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Gala Games : A Unique Blend of Gaming & Blockchain

NFT games, or NFT-based play-to-earn games, are currently gaining popularity.

Optimism in Blockchain: Layer 2, Risk & Ecosystem

The largest blockchain ecosystem currently, namely Ethereum, has problems with

TradingView: Analysis Platform & How to Use It

In trading, a trader needs the ability to analyze the

Uncovering Layer 3 Crypto Deeper Than the Blockchain

Crypto and blockchain are two revolutionary technologies that have changed

The uniqueness of Near Protocol and the DeFi Ecosystem

In the current blockchain ecosystem, there are still several problems

Crypto Crash: Recognizing the Signs and Taking Action

Understand the signs of a crypto crash and plan wise steps to protect your portfolio from a drastic drop in crypto prices here!

Revealing the Secrets of Shooting Star Candles for Price Predictions

Gain insights on the Shooting Star Candle & how to accurately predict price reversals. Come on, read and get the opportunities implied in it.

Get to know PoA: Recent Innovations in Blockchain Technology

Proof of Authority (PoA) is a revolutionary solution for fast and secure transactions on the blockchain. Find answers and other benefits here!

Big Data and Blockchain : The Latest Innovations for Data Security

The combination of Big Data and Blockchain produces a very reliable data security solution. Learn how here!