Indodax Market Signal June 14, 2021: 5 Bullish and Bearish
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Indodax Market Signal June 14th, 2021: 5 Bullish and Bearish Crypto Assets This Week

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Indodax Market Signal June 14th, 2021: 5 Bullish and Bearish Crypto Assets This Week

Market Bullish 14 Juni 2021

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Indodax Market Signal edition June 14th, 2021 features 5 bullish and bearish crypto assets. Bitcoin (BTC) is again in the bullish category, although it seems only temporary.

In Indodax Market Signal June 14th, 2021, there are 5 top crypto assets that are in a bullish market. Besides BTC, two crypto assets, THETA and TFUEL, are also in a bullish market.

Meanwhile, DeFi-based crypto assets such as SUSHI and COMP are indicated to enter a bear market this week.

5 Bullish Crypto Market Assets This Week

  • TFUEL (Theta Fuel)

The first bullish market is TFUEL. This crypto asset continues the upward trend in prices where last week, TFUEL also entered a bullish market. The upward trend in TFUEL will continue for the next week.

TFUEL improves as technology upgrades from the THETA blockchain platform. Because throughout this year, THETA has indeed scheduled several technology upgrades.

.The lowest price for TFuel today is IDR 6,214 and the highest price is IDR 8,600. 


  • Theta (THETA)

THETA also continued the upward trend in prices and entered a bullish market. Despite the price increase in the past week, it is still not too significant to this day. In fact, it can be called stagnant.

However, THETA is still indicated to be entering a bullish market. The price increase factor is still the same as TFUEL. Because these two crypto assets come from one platform. The difference is only in utility.

The lowest price for THETA today is IDR 111,000 and the highest price is IDR 127,000.


  • Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) will re-enter the bull market. This has only happened since Bitcoin was in a period of decline or sideways after touching its highest price of Rp. 950 million.

Market signals only signal that Bitcoin will be in a bullish market position only for the short term. There is still no indication that Bitcoin is in the long term. This factor occurred because of the positive news from El Salvador which adopted Bitcoin as its country’s currency.

On this day, the lowest price of BTC is IDR 507,000,000 and the highest is IDR 568,000,000. 



The crypto asset that entered the next bullish market is AAVE. The upward trend will occur during this week. After continuing the upward trend in prices since last week.

AAVE is a blockchain project that provides a decentralized protocol. AAVE is also the utility crypto asset of the project.

On this day, the lowest price of AAVE was IDR 3,900,000 and the highest price was IDR 4,567,569.


  • Holochain (HOT)

Last, there is Holochain (HOT) which is in a bullish market this week. HOT also continued its price increase this week, after rising next week.

Holo is a peer-to-peer distributed platform for hosting decentralized applications. Holo is built using Holochain, a framework for DApps development.

In today’s trading, the lowest HOT price is Rp. 105 and the highest is Rp. 104.


Here are 5 Bearish Crypto Assets this week

  • NXT Network (NXT)

The market signal this time also discusses crypto assets that will be bearish. First there is the NXT Network (NXT). This cryptocurrency will continue the downward trend in prices that has occurred since last weekend.

Nxt is an open source blockchain platform and the first to rely entirely on a proof-of-stake consensus protocol. It was launched in November 2013 and written from scratch in Java.

Today, the price of NXT is at the lowest level of Rp382 and the highest price of Rp411


  • Sushiswap (SUSHI)

The crypto asset that entered the next bear market was Sushiswap (SUSHI). This cryptocurrency shows a downward trend in price.

SUSHI is one of the most popular DeFi swap crypto assets used by stakeholders. Unfortunately, there are still no innovations that increase the price. So, SUSHI was left by the community for a while.

The lowest price for SUSHI is IDR112,964 today. While the highest price is Rp128,268.


  • UMA (UMA)

Next, there is the UMA crypto asset that experienced a decline and entered a bear market. UMA also continued its downward trend since last week.

UMA is a DeFi based crypto asset, UMA, short for Universal Market Access. UMA is a protocol built on top of Ethereum that allows users to create custom guaranteed synthetic cryptocurrency tokens that can track the price of almost anything.

Today, UMA moved at the lowest level of Rp.155,105 and the highest price of Rp.172,611


  • Compound Finance (COMP)

Next is the Compound Finance (COMP) crypto asset. This cryptocurrency shows a downward trend in prices for this one week. It could be, COMP is being abandoned by the community because there is still no new event.

Compound Finance is a well-known DeFi platform, after beating Uniswap a few weeks ago, in terms of volume. Compound Finance allows people to earn tokens by exchanging tokens using a decentralized finance system using the Ethereum network.

On this day, COMP moved with the lowest price of IDR 4,139,494 and the highest price of IDR 4,700,000.


  • Filecoin (FILE)

Lastly, the crypto asset that is experiencing a decline is Filecoin. Over the next week, FIL will enter a bear market.

Filecoin is an open-source, public cryptocurrency and digital payment system intended to be a cooperative digital storage and blockchain-based data retrieval method. It was created by Protocol Labs and built on top of the InterPlanetary File System, allowing users to rent unused hard drive space.

FIL sold for Rp966.011 the lowest in today’s trading. While the highest price reached Rp1,053,427.


NOTE: If the 5 EMA crosses the WMA 75, 85 and 200 EMA lines and the lines intersect from the bottom up, then the market trend tends to be bullish,
in each table above shows if, the value of EMA 5 is higher than WMA 75.85 and EMA 200 then the market tends to go up (bullish).

If the RSI and MACD values ??show the same condition, it means the market is showing the same trend, overbought (overbought) or oversold (oversold) conditions are an indicator that the market is already at the point of changing the direction of the trend.

ATTENTION: All content which includes text, analysis, predictions, images in the form of graphics and charts, as well as news published on this website, is only used as trading information, and is not a recommendation or suggestion to take an action in a transaction, either buying or selling. certain crypto assets. All crypto asset trading decisions are independent decisions by the user. Therefore, all risks arising from it, both profit and loss, are not the responsibility of Indodax.

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