Mosaic Artwork as NFT, Here's How to Sell It
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Mosaic Artwork as NFT, Here’s How to Sell It

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Mosaic Artwork as NFT, Here’s How to Sell It

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Mosaic artwork, which usually exists in three-dimensional (3D) format in the real world, can now be made as non-fungible tokens (NFT).

This happened in line with the rapid development of technology today. As a result, now mosaics can also be present in digital format.

Nowadays, this digital mosaic has also penetrated the NFT world. Well, for those curious about this work of art, let’s look at the review below!

Understanding Mosaic Artwork

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary, mosaic is the art of decorating a field with colored pieces of hard material arranged and glued together with adhesive.

A mosaic is an image consisting of small parts, traditionally small tiles made of terracotta, broken glass, ceramic, or marble which are usually pasted onto floors and walls.

This work of art will usually combine small pieces of objects, such as stone, glass, or ceramics, so that it will form an aesthetic image. Later, these small pieces will be glued together with special glue to create the desired pattern.

History of Mosaic Artwork

Tate Gallery notes the history of this mosaic has lasted more than 5 thousand years. Its use is as a decorative medium.

Meanwhile, citing Google Arts & Culture, this mosaic artwork is said to have been introduced in Europe from Mesopotamia since 5 millennia ago. Furthermore, the Roman empire disseminated this unique work of art from Greece to all of Europe.

The popularity of mosaic art then spread throughout the European peninsula during the period of the 14-17 century AD or what is known as the “Renaissance” era. At that time, wall and ceiling decorations were known to use a lot of mosaics.

Then, from the late Victorian period to the early 20th century—the era of the Art Nouveau movement—artists explored new forms and technologies to create mosaics inspired by the elegant curved lines of plants and flowers.

Meanwhile, in today’s era, mosaics are made by artists and artisans worldwide with materials in the form of ceramic tessera, traditional stone, stained glass, and enamel.

Digital Mosaic Artwork

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, work of art has also come in a digital format due to increasingly rapid technological developments in the modern era.

In addition, there is a photographic mosaic or photomosaic, a form of further development of mosaic art in the current era. In this case, Joseph Francis, the inventor of photomosaic, is known to have succeeded in making a poster entitled “Live from Bell Labs.”

The unique poster presents a portrait of a woman formed from many small photos. Well, if the picture is enlarged, you will see several images of a smaller size.

Photos can form a new object because they are arranged according to the same color.

Mosaic Art as NFT

Besides photomosaics, the subsequent development of mosaic work is the presence of NFT mosaics. This digital mosaic version became the latest trend when a wave of NFT hype shocked the world.

In the NFT ecosystem itself, there are indeed several digital artists who offer this digital mosaic artwork. The peak occurred when a work entitled “Every day’s: the First 5000 Days” sold at a fantastic price through the world-famous auction house Christie’s.

Beeple’s mosaic art, in March 2021, was released for a price of $69 million. This mosaic work was reportedly designed by Mike Winkelmann—the person behind Beeple—in 2013.

This work has also been connected to NFT, acts as a “digital authentication certificate,” and is managed by blockchain technology. What’s interesting about this work is that it doesn’t have any physical identification.

The reason is that the works and certifications are digital, then realized as NFT. According to auction house Christie’s, the unique piece can be purchased with the Ethereum crypto asset.

How to Sell Artwork on NFT

If you are interested in trying to sell artwork on NFT, then look at the following guide.

  • Choose a blockchain

First, please select the blockchain you will use. This blockchain will be a publisher, which is then used—for example, Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, or Tezos.

For example, you can use OpenSea connected to the Ethereum blockchain network.

  • Go to the Opensea page

Next, go to the page and click the “My Profile” option in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Select the “Sign Up” option

Fill in your account data’s completeness and ensure it is filled.

  • Select the “Create” option on the top right of the screen

If so, then continue by selecting the “My Collections” option.

  • Digital wallet activation

Next, activate your selected digital wallet with Open Sea.

  • Select “Create New Collection.”

If so, please click “Create” for collection details.

  • Add the latest works

For this trick, you can choose the “Add New Item” option, which can upload files as images, videos, or audio.

  • Click “Create.”

Happy! Your artwork is automatically published on NFT.

This reviews the mosaic art adopted as a digital work, even in NFT format. Keep reading the latest reviews about the world of digital assets only at Indodax Academy.

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