Rollercoin: Virtual Crypto Mining Game & How to Play
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Rollercoin: Virtual Crypto Mining Game & How to Play

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Rollercoin: Virtual Crypto Mining Game & How to Play

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One of the blockchain-based games that has been the talk of the town lately is RollerCoin. RollerCoin is a Bitcoin mining simulation game that offers an engaging and simple Bitcoin mining experience.


Keep in mind that the platform also offers a variety of fun mini-games that can be played easily. With an entertaining and unique concept, RollerCoin provides a fun way to engage in the world of Bitcoin mining.


Now, to understand what RollerCoin is, from features, how it works, and strategies to how to play it so you can earn, check out the full review below!


What is RollerCoin?

Quoting, RollerCoin is an online virtual bitcoin mining game where you compete with your friends to mine bitcoins. RollerCoin takes the concept of Bitcoin mining.


However, instead of using blockchain and complex processing algorithms, RollerCoin lets you test your skills, complete missions, perform tasks, and play games to build your mining empire.


RollerCoin has simplified the difficult stuff and still retains the entertainment. Build and grow your mining data center, make upgrades and adjustments to increase your mining power, and compete with friends.


In this game, you don’t need to set up anything in the real world, no hassle – sign up, log in, customize your character, and you’re ready to go. You have full control and all the play without the hard work.


RollerCoin’s Top Features


RollerCoin 2


Quoting, besides offering the fun of earning profits, RollerCoin also offers various features that add to the excitement of the game. Here are the features, among others:


1. Mining

The core feature of this crypto game is mining. You can earn crypto for free by mining the different types of coins available in the game.


2. Games

RollerCoin provides various games that can be played to earn Power.


3. Power

Power is a resource that is used to perform mining. Without Power, the mining process cannot be carried out.


4. NFT

RollerCoin will soon feature NFTs as collectibles that can be collected, exchanged, or traded through the RollerCoin marketplace.


5. RollerToken (RLT)

RollerCoin provides an exclusive game token called RollerToken (RLT). As a basic asset, RLT plays a role in purchasing various items in the game, including miners. The miner is a device used to extract coins.


In addition, RLT also has a function to upgrade Miners and other items that play a role in the mining process. By using a more advanced Miner, you can earn more crypto coins.


It should be noted that RollerToken (RLT) is an in-game token generated from Power, similar to other crypto coins. Therefore, there is no information on the price of RollerCoin tokens as they are exclusively used in the game context.


How RollerCoin Works

Quoting the page, there are 5 (five) steps related to how this game works, including:


Step 1: Register

Quick and easy. Use your email address or Facebook (Meta) account. With a few clicks, you’re ready to mine.


Step 2: Customize Your Character


Create your own RollerCoin characters. Customize them, and decorate them to your liking.


Step 3: Start Mining Game

Play fun and addictive side missions, tasks, and mini-games to increase your mining power. The stronger your miner, the bigger your share of the pool.


Step 4: Get Block Rewards

Profits won’t keep you waiting long. Choose between withdrawing funds or upgrading your miner to move forward. Of course, there must be expenses to earn profits.


Step 5: Build your Bitcoin Power

You’ve earned your place in RollerCoin history. Get a Ferrari, a private island, some drinks, and whatever makes you happy.


Playing Strategy on RollerCoin

Quoting, here are 3 (three) strategies to play on RollerCoin that you need to know:


1. Hash Power Sharing

Sharing your hash power is crucial to achieving your goals. Hash power on all three coins goes up and down while slowly increasing as more players buy miners.


It is recommended for players to divide hash power based on their goals and place it in three categories.


2. Free Strategy

If you like and enjoy the game but lack the funds for it, this strategy is best for you. We’ve discussed how to acquire hash power but not what to do with it.


First, you need to have 100% hash power in BTC. That’s because the in-game shop only accepts two types of assets: Roller Tokens and BTC. Roller Tokens are only used for a few special items, so you must chase everything else.


With the way the game is set up, you can’t put your miners on the floor. They have to be placed on racks, so you must buy good racks. Another advice for players is to buy when they have enough BTC and miners.


Unless you’re seeing progress, you can buy a rack as soon as you can afford it. Now that you have a miner as your hash power base, you will never start with zero hash power again.


3. Build and Draw Strategy

This RollerCoin strategy is focused on building up to be an excellent miner in the game while accumulating profits over time. The previously recommended hash power split should be BTC 60%, Doge 20%, and Ethereum 20%.


This is because you want most of your hash power to go towards BTC to continue buying more racks and miners while enjoying the income from Doge and Ethereum.


That means you can still get high earnings from one crypto asset when the other is low, as both can change anytime.


How to Withdraw Crypto from RollerCoin


RollerCoin 3


After accumulating a sufficient amount of crypto, users can withdraw it to their crypto wallets. RollerCoin supports various types of crypto wallets, including:


  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)


Users must log in to their RollerCoin account and navigate to the withdrawal page to withdraw crypto. Next, enter the crypto wallet address and the amount of crypto you wish to withdraw, then click the “Withdraw” button.


The crypto transfer process will be done immediately, and the funds will be in the user’s wallet within a few minutes.



To conclude, RollerCoin offers a fun and easy experience to earn crypto through a mining simulation game. The game’s strength lies in its combination of entertainment and interactive crypto-earning opportunities.


With its various exciting features, players can enjoy mini-games, increase their mining power, and earn rewards in the form of crypto coins.


As a disclaimer, it should be noted that the various features offered by RollerCoin are provided for entertainment and educational purposes. In addition, this content is also intended to provide insight into the gaming experience on this platform.


It is important to note that RollerCoin itself does not guarantee any financial returns or profits. Furthermore, any decision to invest in crypto or use the gaming features is each individual’s personal responsibility.


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