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About Impressive 3D and NFT Animated Images from Indonesian Artists

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About Impressive 3D and NFT Animated Images from Indonesian Artists

Gambar Animasi Keren 3D dan NFT-nya dari Artis Indonesia

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Impressive 3D or 3 dimensional animated images are often found on the internet. Currently, there are indeed many choices of 3D images milling about in cyberspace, which can also be downloaded even for free.

As for the pictures that look more real and interesting, these are also born inseparable from the development of technology. Now, 3D animated images are starting to be adopted or transferred to the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

So, what exactly is this 3D image and how did it develop? Check out the following review.

What is Cool 3D Live Wallpaper?

As the name implies, 3D animation is an image that moves in a 3-dimensional digital space. The creation step is through the creation of frames which will later simulate each image.

Then, the image is filmed with a virtual camera, and the result will be a rendered video. In simple terms, this 3D concept is a model or object that has shape, volume, and space. The object has three coordinate points called X, Y, and Z coordinates.

Now, those three coordinates will make the object move in three directions, namely right-left (X), up-down (Y), and front-back (Z).

The Development of Cool 3D Animated Images

Nowadays, 3D animation can be found almost everywhere. For example in visual effects in a film and video or specifically in a film. You can also now find a number of films that use 3D animation. For example, Pixar, the world’s most popular animation company, was successful with the film “Toy Story”.

Not only that, but 3D animation also has an important role in the world of games and virtual reality (VR). This role includes characters, items in the game, to visual effects in the game, all of which are in the form of animation.

Along with this, the presence of NFT is now also enlivening the development of 3D animation. As is known, NFT is a unique digital token created using blockchain technology, which began to become a trend after the emergence of interest in a blockchain game called “CryptoKitties” in October 2017.

Even though at that time the blockchain game and the adoption of NFT were still not widely discussed, in the last 2 years the charm of NFT has begun to be noticed by many people, especially among art workers or artists.

Now, motion designers, 2D animators, musicians, mural artists, and even tattoo artists are making their work as NFT. Of course, this has also influenced the development of 3D NFT animation, especially 3D artists, which is also supported by the high interest of collectors in the search for 3D NFT.

What are 3D Animated Images from Indonesia?

In Indonesia, at this time there are also some cool 3D animated images that have been adopted as NFT. Here is the list.

  1. Rimbawan Gerilya: GMO Utility Trike

The work of “GMO Utility Trike” from Rimbawan Gerilya is the first 3D animation that has been NFT-enabled. The animated video is a collaborative project between Gabber Modus Operandi—a duo of electronic music musicians—and visual artist Rimbawan Gerilya.

Uniquely, this collaboration occurred because Gabber Modus Operandi was supposed to perform live in 2020, but ended up canceling the stage.

Furthermore, the work which was auctioned in March 2021 sold for $678.80 (approximately IDR9.9 million) through the Foundation platform.

  1. Rubah Hitam: No Internet Today

This work is by Rifqi Ardiansyah—known as the Rubah Hitam. For information, the works of the Rubah Hitam have inspirations that are very close to everyday life, for example about technology, gadgets, and food.

The work entitled “No Internet Today” visualizes a man sitting in front of his computer, but he only plays the “dino game”—a dinosaur game that appears when the computer is not connected to the internet.

The price for this work itself is 1.5 ETH (approximately IDR87 million / fluctuating price), which was sold last December 2020.

  1. Venzha Christ: HumanRadio_NASAproject#01

An artist who is close to space art, Venzha Christ, also produced 3D NFT animation works. The work entitled “HumanRadio_NASAproject#01” is a 3D animation that visualizes a large antenna connected to the human body as the sensor medium.

The interesting fact is that the NFT-enhanced 3D animation has previously been exhibited under the name “Listening for The Dark”. The work began with Venzha Christ’s collaboration with NASA—the United States space agency—at the Art Museum in 2016. Then, this NFT was released on August 13th, 2021.

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