Get to know Metacraft (MCT), Now Available on Indodax
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Get to know Metacraft (MCT), Now Available on Indodax

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Get to know Metacraft (MCT), Now Available on Indodax

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This week, the Metacraft (MCT) crypto asset on BEP20 will be listed on Indodax. Open deposit will start on May 25th, 2022 at 14:00 WIB (UTC +7) and open trading will start on May 27th, 2022 also at 14:00 WI (UTC +7).

Where did Sky City come from? What is the biggest treasure? Does the dragon really exist? Brave adventurers, build a unique NFT role to explore their own unique NFT characters.

What is Metacraft (MCT)?

MetaCraft is a running group chain play imitating Rarity. In the future, MetaCraft will fork to create a meta universe game. For example: mapping on public chains such as BSC and ETH, allowing players to play on any chain; introducing social attributes to give each player a unique NFT identity.

The game’s story, background, settings, newly added quest characters, and multiple open endings will all be jointly formulated by community members.

When MetaCraft develops to a certain scale, we will visualize the game by adding a variety of animations and scenes, and MetaCraft will become an amazing production.

In the fantasy world of swords and magic, many races peaceful lives in the mainland, until that day, a city appears in the sky, people call it to – Skycity. With the emergence of Sky City, there have been many caves on the mainland, and there is a treasure of the excitement of the adventurers and the murder of the people. The legendary, Sky City has the largest treasure and the strongest monster-dragon.

How To Play

1. Recruit Heroes

Recruit Heroes from Game dashboard Recruit icon.

  • The jobs and attributes of recruited heroes will be generated randomly.
  • The cost of recruiting one hero is 100 MCT, and will be adjusted according to the price of the MCT and the input-output ratio of playing the game in the next period.
  • Each address can only recruit a maximum of 20 heroes per day.

2. Work

Daily Work

  • All heroes can earn Gold by participating in daily work. Players only need to click once to let the hero start working, and can earn Gold continuously without any additional actions.

Special Work

  • Special works will be released one after another after the initial game launch. By participating in special tasks, players can increase the amount of gold they can earn each day.
  • The ability to participate in special jobs will depend on the hero’s attributes and level.

3. Upgrade

  • Heroes can be upgraded by consuming Gold. After upgrading, heroes can participate in special tasks or be put into battle.
  • The first upgrade costs 5,000 Gold, and each upgrade doubles the cost.

4. Attack

Attack Power

  • Hero’s ability to inflict damage. Each hero’s attack power = strength attribute (str) or intelligence (int) attribute. For example, if the strength (intelligence) of the hero is 60, the hero deals 60 points of damage to the monster per attack.

Life Value

  • Each hero’s initial life value is attribute Constitution * 10. When heroes appear damage their life value will decrease, when their life value decreases to 0, the character will leave the battle. After completing the battle, the hero will recover all life values.

Hit dan Dodge

  • The value of a hero’s agility attribute determines his hit and dodge abilities. For example, if the hero’s agility value is 50, the hero will have (50*60%)=30% chance to hit a monster or dodge a monster’s attack depending on whether he attacks or is attacked.


  • The rewards that heroes receive for challenging monsters are relative to the hero’s Charisma (CHA). For example, if the hero’s Charisma is 60 and the base reward for challenging a monster is 1-1.5 MCT, then the reward that the hero gets for successfully challenging is [1+(60-40)%]*(1- -1.5) =1.2–1.8MCT.

5. Instance


  • Each instance has a monster for a specific profession, and only heroes who meet the profession and level requirements can challenge the corresponding monster.
  • Each challenge will cost you 500 Gold, and each character can only challenge monsters three times a day.


  • Attacks on bosses require the participation of 11 professions simultaneously.
  • Each profession can only participate in one boss battle per day.

6. Fuse

  • Players can choose heroes of the same profession to combine.
  • Fusion replaces the random attribute of the primary card with one attribute of the secondary card.
  • The secondary card will disappear once the fusion is complete.
  • Each fusion requires a certain amount of MCT and Gold.

Metacraft (MCT) Crypto Assets

The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #544, with a live market cap of $28,733,004 USD. It has a circulating supply of 52,311,100 MCT coins and the max. supply is not available.

How to Buy Metacraft (MCT) Crypto Assets on Indodax

For those of you who want to buy Metacraft (MCT) crypto assets, you can buy them on Indodax starting May 27th, 2022 at 14:00 WIB (UTC +7).

Here’s how to buy it:

  1. For those of you who are not yet a member, you can click the link here
  2. After that, make a deposit. For those of you who are confused about how to deposit, click on this link
  3. After your deposit and balance come in, you can return to the market
  4. Look for Metacraft (MCT) in the Rupiah market then click
  5. After entering, all you have to do is buy by filling in the balance and at what price you want to buy Metacraft (MCT). You can also buy it instantly or directly at the current price
  6. After that, you need to patiently wait for the price to increase for some time
  7. After the price increases, you can sell it at a higher price with the instant method
  8. If you sell with the limit method, you can place orders after buying. Make sure you enter a higher number when selling.
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