LLAND will list on Indodax, this is its uniqu Crypto in Indonesia
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LLAND will List on Indodax, This is The Uniqueness

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LLAND will List on Indodax, This is The Uniqueness

Kenalkan Aset Kripto Baru di Indodax, Aset Kripto LLAND

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LLAND is the next crypto asset listed on Indodax. What is LLAND? What’s so interesting about this crypto?

Crypto assets Lyfe Land (LLAND) will list on Indodax on April 14, 2021. In fact, there are many types of utilities of each crypto. However, LLAND is a little different. This crypto is unique. Because it was made by Indonesian children, this crypto also has different functions that have never existed in Indonesia before.

What is unique about LLAND? Why is LLAND good to collect? How to buy LLAND? Let us see below.

LLAND Part of Lyfe

This crypto asset is made by a local child who is also a Lyfe group.

Lyfe is an award and gamification technology company. Lyfe promotes the use of decentralized blockchain technology to everyone.

Lyfe has various products in the ecosystem, from market-based tokens to asset-based stable tokens. Lyfe was founded by Indra Darmawan.

LLAND Property-Based Crypto Assets

Then, what is Lyfe Land (LLAND)? Below we will see the understanding.

Lyfe Land (LLAND) is part of the Lyfe program to create a stable token based property asset. It is also supported by physical assets or commodities to complement the Lyfe Token ecosystem.

Lyfe Land (LLAND) is a crypto asset that is closely related to property or land values ??in Indonesia. Each LLAND entitlement also has the opportunity to earn revenue sharing.

LLAND will introduce an alternative to commodity trading using blockchain. Where real assets can be transferred in a decentralized distribution network.

Because it is blockchain-based, of course it will be efficient, transparent, and secure.

Indonesia’s Better Property Market

Then, will the LLAND price increase in the future? Let’s look at the following explanation.

Lyfe is certainly not without reason to establish property-based crypto assets, such as land. The housing market in Indonesia has been slowing down since 2014. Until 2021, this method of recovery will continue.

Lyfe predicts the market is likely to experience a rebound until the second half of 2021.

Meanwhile the economy contracted around -1% in 2020. The market will rebound by 5.3% in 2021. With macroeconomic changes and foreign ownership regulations relaxed, the market may perform better than expected.

Currently, low property prices, a rising middle class, political stability, and the upcoming completion of mega infrastructure projects. Indonesia has the potential to be a good choice for domestic and foreign investors.

How to Buy LLAND?

Well, that’s the uniqueness of LLAND. For those of you who are interested in owning it, you can listen to the method below to buy LLAND. This crypto is only available on Indodax.

The total supply is 200,000 LLAND.

How to buy LLAND:

  1. Make sure you have registered and become an Indodax member
  2. Login to your Indodax.com account
  3. Look for a marketplace, choose IDR market
  4. Look for LLAND
  5. Once on the LLAND page, you can buy using the limit method or the instant method.
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