NFT Printing Guide to How to Buy Ethereum What You Need to Know
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NFT Printing Guide to How to Buy Ethereum What You Need to Know

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NFT Printing Guide to How to Buy Ethereum What You Need to Know

Mencetak NFT dan Cara Beli Ethereum yang Perlu Diketahui

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The guide on how to buy NFT or non-fungible tokens is basically not difficult. The reason is, in this case, initially you just have to merge the crypto wallet into the existing blockchain platform.

Usually, the currency used to buy NFT is Ethereum. With this cryptocurrency, you can later bid on selected NFT assets on the blockchain platform.

So, how to buy Ethereum or ETH? You can read this article to find out how.

How to Print NFT—A Guide to Buying NFT

Did you know that NFT is printable? Yes, you can do that easily. As you know, there are currently a number of NFT marketplaces to choose from if you want to sell art online, such as OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation, and so on.

However, in general, this marketplace is mostly only available on the Ethereum network so you must have Ethereum native currency and a wallet compatible with this network.

The guide for printing your own NFT is as follows.

  • Get a crypto exchange account

First, you’ll need to create an account with a crypto exchange—if you don’t already have one. Given that the current NFT marketplace is based on the Ethereum platform, you must have ETH in your wallet to pay the one-time fee to print the NFT.

In addition, using a crypto exchange will help you to liquidate it if you want to convert it to traditional fiat.

  • Get a crypto wallet

If you are looking to buy or sell NFT in any market, a crypto wallet is something that is very important to have. As for the most popular crypto wallets used with OpenSea, for example metask.

Through metamask, you also have the option to directly buy ETH. However, it is important that you know that the commission fees for this will be higher than the exchange.

  • Send ETH from exchange to wallet

After you have set up the wallet and exchange earlier, you will now need to send ETH from the exchange to the wallet. All exchanges have the option of sending crypto to a wallet with a public address.

When you open your wallet plugin in the browser, you will be able to see the public address of your wallet.

  • Register on the platform using a wallet

If you have already opened the wallet, now go to the platform’s website and click on the profile option. There, you will see the option to link the wallet to the market. After connecting the wallet, you will have an unnamed profile.

Next, you just need to enter your email address and username to verify your account. After verifying, you will be set to print NFT.

  • Print NFT

Then, look for the “create” button to print the NFT and you will be directed to the page where you need to upload the NFT. After naming the NFT and uploading it, scroll down and click on the “create” option.

Even though at this stage your NFT is already available on the market, you still need to register it if you want to sell it.

  • Selling NFT

On the NFT page, you will see an option to sell, then click on it. Here, you will be directed to a page where you can auction off NFT or sell it for a fixed price. If you go the fixed price route, choose the price you want to sell for.

Later, before your NFT is listed for sale, the platform will ask to initialize the wallet. Next, you need to confirm the selling price via wallet. Now, your first NFT will be printed.

How to Buy NFT—How to Buy Ethereum

Now that you know how to buy NFT and furthermore, below is a guide on how to buy Ethereum on Indodax that you need to know. If you are not an Indodax member yet, you can register here.

How to buy Ethereum on Indodax is as follows:

  1. Login to your Indodax Account.
  2. Make a deposit if you don’t have a balance.
  3. Open the marketplace and search for Ethereum or you can click this link.
  4. After that, you look for the sell column and enter the price of Ethereum you want and the balance. You can use the instant method or the limit method.
  5. You can also immediately place a sell order at the price you want to sell Ethereum after you have ETH. Make sure the price increases.

How to Arbitrage Ethereum to Wallet

  • Set up two accounts

In this first stage, you need to set up two accounts on two different platforms. You can also transfer the balance to your own account.

In fact, you can also transfer balances with different account holders. This way, you can also send money to a friend’s account.

Then, you set up an account on another exchange. In this case, you can just choose trusted exchanges abroad, which are widely available.

  • Send money

Here, you have to enter a certain amount of balance. Then, on the platform, select wallet or balance. For example, arbitrage to trustwallet, metamask, or other wallets. Then, copy and paste the wallet address of your destination platform. Then, you can send the balance with the amount that is considered sufficient.

  • Check transfer status

Blockchain and cryptocurrency systems provide everything with transparency so that you too can check the delivery status. You can also choose a website that can check the status of crypto shipments.

Regarding this, you only need to copy and paste the transfer address into the search engine on the website. Later, the status of your transfer will be listed there.

  • Receive balance

If you have received several confirmations, your balance has now been sent. Then, you can trade or exchange money from different platforms or accounts.

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