Indonesian & Malaysian Artists Who Become NFT Influencers
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From Chef Arnold to Luna Maya, These are the Rows of Indonesian & Malaysian Artists Who Become NFT Influencers

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From Chef Arnold to Luna Maya, These are the Rows of Indonesian & Malaysian Artists Who Become NFT Influencers

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A number of world artists are currently becoming NFT or Non-Fungible Token influencers. Many of them have shared this digital art and it has received an excellent response from fans and a wide audience.

As is known, in recent times, NFT’s digital works have received rave reviews around the world and on the internet—as well as becoming a discussion. In fact, on the internet or social media today, almost every day you will be given the latest news about NFT or various unique works from famous people or celebrities.

What about Indonesia and Southeast Asia?

The uniqueness of NFT also attracts several Indonesian & Malaysian artists to participate in the digital arena. Not only have NFT works, some of the names below are even those who produce these works and then sell them.

Who are they? Check out the list below.

Indonesian Celebrities Who Become NFT Influencers

  1. Arnold Poernomo (Chef Arnold)

Starting to explore knowledge since 2017 about crypto assets, Arnold Poernomo, who is familiarly called Chef Arnold is one of the country’s celebrities who plunged into the world of cryptocurrency.

As the judges of one of the biggest cooking competition in Indonesia are known to manage five digital coins, including, Ethereum (ETH), Binance (BNB), Polkadot (DOT), Enjin (ENJ) and Zipmex (ZMT).

In addition, the man who collaborated with the son of the President Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, in the culinary business has also become one of the celebrities in Indonesia who has an interest in NFT. Chef Arnold was born in 1988, showed his interest in NFT by posting one of the NFTs with a monkey picture (kongz) as his Twitter account profile picture @ArnoldPoernomo.

  1. Kevin Susanto

Through his Instagram account @kevinsusanto, this former child artist also regularly shares his NFT collection, one of which is Monkey Kingdom NFT. This 28 year-old man also put “NFT Enthusiast” in his Instagram bio.

For information, Kevin is an entrepreneur and founder of several start-up companies, such as EnviGo!, Goola, and Gaaram. In his career as a child artist, she is known to sing Christian spiritual songs and has released 16 albums.

  1. Ricky Harun

The entertainment world celebrity, who is famous for several soap operas, also showed his interest in NFT. This was shown by Ricky Harun through his Instagram account, @rickyharun. In fact, in his upload today, Wednesday (5/1/2022), he also shared a photo with the caption “… The biggest NFT Project of 2022 organize a big giveaway! …”

Other than that, there is also another upload about NFT from the son of former famous model, Donna Harun, explaining with the caption, “DUCK (stylized in all caps) is an American news magazine published and based in Duck-York. P.S. Limited edition @nft_c001n.”

On Instagram, Ricky himself seemed to show his interest in NFT and became one of its influencers.

  1. Luna Maya

Who doesn’t know Luna Maya? This top Indonesian artist also has a special interest in NFT.

Luna Maya, via her Twitter account @LunaMaya26 shared a video in June last year regarding TOKAU’s collaboration on NFT.

She also wrote, “Hello everyone! This is Luna Maya, I am so excited that my #NFT will launch with #TOKAU on #bakeryswap soon. Stay tuned~.”

Malaysian Artists Influencer NFT

  1. Altimet

This rap musician from a neighboring country is also known to have entered the NFT world. In fact, he already owns at least 26 of his own NFT works and has sold them through the platform. His works are compilations of his famous music videos. The video compilation is then tokenized as NFT.

  1. Joe Flizzow

One of the local rap artists from Malaysia has also shown his interest in the NFT world. He also shared an NFT work of his through his Instagram account, which was a bespectacled-style monkey obtained from @monkeykingdom.

  1. Tiz Zaqyah

The famous actress from this cognate country is now also entering the world of NFT. In this regard, she is known to introduce the work of NFTiz. Several NFT works have been produced by this beautiful actress, which are then offered on various platforms.

  1. Shah Reza

Also known as Ray, this man who has a big name in the field of radio broadcasting in Malaysia is also involved in studying NFT. Descending to local communities in Malaysia, he has now collected a number of NFT works.

  1. Raf Yaakob

This famous icon in Malaysia is also busy browsing NFT. In fact, Raf is one of the many supporters of the Badape NFT project that will bring together 10,000 unique designs.

  1. Henry Golding

Lastly, there is Henry Golding, one of the international box office artist is known to have a great interest in NFT. He also recently owned CryptoPunk NFT worth 137.95 ETH (RM 2.2 million). CryptoPunk itself is currently one of the most expensive works on the NFT market, next to BAYC.

Those are the international celebrities who are now becoming a NFT influencers in Indonesia and Malaysia. The presence of these celebrities undoubtedly contributed to the revival of the NFT world and had a positive impact on society regarding the evolution of artwork in this technological era.


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