About Tokenomy Indonesia and How to Invest in Digital Assets
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About Tokenomy Indonesia and How to Invest in Digital Assets

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About Tokenomy Indonesia and How to Invest in Digital Assets

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Tokenomy Indonesia is one of the new platforms in Indonesia that provides a wide selection of digital assets.

The presence of this crypto platform is in line with the recent rapid development of blockchain and crypto.

Let’s see the review below to explore this digital asset platform further.

Get to know Indonesia’s Tokenomy

Tokenomy is a crypto asset platform in Indonesia that presents a variety of products. Tokenomy even has a token or crypto asset called Ten.

Overall, the company is under the auspices of Tennet Technologies Inc., which is registered in Labuan, Malaysia.

Tennet Technologies Inc. has pocketed approval to undergo financial brokerage services under the Law of Labuan Financial Services and Security Act 2010 (LFSSSA). This company also always pays attention to regulatory issues seriously.

Furthermore, Tokenomy has a robust Know Your Customer (KYC) method and complies with anti-pentic money and prevention of terrorism funding (APU-PPT). This was done through an effort to sustainable monitoring mechanisms.

Digital Asset Investment Security

Tokenomy is a platform that prioritizes data security and investment transactions of crypto assets. The operational principle is “Security-First.”

Various aspects of this platform can be explored through the following points.

  1. Asset security
  • Tokenomy evaluates the amount of assets needed regularly to operate at full capacity.
  • Tokenomy works with crypto custodians that have a reputation and insurance, for example, coinbase custodies, to ensure the safety of your assets.
  1. Account Security
  • To secure all account passwords, Tokenomy uses encryption.
  • To improve account security, Tokenomy provides two factors of authentication.
  • For withdrawals at Tokenomy, an email confirmation is needed.
  • Customer service at Tokenomy is available 24/7 via email and social media.
  1. Platform Security
  • Website data is sent over an encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection, i.e., HTTPS.
  • Internal applications have the highest access control and are never exposed to the public internet.
  • The bug bounty program leverages the broader security community to evaluate potential threats constantly.
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP) functions to ensure the operation of all Tokenomy platforms 24/7.
  • Increased restrictions to prevent Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks.

What is Tokenomy Earn?

Tokenomy has a digital asset investment product called Tokenomy Earn, which is a licensed digital asset investment platform that offers a variety of crypto-based financial services.

Tokenomy provides crypto financial services, such as Fixed Deposit, Crypto Staking (crypto investment), Dual Currency Deposit (DCD), Asset Management, Loans, as well as Spot and Futures trading (crypto trading).

The Tokenomy Earn product applies to all Tokenomy verified members worldwide, with a few exceptions, namely for members from countries with strict regulations on crypto or jurisdictions that prohibit crypto.

Tokenomy Earn products are also available for verified members and have met the requirements per this platform’s Terms of Use and Earn Service Agreement.

Fixed Deposit

A fixed Deposit is a crypto asset product that gives interest and provides access to investment through crypto assets.

It is important to note that Tokenomy will, from time to time, offer Earn products under certain conditions.

Users can subscribe to this product if they have sufficient assets in their account and meet the product requirements.


Staking crypto is a way to get rewarded by holding one or more digital assets.

Staking on Tokenomy has several advantages, including:

  • Every user can stake as a validator without worrying about higher operational costs and funds to participate.
  • No technical/coding knowledge is required.
  • Leverage the security infrastructure and risk framework of an established token platform.
  • Users can earn daily rewards for certain assets and more options and flexibility when staking on Tokenomy.

Dual Currency Deposit

A Dual Currency Deposit (DCD) is a financial instrument structured to assist depositors by taking advantage of the relative differences between two currencies.

The advantages of DCD include:

  • Deposit one type of asset and receive a return on investment through two different asset options.
  • No need to be afraid of market volatility because the return on investment will be adjusted to market conditions.
  • Very suitable for short-term investors.
  • Various crypto pairs for investment.
  • The annual yield is high.

Dual Currency Deposit (DCD) can also be made on Tokenomy. Short-term crypto investments will give users the maximum return on investment or high returns.

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