access for free.

Interesting, right? Furthermore, in the following review, you will learn more about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Free Bitcoin Mining

Blockchain, Bitcoin, and tips and tricks in crypto assets trading  that you need to know and are important to implement.

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