How to Trade Bitcoin Safely on Indodax, Read This
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How to Trade Bitcoin Safely on Indodax

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How to Trade Bitcoin Safely on Indodax

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There are several ways to trade Bitcoin safely on Indodax. You have to follow all the methods so that you are safer in Bitcoin trading.

Even though the process is a little complicated, the security you do later can anticipate many risks of fraud, hacking and others. In order to avoid these risks, you need to increase the security of your account.

Not only that, but you also need to activate other features to make it safer.

Why Can Your Account Be Hacked?

Before we know how to trade Bitcoin safely, we must first find out why it can be hacked.

  1. Access and login to phishing websites that resemble the official Indodax website
  2. Passwords are too easy to guess
  3. Using applications that are not from the official Indodax application
  4. Using the same email and password on another account or on another platform
  5. Save email and password data in the cloud / drive application
  6. Does not enable additional security features, such as Google Authenticator
  7. Affected by malware, such as: keyloggers and viruses

How to Maintain Account Security

Below will explain how to trade Bitcoin safely on Indodax for those of you who are trading bitcoin and other crypto assets.

  1. Make sure you log in only on and not from a phishing website.
  2. Create a password that uses a combination of letters, uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  3. Don’t use the same password on another site’s account.
  4. Install additional security such as Google Authenticator
  5. Make sure all emails related to Indodax are from the email address.
  6. Perform regular checks on your account transaction history
  7. Make sure you only use the official application from Indodax
  8. Bookmark the website in the browser to anticipate access to phishing sites.
  9. Update the operating system and browser regularly

How to Find Insecure Accounts

However, in this article, we will also discuss what if your account is in an unsafe condition. There are several characteristics if your account is being hacked.

  1. Check the transaction history, make sure there is no suspicious or unknown transaction history
  2. Changes to account data such as email and cellphone numbers occur without your prior knowledge
  3. Post-security changes that were disabled without your knowledge, such as disable Google Authenticator.

What if the account has been hacked?

If your account gets hack, you don’t need to panic. You only need to do the steps below:

  1. Immediately change the password and activate Google Authenticator
  2. Delete all active APIs on your account
  3. User can lock account via login confirmation email. Account will lock for 24 hours.
  4. Immediately contact the Indodax support team via email [email protected]. Include a chronology.

So, that was how to trade Bitcoin safely on Indodax. Hope it can help you.

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