Complete Info about Mega City Sales and Prices for The Sandbox
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Complete Info about Mega City Sales and Prices for The Sandbox

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Complete Info about Mega City Sales and Prices for The Sandbox

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Sandbox Prices. Mega City, the newest cool neighborhood in The Sandbox Metaverse, is launching soon. As for the price of The Sandbox itself, you can see in this article.

For information, Mega City, which is a cultural center, will be filled with many Hong Kong partners, from the film, music, entertainment, acting, finance, real estate, and gaming sectors.

All of these partners have also earned a number of LANDs in this Metaverse. In addition, they are also committed to building the experience in Mega City.

Mega City LAN Partners/Partners—The Sandbox Price

  • Adrian Cheng

The Hong Kong-based entrepreneur and well-established strategic investor will also be present at Mega City. Related to this, Adrian will bring his vision of the future to The Sandbox. It does so with a unique interactive experience aimed at the new generation of metaverse players and entrepreneurs present.

To note, his LAND called XL Estate will be the center of innovation in this area. As for its main landmarks, one of them is the GBA Pavilion—a vibrant location for creativity and technological marvel, which showcases the successes and achievements of Greater Bay Area startups.

  • Sun Hung Kai & Co. Limited (SHK & Co)

It is a leader in alternative investment headquartered in Hong Kong. SHK & Co itself entered The Sandbox by participating in the recent US$93 million Series B fundraising round.

On the other hand, XL Estate owned by SHK & Co will also provide an experience that bridges finance, sports, arts and culture from around the world. Then, it is also added with SHK & Co’s own global investment reach.

The financial center will feature portfolio companies SHK & Co and their services, particularly those related to the TMT, crypto, and blockchain ecosystems. Later, the income earned will be donated to the SHK & Co Foundation in order to support various charitable initiatives in the Greater China region.

  • Times Capital

This blockchain-related investment and asset management agency will collaborate with local game studios and makers to bring an IP film museum and immersive Hong Kong gaming experience to Mega City. That’s based on their portfolio of more than 150 classic film IPs.

Owning a LAND called ESTATE, Times will also include one of the largest NFT galleries in The Sandbox, showcasing Times Capital’s rich collection of NFTs, including icons like CryptoPunks, Meebits, and more.

  • Stephen Fung and Shu Qi

The multi-award winning entertainment star also entered The Sandbox to create his own district in Mega City. In that area, their talent and love for art and culture will be exhibited, namely at their LAND called ESTATE.

Director and producer Stephen Fung will create an immersive experience that pays homage to classic Hong Kong films as well as a dedicated NFT gallery that will showcase his creations and the work of emerging artists he chooses to follow.

On the other hand, the international actress and model Shu Qi is known to provide an experience that supports direct interaction with her fans, among others, by displaying her exclusive NFT.

  • Dough-Boy@BlueArk

This award-winning artist and music producer also contributed to Mega City by creating BlueArk Land, the first clubbing metaverse in Asia. The club will be a party place to enjoy music, games, art, and more, all curated by Dough-Boy and a number of his colleagues.

  • Little Fighter (LF)

The creator aka Little Fighter (LF) creator will lead the development of the Little Fighter Metaverse in The Sandbox. As for Mega City, Little Fighter Metaverse will become a virtual world with 4 different stages, namely Kowloon City, Ninja Village, Ice and Fire Island, and the Evil Castle.

Here, players will meet and interact with all of the most iconic characters from the world of Little Fighter. They can later adventure together, solve puzzles, and fight together for missions.

Later, all of these stages will provide their respective prizes, including exclusive NFTs. Are you ready to join the fight? Don’t forget to check the following prices for The Sandbox.

  • Dreamergo

This popular illustrator based in Hong Kong will build a virtual fantasy park in The Sandbox called Dreamergo World. This fantasy park will also feature “delicate art” from Dreamergo.

Players in the region will be able to collect their favorite characters as exclusive NFTs.

ESTATE Auction—The Sandbox Price

If you are interested in participating in the Mega City auction, please access the following link.

Another important info is that you can visit this Sandbox map on January 13th

January 2022 tomorrow at 13:00 UTC. Don’t waste your chance to have a LAND around Mega City, okay?

Check Sandbox Prices on Indodax

To find out the price of The Sandbox (SAND/IDR) on Indodax, you can monitor it via the following link.

Are you ready to join the auction and have a LAND in the Mega City area?

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