5 NFT Generators to Generate Unique NFT Art
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5 NFT Generators to Generate Unique NFT Art

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5 NFT Generators to Generate Unique NFT Art

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Explain what NFT generators can be used to produce unique NFT works.

The following list of NFT generators will help you to be able to produce unique Non-Fungible Token works. How to make it is pretty straightforward.

As is known, until now, NFT is still very popular with collectors and digital asset investors.

In Indonesia, the wave of NFT hype seems to be marked by the viral Ghozali daily, which appears with his daily NFT selfie photo.

In fact, from his unique digital work, he succeeded in becoming a billionaire. This happened after the series of his iconic works were sold by OpenSea, which is one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world,

Well, check out the tutorial below for those who are also interested in creating, creating, or producing your own authentic NFT.

What is NFT?

In general, NFT can be interpreted as a unique and valuable digital asset that represents objects in the world in everyday life.

Through the blockchain, ownership of this NFT can also be verified. NFT can also be considered a digital asset on the blockchain network with a unique identification code and metadata, which are different from each other.

NFTs can be works of art, music, or items found in games and videos. The emergence of NFT is a token attempt to transform a digital artwork or another type of collectible to become one-of-a-kind.

How to Make NFT Works

Here are ways that you can do to create a unique NFT easily.

  • Define Item

The first step, determine the items to be used as NFT. These unique items can be in the form of your artwork. Examples: video games, video clips of photos, meme collections, music, GIFs, and Twitter.

  • Choose Blockchain

Since blockchain and NFT are interrelated, you must choose the blockchain you will use. To create NFTs, many artists usually use Ethereum as their blockchain system.

  • Choose a Crypto Wallet

If you want to create an NFT, ensure you already have a crypto wallet. If you don’t have it, please select the crypto wallet you will use later. You can choose the Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Alpha Wallet, Math Wallet, and Trust Wallet.

  • Define NFT Marketplace

Already have crypto assets and wallets? Now, then, all you have to do is determine the best marketplace to sell your NFT. OpenSea, for example, can be one of the best NFT marketplace recommendations in the world that you can choose.

List of NFT Generators to Generate NFT Art

There is a wide selection of NFT Generators out there. However, the following are some recommendations that you can try to produce NFT Art.

1. Fotor

Fotor has a unique quote on the front page of its site, which reads, “Everyone can be an NFT artist.”

Yes, at Fotor, anyone can become an NFT artist! The reason is with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Everyone can create their original NFT works even if they don’t have a foundation in the art world.

Here’sHere’s how to Generate NFT in Fotor:

  • Go to the site.
  • Click “”Create NFT Now””.
  • Select the image to be used as the NFT.
  • Choose a template for the new layer.
  • Click “Download” when image processing is complete.

2. NinjaFT

NinjaFT is a unique NFT Generator application because it is only available on Android (PlayStore) and iOS (AppStore). NinjaFT is an application that is very suitable for those of you who like card-shaped NFT.

There are hundreds of card templates, ranging from Pokemon cards, and Yu-Gi-Oh, to NBA collectible cards.

This is the guide to generating NFT in this application:

  • Enter the NinjaFT application.
  • Tap “Trading Cards.”
  • Tap “Create” to create a new NFT card.
  • Select the desired options and templates.
  • You can also select “Gallery” to generate a template card.

3. NFT Art Generator

The following generator that is highly recommended, of course, is the NFT Art Generator. Here, pieces of PNG/GIF images can be combined into a new NFT masterpiece. Interesting, right?

If you want to mint and sell large amounts of NFT, this tool is essential for you to try. This NFT Art Generator can generate large quantities of NFT art!

Below is how to generate NFT Art Generator:

  • Go to the NFT Art Generator site.
  • Select the desired image according to the layer (background, layer 1, layer 2, and so on).
  • Sort and group photos according to layers to facilitate processing before the image is inserted.
  • Click “Preview” to see your NFT work.
  • Also, click “Generate Collection” to directly download the NFT that you have created.

4. SuperMe

Even though it’s not a dedicated NFT art generator application, with SuperMe, you can produce unique and original works.

The application, which is a video game, will help you create an avatar face to your liking.

Here’s how to generate it:

  • Sign in to the SuperMe app.
  • Register your account/email link.
  • Tap the blank avatar in the center of the screen.
  • Create your avatar.
  • Tap the “Save” icon on the screen in the lower right corner.
  • Happy! Your NFT image has been saved on your phone.

3. GoArt

Based on photo editing, this NFT generator is efficient, even via cell phone! That’s because GoArt is a tool available on both Android and iOS.

Here’s how to generate the NFT:

  • Open the GoArt app.
  • Select the photo you want to edit.
  • Choose a filter according to taste.
  • Save (save) the image on the cellphone.

Thus a review of the list of 5 NFT Generators that you can try right now. Happy creative! Check out other recent reviews about digital assets at Indodax Academy.

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