2-Dimensional Artwork and Its Adaptation to NFT Art
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Complete Discussion of 2-Dimensional Artwork and Its Adaptation to NFT Art

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Complete Discussion of 2-Dimensional Artwork and Its Adaptation to NFT Art

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2-dimensional works of art or two-dimensional works of art are the most common works of art in everyday life. However, along with the development of the times, the enthusiasm for this work of art seems to be decreasing – plus the Covid-19 pandemic since the last two years, which has also caused exhibitions to be cancelled and the gallery becomes empty of enthusiasts.

Basically, this two-dimensional art is a branch of art that forms a work using a medium that can be seen by the sense of sight (eyes) and felt by the sense of touch (skin).

In addition to enjoying its beauty, these works of art can also be used as ready-made objects—also known as “applied art”. For information, visual arts are also divided into two types—based on their function—, namely two-dimensional art and 3 (three)-dimensional art.

Now, this two-dimensional art can also be processed into digital works of art. So, how? Before that, let’s take a look at the reviews about understanding and examples of two-dimensional art below.

What is 2D Artwork and Examples?

In general, the definition of a two-dimensional artwork is a work of art that has two sizes/sides, which means that the type of artwork only has length and width.

To note, two-dimensional artwork has no space because it has no thickness and/or height. In addition, two-dimensional art also has forming elements that are processed by the artists or designers who created it.

Then, what are the elements of 2-dimensional art? The elements consist of points, lines, fields, shapes, colors, dark and light, space and depth. Meanwhile, regarding techniques in two-dimensional art, there are several that are most often used, including placard, collage, transparent, aquarel (wet sweep) techniques, pointillism, shading, dusel, silhouette, plaque, spray, and tempera.

The characteristics of this 2-dimensional work of art, among others, are that it has only length and width, this work does not occupy space, can only be enjoyed from one direction, the media of manufacture is in the form of a flat plane, and has broad dimensions.

Furthermore, examples of two-dimensional works of art can be found in 4 types of works as follows.

  •  Image

This is art that is drawn using drawing mediums such as pencil and paper. For example, this 2-dimensional image is an illustration image, shape image, atmosphere image, and others.

  • Painting

It is a work of art that is painted using a brush and using paint and canvas as a medium. This 2-dimensional painting is very often found using it as a decoration for a room.

  • Graphic art

This type of art is usually made through prints such as wood prints, stamps, and screen printing.

  • Visual communication design

Also known as graphic design, these two-dimensional works of art are generally created using a computer application, then printed on paper using a printer. For example, the design of brochures, banners, pamphlets, and the like.

The Importance of Adapting 2-Dimensional Artwork to Digitization-NFT Art

Along with the rapid development of digital technology in the last decade, many fields of art have finally had to try to adapt to change. In this case, two-dimensional artwork—or fine art—is one of them.

Therefore, in order not to be eroded by changing times and to be able to continue to make money, this type of artwork must be able to adapt, one of which is by digitizing the artwork through Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Art.

Basically, NFT Art is an NFT that focuses on the world of art, which is usually in the form of paintings that are converted to digital form. When a painting becomes an NFT, it will be stored in the personal wallet of the owner or buyer. It is also important to know that the paintings that are converted into NFT can be tangible or intangible.

In addition, in the NFT Art category, not only paintings can be used as NFTs, but also photos and screenshots. One of the most expensive NFT ART

Is a work of art entitled “Everyday: The First 5,000 Days” by artist Beeple. The work in the form of as many as 5,000 paintings combined into one is valued at Rp. 999.9 billion.

Regarding how to make NFT Art, there are several things that can be done, namely as follows.

1. Create art, then take photos, and digitize

2. Choose one of the NFT Art exchanges, for example OpenSea

3. Log in to OpenSea and connect a wallet/wallet, for example MetaMask

4. Upload the created artwork file

5. Do minting/issuing and pay the fee

Apart from that, current artists (artists) have to adapt to digital innovation-based marketing, such as the NFT Art phenomenon or virtual exhibitions.

It is important for artists to do this because crypto is an investment field that is currently popular and continues to be studied by many people. Therefore, for artists, especially young artists, they must be fast and enthusiastic in welcoming this digital technology innovation.

Later, when the artists understand this type of NFT, they will be able to take advantage of the benefits of publishing their works and the investment benefits from here—with the NFT Art marketplace as a place to generate money.

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