Indodax Market Signal May 31st, 2021: 5 Bullish and Bearish
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Indodax Market Signal May 31st, 2021: 5 Bullish and Bearish Crypto Assets This Week

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Indodax Market Signal May 31st, 2021: 5 Bullish and Bearish Crypto Assets This Week


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The May 31th, 2021 issue of Indodax Market Signal features 5 bullish and bearish crypto assets. Anything? Are Bitcoin and Ethereum going up? Or even drop?

In this edition of Indodax Market Signal, Bitcoin and Ethereum are not included in a bullish market. Likewise in a bearish market. It seems that these two most popular crypto assets are still experiencing sideways this week.

Bitcoin is still at home at Rp. 500 million – Rp. 600 million. Meanwhile, Ethereum is still at home at IDR 35 million.

This time, Dogecoin (DOGE) crypto assets are back in Indodax Market Signal. But, this time, DOGE entered a bearish market. DOGE price is likely to fall during this week.

Then, what crypto assets have increased? And what are the crypto assets that have fallen? Let’s take a look at Indodax Market Signal, the 31st May 2021 edition.

5 Crypto Assets will Bullish This Week  

  • Polygon (Matic)

This edition of Indodax Market Signal predicts the price of Polygon (formerly Matic Network) or MATIC will increase this week. This continues to increase the price of MATIC from last week.

Polygon (MATIC) in the last seven days, has gained 35% in the last seven days, outperforming every major cryptocurrency other than Uniswap.

MATIC’s lowest price today is IDR 23,300 and the highest price is IDR 29,182. 


Second, there is Cardano (ADA) which will be bullish for one week. ADA has experienced a support rally in the last few days. This condition occurred since ADA fell sharply, before. This is because many investors who suffered spectacular losses last week rushed to buy the bottom.

On this day, ADA’s lowest price was Rp.20,113 and the highest was Rp.25,000. 


  • Celcius (CEL)

Third, there is Celsius (CEL) which is bullish this week. Celsius (CEL) is an all-in-one banking and financial services platform for cryptocurrency users.

Launched in June 2018, it offers rewards for depositing cryptocurrency, along with services such as loans and wallet-style payments.

Platform users receive regular payments and interest on their holdings. Celsius’ native token, CEL, performs various internal functions, including increasing user payments when used as a payment currency.

Today, the lowest price for CEL is IDR 94,000 and the highest price is IDR 108,000.


  • Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Furthermore, Enjin (ENJ) crypto assets will increase this week. There will be an increase in Enjin this week due to increased ENJ demand.

Enjin Coin (ENJ), a cryptocurrency that facilitates the use of non-exchangeable tokens or NFTs. Later, Enjin announced that they were giving 50 ENJs to 10 participants who shared their first NFT screenshots on Twitter.

In today’s trading, the lowest price for ENJ was IDR 18,516 and the highest was IDR 26,044.


  • GXChain (GXC)

Lastly, a bullish crypto asset is GXChain. GXChain is a fundamental blockchain for the global economy, designed to create trusted value on the Internet.

Leveraging the Dpos based Graphene architecture, GXChain has functions such as G-ID, GVM, BaaS, and Blockcity, which help make application development easier. Dapp-Blockcity which is based on GXChain already has more than 2 million verified users and provides abundant data for other strategic Dapp partners.

GXC is moving today with the lowest price of IDR8,500 and the highest price of IDR13,500. 


5 Crypto Assets will Bearish this Week

  • Hedera Hashgrap (HBAR)

This time, Indodax Market Signal will discuss bearish crypto assets. First, there is Hedera Hashgrab (HBAR) who will play this week. This decline occurred due to weak demand for this crypto asset.

Hedera Hashgraph is a public network that allows individuals and businesses to create powerful decentralized applications (DApps). This crypto asset is also referred to as the “internet trust layer”.

HBAR is designed to be a fairer and more efficient system that removes some of the limitations that older blockchain-based platforms face – such as slow performance and instability.

Today, the HBAR price is at the lowest level of Rp2,982 and the highest price is Rp3,350.


  • Dogecoin (DOGE)

Indodax Market Signal this week also predicts Dogecoin (DOGE) to experience a decline. Dogecoin has become the favorite cryptocurrency on the Internet in recent months, with wild price increases.

But things changed after reaching a peak around the start of this month, and since then in freefall. This decline will continue this week.

Today, DOGE is moving with the lowest price of IDR 4,280 and the highest price of IDR 4,576.


  • Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Third, there is the Stellar Lumens (XLM) which will play this week. People believed that XLM will reach its support point last week.

However, once again, the market turned sharply. The massive selling action still made XLM prices lower last week. This trend will continue this week.

The lowest price for XLM is IDR 5,355 today. Meanwhile, the highest price is IDR 5,907.


  • Filecoin (FIL)

The crypto asset Filecoin (FIL) will also drop this week. Filecoin is an open source, public cryptocurrency, and digital payment system intended as a blockchain-based method of digital storage and cooperative data retrieval.

It was created by Protocol Labs and built on top of the InterPlanet File System, allowing users to rent unused hard drive space.

Today, FIL moved at the lowest level of IDR 984,936 and the highest price of IDR 1,020,870.


  • Theta (THETA)

Finally, the crypto asset that is experiencing a decline is Theta. This project is basically a blockchain powered network specially designed for video streaming which was launched in March 2019.

Mainnet functions as a decentralized network where users can share bandwidth and computing resources on a point to point basis. (P2P). The network’s native currency is the THETA token.

THETA sold for IDR89,800 for the lowest in today’s trading. Meanwhile, the highest price is IDR 100,000.


NOTE: If EMA 5 crosses the WMA 75, 85 and EMA 200 lines and these lines intersect from bottom to top, the market trend tends to go up (bullish),
In each table above, it shows that if the value of EMA 5 is higher than WMA 75.85 and EMA 200 then the market tends to rise (bullish).

If the RSI and MACD values ??show the same condition, it means that the market is showing the same trend, overbought conditions or oversold conditions are an indicator that the market is at a point of changing the direction of the trend.

ATTENTION: All content which includes text, analysis, predictions, images in the form of graphics and charts, as well as news contained on this website, is only used as trading information only, and does not constitute a suggestion or suggestion to take an action in a transaction whether to buy or sell certain crypto assets. All crypto asset trading decisions are independent decisions by the user. Therefore, all risks arising from it, both profit and loss, are not the responsibility of Indodax.

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