Getting to Know Investors: Definition and What is Their Role?
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Getting to Know Investors: Definition, Types, and Roles in Investment

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Getting to Know Investors: Definition, Types, and Roles in Investment

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We can’t choose what kind of family we want to be born into; if you don’t come from a rich family, you can still have your descendants come from there.

While you are young, of course, you must have long-term financial goals in the future.

One of the most productive ways is investing; people who postpone pleasure in the present to be exchanged in the future, with the hope of better finances, can also be called investors.

In Indodax Academy, this time, we will peel in more detail and depth regarding explanations about investors; come on, let’s discuss it!

What are Investors?

First, Indodax friends need to know the meaning of investment. Investment is buying or allocating a certain amount of funds, time, or other resources in the hope of obtaining future profits.

Investment activities are carried out to add value or obtain a greater return on capital than the amount invested initially.

Definition of investors

An investor is a person or group of people who allocate several funds, assets, or other resources to be invested to get financial benefits in the future.

Investors can be individuals, companies, financial institutions, or other organizations.

The main goal of an investor is to increase the value of his investment over time. They can achieve this goal by investing in various financial instruments like stocks, bonds, crypto mutual funds, property, or businesses.

Investor characteristics

Here are some of the characteristics of investors that you can recognize:

  • Think long-term focus on their investments, realizing that investment values can fluctuate occasionally, but they focus on long-term results rather than daily market fluctuations.
  • Having clear investment goals and strategies, conducting research & analysis before making investment decisions, and avoiding decisions based solely on emotion or speculation.
  • Have a balanced risk tolerance. They take risks according to their financial profile and personal comfort and diversify their portfolios to reduce unnecessary risks.
  • Disciplined in executing strategy. They are rarely tempted to make drastic changes or impulsive decisions (FOMO) based on temporary market changes.
  • Manage emotions well because financial markets are often unstable, and good investors can manage their emotions well.

The difference between investors and traders

But what exactly is the difference between an investor and a trader? The answer is their investment goals and timeframe.

For example, when it comes to financial goals, Investors generally aim to build long-term wealth and see their investment grow over time.

Investors focus more on capital growth, dividends, or interest payments from their investments.

Investors can also have goals such as retirement, children’s education, or financing large projects in the long term.

Meanwhile, traders focus more on profiting from rapid price changes.

The trader aims to make profits quickly by making smart trades and taking advantage of market volatility.

For example, regarding the timeframe, Investors are in a longer period of years or even decades.

While traders are on a much shorter timeframe, they make transactions quickly and frequently, sometimes several times a day.

The trader aims to take advantage of price movements within a short timeframe.

Investor Types

ciri ciri investor

Postpone gratification for a moment for the future; one way is by investing to achieve financial freedom.

More than that, we realize that children are not future investment assets and parents are not emergency funds.

Every investor has a different profile and approach to managing their investments.

Before choosing to invest or become an investor, it’s a good idea to identify yourself to formulate an appropriate investment strategy.

Of course, this is the goal so that your investment goes according to expectations and benefits in the future. Don’t you want it to be just wishful thinking?

Let’s find out the different types of investors in today’s financial world.

  • Individual investors

An individual investor type is someone who uses their funds to invest in various financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, property, or cryptocurrencies.

This depends on each individual’s financial goals, knowledge, risk tolerance, and preferences.

  • Institutional investors

Next, institutional investors are institutions or entities that invest large amounts into various financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and so on.

Institutional investors can include various entities, such as insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds, investment companies, and banks.

  • Retail investors

Retail investors are individuals or entities that make investments in the retail market. They generally purchase securities, such as stocks or bonds, through a retail broker or online trading platform.

Retail investors play an important role in financial markets because they can provide liquidity and contribute to shaping market prices.

  • Accredited investors

An accredited investor is an individual or entity that meets certain requirements based on indicators of a financial institution to be deemed to have sufficient knowledge and experience in investing.

Some indicators are net worth, income, experience and education, and business interests.

The Role of Investors in Investment

Like a motorcycle engine, it will not run if there is no gasoline as the fuel that makes the vehicle go.

As with gasoline, investors play an important role in the economy. They provide capital in the form of investment funds to businesses to help them grow and develop, driving economic growth and development.

By providing investment funds, investors can help companies expand their operations, from production processes to new services.

Investors play an important role in the economy by providing investment funds for companies, driving economic growth, and providing market liquidity.

Investment funds can be used to start a business or expand an existing business.

This allows companies to create new jobs and increase their competitiveness in the market.

Characteristics of an attractive investment for Investors

karakteristik investor

Investing, whether in crypto, commodities, foreign exchange, property, or any field, can be a great way to make money, provided you know & understand the risks and benefits.

Remember, to make the investment attractive to investors, you must consider four main factors: potential profit, risk level, investment timeframe & portfolio diversification.

The profit potential is important for investors in determining whether an investment is attractive. This includes understanding the expected return on investment and the dividend payments that may be available.

The degree of risk is another key factor to consider when evaluating investment potential. Investors want to know how much risk they take with each investment and their chances of success.

Next comes the investment timeframe, where investors need to understand how long it will take to see a return on their investment and whether an exit strategy is available should one be required.

Ever heard of the term don’t put your eggs in one basket? This means putting only some of your assets in one investment instrument.

This is related to portfolio diversification, an investor’s strategy to reduce risk by dividing their investment into different financial instruments or assets.

The main goal of diversification is to create a portfolio with an optimal combination of risk and return.

Factors Considered by Investors in Choosing an Investment

Investors are always looking for the best return on investment; when deciding which investment to make, they will do research & careful calculations.

Investors need to consider all of these factors before investing in an asset. Long-term profit prospects should be considered first.

This means that investors must analyze how much money they can expect to make over a certain period if they invest in a particular asset.

They also need to consider how much risk is involved and whether or not it is worth taking on that level of risk.

In addition, investors must assess the performance of a company or sector and determine whether it has growth potential over time.

Finally, market conditions must also be considered when making investment decisions, which can impact returns.


Investing is a great way to grow wealth and secure a financial future.

Understanding the different types of investors, their goals, motivations & needs, and the types of investments available is important.

Being a wise investor requires knowledge and understanding of the market and how it works.

By learning & learning by doing from the right references, anyone can start investing and benefit from having a secure financial future.

For those of you who are just starting to learn crypto investment, it is mandatory to understand the importance of diversifying your portfolio and having a clear investment plan.

Remember, your finances now are the result of decisions 5-10 years ago; if you want to know what your situation will be like in the future, it depends on your decisions now, Indodax friends!

So how about Indodax friends? You want to live better in the future. If not now, when?

For those who want to start long-term investing, you can start with Indodax to learn more about crypto. Come on, be a smart investor!

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