Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold
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Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold

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Payment tool when shopping online/offline

Can you buy a plane ticket at the airport using a lump of gold in your hand? Can you buy concert tickets online using gold? I do not think so. But with Bitcoin, you can shop in a much easier way even when compared to credit cards. Do not believe?

With Bitcoin, you can shop without being charged any fees. Transfer using Bitcoin, once again, is only subject to a minor fee of 0.0001 – 0.0005 BTC per transaction (which is only worth about three thousand rupiahs). This is certainly very different from payment using a credit card that is charged 2.5-3% per transaction.

Bitcoin does not require you to enter any personal information when shopping. In fact, you don’t need to provide any information when dealing with Bitcoin, but most merchants ask for your name, mobile number and e-mail so they can contact you if needed. Paying using Bitcoin only requires a smartphone and internet connection. Scan the merchant’s QR Code and send your Bitcoin. Transaction is completed and confirmed automatically by the Blockchain network.

With Bitcoin, you can avoid the problem of differences in the exchange rates of the countries where you shop. Since Bitcoin is valid in almost all countries, you can easily shop abroad without the need to be confused turning your Rupiah into the country’s currency. Amazingly, sometimes the price of Bitcoin abroad is higher than Indonesia, so your Bitcoin is worth more when it is spent in another country.

Automatically mined

If all this time gold has been mined using special iron equipment where you have to drain your energy to get a piece of gold, Bitcoin is mined automatically using your computer. You don’t need to go to the field, you don’t need to sweat, you don’t even have to do anything! Just turn on your computer, run the Bitcoin mining program, and let your computer mine the Bitcoin transaction by itself. Easy right?

If you did it in 2008 when Bitcoin first appeared, the answer is yes, it’s easy. With a normal computer, you can mine up to 100 Bitcoin per day. But over time, the number of people mining Bitcoin is increasing, while the supply of Bitcoin is running low. Bitcoin has been arranged in such a way that there will only be 21 million Bitcoin that can be mined.

In 2008, the miners were able to mine 50 Bitcoins from the system every 10 minutes. 4 years later, the first Bitcoin Halving Day appeared where 50coin which could have been mined as much as 50 BTC per 10 minutes, now can only be mined 25 BTC every 10 minutes. This case will be repeated again in the next 4 years, namely 2016, where the number of Bitcoin that can be mined will be reduced by half back to 12.5 BTC per 10 minutes. The number of Bitcoins printed will get smaller over time, until in the end it does not print at all in the year 2140.

Will this halving process affect the price of Bitcoin? Most likely, yes. The price of pure Bitcoin is governed by supply and demand. When demand is high, and the number of Bitcoins that can be mined per day is getting smaller, what will happen? The price of Bitcoin will increase significantly. But everything returned to supply and demand. If when the price of Bitcoin is rising dramatically thanks to Bitcoin Halving Day, there are many people who are trying to make a profit from there, it could be that they will sell large amounts of bitcoin and cause the price to fall.

Bitcoin can be broken down and traded in small volumes

You cannot divide gold into small chunks without a special machine, but you can break Bitcoin in transactions under 100 rupiah as easily as turning your palm. Assume today’s Bitcoin price is 7 million rupiah per Bitcoin, and you want to buy a drink for Rp. 55,555. Bitcoin can pay for the drink in the exact amount billed without the hassle of changing or rounding the price.

Bitcoin can be broken up to 8 decimal numbers, with the smallest unit called Satoshi. 1 Satoshi is worth equal to 0.0000000001 BTC. If later one day the price of 1 Bitcoin reaches 100 million Rupiah, you do not need to be confused to buy or spend Bitcoin in small amounts.

Bitcoin does not experience inflation and is not politicized

Because Bitcoin is not regulated by the government, company or any party, Bitcoin is anti-inflation and is not politicized. The technology that moves behind Bitcoin runs on a peer-to-peer system and there is no human intervention in it. So in short, Bitcoin will not experience a case of human error and server down. Bitcoin supply cannot be added by any party without the approval of the majority of Bitcoin users, so inflation can be avoided.

Since Bitcoin runs without the help of a third party, Bitcoin cannot be politicized or exploited by third parties to take away your rights. Maybe you haven’t realized how much risk you face when storing your property in a third party, but imagine it like this: You have a friend named Anwar and you believe that Anwar is someone who can be trusted to see you two have been friends for a long time. One day, your family overseas is in need of 50 million and they need the funds as soon as possible. Anwar has a company that happens to help you send money between countries in less than 12 hours. Without thinking, you give 50 million to Anwar and then quietly wait for news from your family that the money has been received. 12 hours later, your family called and stated that the money had not been received. You call Anwar to get certainty but he cannot be contacted. Anwar just disappeared, as if swallowed by the earth, along with your 50 million.

The above case is very common, and Anwar here does not have to be an individual with bad intentions. It could be that he is a company that has no other choice but to take away your money because it is on the verge of bankruptcy. Or maybe Anwar was a party under the guise of an investment company that had intended to cheat its members from the ponzi scheme from the start. Isn’t it safer if you have an apple and want to give it to your friends, you give it directly to him so it won’t be eaten by Anwar?

What happens in Bitcoin is exactly like that. When you send 1 BTC to your friend, what happens is you actually send 1 BTC to your friend without intermediaries. Then what if your friend cheats and says that he has not received 1 BTC from you even though you are very sure that you have sent it? Take it easy, there are hundreds of millions of computers in the world that verify your money transfer transaction and they will prove that your Bitcoin has really been sent to your friends. This transaction is recorded in a transparent ledger and can be checked by anyone, including you and your friends.

What’s interesting about the Bitcoin system is its technology that is peer-to-peer with the principle of democracy that is very closely embedded in it. Imagine it like this: You feel that 21 million Bitcoin is too little to meet the demands of users and you want to change the system so that there will be 30 million Bitcoin that will be printed by the system. This can be done, but you must be able to convince at least 51% of all Bitcoin users in the world (which now has tens of millions of people) that Bitcoin with a supply of 30 million BTC is the best step that will benefit all users. If the majority of users agree, like when we vote in a discussion, then the decision will be carried out and Bitcoin supply will amount to 30 million BTC as you wish.

Bitcoin transactions are open, transparent and traceable

All Bitcoin transactions are transparent and can be checked by anyone connected to the internet. Let’s say you already have a Bitcoin wallet and have made transactions several times, whether it’s accepting Bitcoin or sending Bitcoin to your friends / family. If this money transfer transaction takes place via bank account transfer, you must go to the nearest bank branch office or access it online to their site to get your financial transaction data. Since Bitcoin is not created and regulated by any company or banking institution, all Bitcoin transactions are made publicly available to the public using this blockchain technology.

There are several sites such as, or that can make it easier for you to check your transaction status and transaction history. Not only is your transaction private, you can see all of my transactions, or even Bill Gates transactions in Bitcoin if you know the address he uses. Simply by entering your Bitcoin address (public address) in the search box on, you can see all the Bitcoin transactions you have ever done — when you do it, the number of Bitcoin transactions, to whom you sent Bitcoin and from where you received the money.

Blockchain technology that runs Bitcoin is a big book that runs automatically, uses encrypted passwords, and offers transparency but also privacy to users. Why? Take a look at the picture below.

Do you see the full user’s name listed there? We can see all the transactions that have been carried out at once the Bitcoin balance that he has, but we don’t know who owns the Bitcoin address if the owner does not tell him. Each Bitcoin user can actually choose whether or not his name appears, but even if the user wants to keep his identity a secret, all of his transactions are recorded and can be monitored by the public. You can carry out transactions without giving any identity at all in order to maintain your privacy in conducting transactions as long as no party seeks to conduct intensive investigations of your transactions, because pseudomin transactions are still possible to be tracked if used for crime.

This is the reason why Bitcoin can be one of the worst methods for money laundering. If you use cash or gems, you might not be able to track it unless you put a chip in it. You might think that using Bitcoin is the same as the address of a Bitcoin cannot always be known by the owner. But if the police manage to find just one address, all your criminal actions will be revealed easily.

The United States police agency, the FBI, is even collaborating with The Blockchain Alliance, a group of communities consisting of companies and institutions engaged in the Blockchain world and digital assets, to jointly use Blockchain in combating cyber crime. The transparency provided by Blockchain technology has not only penetrated the financial sector, but also to the education, health and social areas. A concrete example, the giant Sony company is now starting to use Blockchain to issue digital education certificates in order to avoid the risk of spreading fake diplomas.

There are still more reasons why Bitcoin is better than gold! Continue to monitor our blog to get the next tutorial. See you soon, Bitcoiners!

ATTENTION: Bitcoin trading is a high-risk activity. Bitcoin prices fluctuate, where prices can change significantly over time. please use extra consideration in making the decision to buy or sell Bitcoin. does not force users to buy or sell Bitcoin, as an investment, or for profit. All Bitcoin trading decisions are independent decisions by users.

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