Indodax Market Signal July 19th, 2021
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Indodax Market Signal July 19th, 2021: 5 Crypto Assets Bullish and Bearish This Week

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Indodax Market Signal July 19th, 2021: 5 Crypto Assets Bullish and Bearish This Week

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There are some interesting things about crypto asset predictions for the next week, in this edition of Indodax Market Signal. Although Bitcoin and Ethereum are still not in a bullish trend.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are still in a sideways trend. There is no signal that the two most popular crypto assets will increase over the next week.

Meanwhile, DOGE seems to have entered the support area. Although, the signal for an increase or a bullish market for the next week has not shown an increase.

Interestingly, it was MATIC who actually entered the bullish market. Although, it was resistant after leading the highest crypto asset prices during the first semester of 2021.

Apart from MATIC, what crypto assets are included in the bullish market in this edition of Indodax Market Signal?

5 Crypto Assets will Bullish on This Week  

  • Nem (XEM)

The first bullish cryptocurrency in this week’s edition of Indodax Market Signal is Nem (XEM). This crypto asset will go up during this one week.

NEM or new economy movement (XEM) is a Peer-to-Peer cryptography platform with Blockchain platform technology which was launched on March 31, 2015. Uniquely, NEM is written in Java and C++ programming languages. The coin evolved in March 2015 as a fork-out version of NXT, another popular virtual currency and blockchain payment network platform.

This New Economy Movement has its own cryptocurrency, which is referred to as XEM. Even though XEM is not used by traders as a means of payment, it still grows significantly in value. Currently, it has the twelfth highest market cap among other cryptocurrencies. NEM currently supports one wallet, called the Nano wallet.

The lowest price of XEM today is Rp.2,057 and the highest price is Rp.2,341. 


Second, there is the Sandbox (SAND) of crypto assets which will be bullish this week. This crypto asset will increase in the upcoming edition of Indodax market signal.

Sandbox is a community-driven platform where content creators can monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. His vision is to build an immersive and inclusive metaverse where users can engage in completely new ways through gaming, NFT and creativity.

The lowest price for SAND today is IDR 6,457 and the highest price is IDR 7,644.


  • Polkadot (DOT)

Third, there is the Polkadot (DOT) crypto asset which will rise in one week. DOT has given a bullish signal for one week.

Polkadot is an open-source multichain sharding protocol that facilitates cross-chain transfers of any data or asset type, not just tokens, thus making various blockchains interoperable with each other.

This interoperability seeks to build a fully decentralized and private web, controlled by its users, and simplify the creation of new applications, institutions and services.

The Polkadot protocol links public and private chains, permissionless networks, oracles and future technologies, enabling these independent blockchains to share information and transactions without trust via the Polkadot relay chain (explained further below).

Polkadot’s native DOT token serves three clear purposes: providing governance and network operations, and creating parachains (parallel chains) by binding.

On this day, the lowest price of DOT is Rp178,380 and the highest is Rp188,000.


  • (CRO)

Next, is (CRO) which has not been heard of for a long time. This crypto asset is re-emerging with rising prices. accelerates the transition to crypto by putting cryptocurrency in every wallet with a strong focus on real-life use cases. is building an outstanding and maintainable platform to solve access and usability challenges in the blockchain industry, and strengthen services.

On this day, the lowest price for CRO was Rp. 1,592 and the highest price was Rp. 1,664.


  • Polygon Network (MATIC)

Finally, there is the MATIC crypto asset which will rise this week. Interestingly, MATIC was resistant last week after rising for a semester. In fact, in the first six months of 2021, MATIC is the highest-rising crypto asset.

Polygon (formerly Matic Network) is the first well-structured and easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its core component is the Polygon SDK, a flexible and modular framework that supports the creation of a wide variety of applications.

Using Polygon, one can create an optimistic rollup chain, ZK rollup chain, stand-alone chain or any other type of infra required by the developer.

The $MATIC token will continue to exist and will play an increasingly important role, securing systems and enabling governance.

In today’s trading, the lowest price of MATIC is Rp11,363 and the highest is Rp12,489.


5 Crypto Assets Bearish on This Week

  • Aurora (AOA)

The market signal this time also discusses crypto assets that will be bearish. First, there is Aurora (AOA) which will drop over the next week. There doesn’t seem to be any upgrades yet and the demand is actually decreasing which causes the price to drop.

AOA has shown a downward trend in prices since a few weeks ago and remains in a bear market.

Aurora Chain (AOA) is on a mission to create a brightly colored blockchain world with fast-paced contracts that facilitate easy application development on the blockchain.

The team strives to enable businesses from different industries to work together using a fixed supply distribution of the underlying AOA currency as a way to ensure the speed and functionality of the consensus mechanism.

Today, the price of AOA is at the lowest level of Rp16 and the highest price of Rp17. 


  • Waves (WAVES)

WAVES is back in a bear market in this edition of Indodax Market Signal. It seems, WAVES has touched the resistance price for a while. WAVES has shown a downward trend in prices since a few weeks ago and remains in a bear market.

WAVES or more specifically the WAVES platform is a decentralized blockchain network (decentralized blockchain platform) that focuses on broader blockchain applications such as fundraising, financial token generation, or cryptocurrency digital asset trading systems.

WAVES’ lowest price is IDR 186,600 today. While the highest price is Rp. 197,700.


  • Energi (NRG)

Next, there is the NRG crypto asset which experienced a decline in price this week. This crypto asset continued its decline since the previous three weeks. Apparently, investors should move to other crypto assets and leave NRG so that demand drops.

Energi (NRG) is a next generation Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency. Powered by the Energi blockchain, NRG combines Ethereum smart contract compatibility with self-funding treasuries, decentralized masternode governance, and Layer 1 and Layer 2 protocols.

NRG also serves as a governance token replacement for the Energiswap decentralized exchange.

Today, NRG moved at the lowest level of IDR 22,000 and the highest price of IDR 24,000. 


  • Theta Network (THETA)

Next up is the THETA crypto asset which fell this week. This crypto asset seems to be abandoned by its investors or community for a while.

Theta is a decentralized open source video delivery network with its own blockchain. Theta aims to solve the problems of the existing video streaming market in the industry by using its blockchain technology. So, it is designed to incentivize bandwidth sharing, attracting users to actively attend and work for the Theta video streaming ecosystem.

Today, THETA moved with the lowest price of IDR 62,000 and the highest price of IDR 66,615.


  • Cosmos (ATOM)

Finally, the crypto asset that has experienced a decline is ATOM. This crypto asset shows a downward trend in price after resistance, where last week it was a bullish market.

Cosmos calls itself a project that solves some of the “hardest problems” facing the blockchain industry. It aims to offer an antidote to proof-of-work protocols that are “slow, expensive, unscalable, and harmful to the environment. It is like the one used by Bitcoin, by offering a connected blockchain ecosystem.

Other goals of the project include making blockchain technology less complicated and difficult for developers thanks to a modular framework that demystifies decentralized applications.

The Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol makes it easy for blockchain networks to communicate with each other — preventing fragmentation within the industry.

ATOM sold for Rp153,456 the lowest in today’s trading. While the highest price reached Rp. 166,209.


NOTE: If the 5 EMA crosses the WMA 75, 85 and 200 EMA lines and the lines intersect from the bottom up, then the market trend tends to go up (bullish),
in each table above shows if, the value of EMA 5 is higher than WMA 75.85 and EMA 200 then the market tends to go up (bullish).

If the RSI and MACD values ??show the same condition, it means the market is showing the same trend, overbought (overbought) or oversold (oversold) conditions are an indicator that the market is already at the point of changing the direction of the trend.

ATTENTION: All content which includes text, analysis, predictions, images in the form of graphics and charts, as well as news published on this website, is only used as trading information, and is not a recommendation or suggestion to take an action in a transaction, either buying or selling. certain crypto assets. All crypto asset trading decisions are independent decisions by the user. Therefore, all risks arising from it, both profit and loss, are not the responsibility of Indodax.

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