7 Unique Facts about Bitcoin as a Payment Tool, Read This
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7 Unique Facts about Bitcoin as a Payment Tool

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7 Unique Facts about Bitcoin as a Payment Tool


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Crypto assets like Bitcoin are not just instruments that can be used for investment or trading. It can actually be used as a means of payment that has been made in several countries. Here are 7 unique facts about Bitcoin being a means of payment!

As you know, crypto assets, such as Bitcoin and alternative coins (altcoins) are not only used for investment. But also used for payment. Hence, it is often referred to as cryptocurrency.

Payments using crypto assets like Bitcoin today are certainly not unusual. Naturally, many people have used crypto assets such as Bitcoin for payments on online platforms and offline merchants.

However, in the early days of Bitcoin and altcoins, there were many unique payment stories or stories. It was unique because at that time the crypto asset scheme was not a common payment tool.

Here are 7 unique facts that Bitcoin is a payment tool that has happened.

1. 10.000 Bitcoin (BTC) for One Pizza Pan

Did you know that the world’s first Bitcoin payment occurred in 2010, May 22 to be precise? A computer programmer named Laszli Hanyecz exchanged 10,000 BTC (bitcoin units) for two pizza pans.

Quoting from Cyberthreats, Jeremy Sturdivant, also known as Jercos, is the seller who accepts the Bitcoin. Back then, Bitcoin had no value at all.

Imagine if Jercos still had 10,000 BTC today. This means that the money is around IDR 5 trillion.

2. Paying Employee Salaries in Japan

GMO Internet Group, a technology company in Japan, has implemented the payment of employee salaries using Bitcoin. There are about 4,000 employees working at the company.

Reporting from The Guardian, employees will receive a salary portion ranging from 10 thousand Yen to 100 thousand Yen in the form of Bitcoin. This step was taken to increase cryptocurrency payments in the country “Sakura”.

Japan is indeed one of the countries that has the largest crypto asset market or market in the world, apart from China and the United States.

3. Purchasing KFC in Canada

KFC in Canada once made a promo package with the name “Bitcoin Bucket”. A bucket package paid for in Bitcoin. According to the Financial Times, this package was sold on a limited basis in 2018.

However, after only a few moments, the package was sold out. KFC said it would again promote chicken packages with Bitcoin.

4. Buy Lamborghini with Bitcoin

Peter Saddington, a programmer from Atlanta, United States bought a Lamborghini in 2017. He bought a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan for USD 200 thousand at the Motorcars of Georgia Showroom.

He exchanged 45 BTC and the seller accepted the payment. This purchase was excited in the Maya world of the United States. At that time, the photo meme of Peter with his white Lamborghini was busy being discussed on the Reddit forum.

5. Luxury Cars Sold for Bitcoin in Texas

One year after Peter bought a Lamborghini in Atlanta, auto dealers in Texas accepted payments in Bitcoin. The cars to choose from are Rolls-Royece, Bentley, and Bugatti.

Reporting from thedrive.com, not only the dealer, a dealer in New Port Beach, California has already used Bitcoin for payment of Bugatti Chiron and Pagani Huayra. Each of these supercars can be exchanged for Bitcoin worth IDR 86 billion.

6. Athlete Payment

Payments using Bitcoin also occur for athlete transfer payments. A former Real Madrid B soccer player, David Barral was paid using Bitcoin.

This happened when he transferred to DUX Madrid, a Spanish League 3rd division club, recently. However, it is not certain how much Bitcoin was paid.

This is not the first time an athlete has been paid in Bitcoin. Previously a National Football League (NFL) or American Football athlete, Russell Okung was also paid in Bitcoin.

7. Charity Donation with Crypto

The disaster that occurred in Indonesia in early 2021 caused many victims to fall. Starting from the West Sulawesi earthquake, floods in South Kalimantan, Bogor and a number of areas, as well as Mount Semeru which erupted.

Ayobantu.com, a crowdfunding charity or fundraising startup receiving payment assistance using crypto assets such as Bitcoin and others. This payment is in collaboration with Indodax.

This is not the first time that Ayobantu has received crypto asset assistance to raise funds from the Indonesian people, especially the crypto community. In previous years, Ayobantu has collaborated with Indodax to receive crypto assets as financial assistance that is distributed to disaster victims.

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