Verasity (VRA) Listing on Indodax, Can It Make You Profit?
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Crypto Asset Verasity (VRA) Listing on Indodax, Can It Make You Profit?

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Crypto Asset Verasity (VRA) Listing on Indodax, Can It Make You Profit?

Verasity coin (VRA) - Indodax Academy

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Verasity (VRA) will list on Indodax. Can the VRA crypto asset, which is a game token, make you feel good?

This time, Indodax added to the listing of VRA crypto assets. This crypto is crypto from a video and game platform. VRA’s crypto asset price growth was fantastic at the beginning of this year. However, it turns out that this crypto doesn’t have a high rank yet.

Below we will discuss VRA crypto assets. Will this crypto asset make you big after listing on Indodax?

What is a VRA Crypto Asset?

Verasity is a token based on video, gaming and entertainment. Verasity built the infrastructure for publishers to serve a large audience. This blockchain platform is also a protocol and product layer for the Esport and video entertainment platforms.

Verasity is a unique project that aims to increase the advertising revenue content creators can earn.

VRA Crypto Assets Using a Proof of View Scheme

If Ethereum is changing its proof of work (mining) scheme to proof of stake (staking), then VRA is using a different scheme. The scheme is proof of view. What is that? The project was launched in 2019 and received a U.S. patent for Proof-of-View technology by February 2021.

The project’s Proof-of-View (PoV) blockchain alternative reduces the occurrence of fake displays. PoV achieves this by ensuring that all data and metrics about videos on the blockchain are accurate and verifiable.

Since its launch, the project has covered a multitude of fields, growing the number of users so that the price of the token goes up.

VRA Crypto Asset Performance

However, it turns out that the VRA’s performance for one year is no joke.

On a year to date basis, at the beginning of 2021, VRA’s crypto assets have increased by more than 10,000%. Wow. Initially only USD 0.0003. Currently, the price is around USD 0.03.

As of this writing, the VRA crypto asset has a market cap of USD 138,477,373 and a volume of USD 46,684,655 per 24 hours.

In fact, the VRA does not have a high ranking. It only hit 304 according to Of course, people are more interested in collecting crypto assets that have a better rank.

Can VRA Make You Profit?

From the articles listed on the page, there are several factors that can make the price increase and make you feel good.

Verasity is claimed to be one of the best performing cryptos in Q1 of 2021. But is this trend likely to continue? Verasity not only has an impressive vision but has also done a great job. In Q1, Verasity released improvements to streaming features with the Verasity Adstack mobile app and VeraWallet.

For Q2, Verasity has planned improvements that will see it integrate smart contracts. This will support display proof, which will allow networks to implement and scale solutions faster with their ad partners. The impetus behind the Verasity project and the efforts put in by the parent company speak positively for its future growth. VRA has outperformed previous price predictions – a feature common among explosive cryptos.

If all goes according to plan, Verasity is a project that can enjoy great support because of its customer-centric project.

How to Buy VRA?

VRA crypto assets will be listed on Indodax with an open deposit on April 21, 2021 noon. Trading starts on April 22, 2021 at noon.

Here’s how to buy it:

  1. For those of you who are not yet a member, you can click the link here
  2. After that, make a deposit. For those of you who are confused about how to deposit, click on this link
  3. After your deposit and balance come in, you can return to the market
  4. Look for Enjin Coin in the Rupiah market then click
  5. After entering, all you have to do is buy by filling in the balance and at what price you want to buy Enjin Coin. You can also buy it instantly or directly at the current price
  6. After that, you need to patiently wait for the price to increase for some time
  7. After the price increases, you can sell it at a higher price with the instant method
  8. If you sell with the limit method, you can place orders after buying. Make sure you enter a higher number when selling.
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