Jasmy Coin (JASMY) Coin is Now Available at INDODAX!
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Jasmy Coin (JASMY) Coin is Now Available at INDODAX!

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Jasmy Coin (JASMY) Coin is Now Available at INDODAX!

jasmy coin crypto asset

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An interesting surprise awaits loyal Indodax members because in the second week of September 2023 Jasmy Coin (JASMY) is ready to fill your portfolio.

Open deposits will start on September 13 2023 at 14:00 WIB and open trading will start on September 14 2023 at 14:00 WIB

Apart from being pegged to the Indonesian rupiah, the JASMY coin crypto asset will also be placed on the ERC20 network. Interested in finding out more about this crypto asset? Come on, check out all the interesting information about Jasmy Coin (JASMY) below!

JasmyCoin (JASMY) Coin

Data and Information

Jasmy Coin(JASMY) is a crypto asset project from Tokyo-based Internet of Things (IOT) provider Jasmy Corporation. As a system, the Internet of Things includes mechanical and digital elements equipped with identifiers and the ability to transmit data. IoT company Jasmy specializes in buying/selling data, and the Jasmy platform connects two categories: service providers and data users.

The Jasmy platform was built to restore and protect individual data sovereignty by combining IoT technology with blockchain technology and giving users complete control over their personal information. The main goal of the project is to build a secure environment on the platform where users can exchange data in a way that does not require human trust between IoT devices (computers, cars, phones) and decentralized protocols.

The Jasmy coin developer’s mission is to create an environment by establishing an infrastructure where users can use data easily, safely and smoothly. As a result, Jasmy aims to provide its users with a robust infrastructure, an intuitive interface, and a secure environment for storing and sharing data. In Jasmy’s realm, information can be turned into personal assets.

Jasmy decentralizes workflows with advanced computing and stores data in IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). The philosophy of the project is based on the democratization of data using a decentralized model, where data is securely protected and owned by the owner, and service providers get the opportunity to promote their services/business using data (owned by users).

Founder of Jasmy Coin (JASMY)

Jasmy was founded in April 2016 in Tokyo by several former Sony executives including Kunitake Ando (Representative Director of Jasmy & Former President and COO of Sony Corporation), Kazumasa Sato (President & COO at Jasmy and Former CEO of Sony Style.com Japan Inc.), Masanobu Yoshida (Vice President & CTO at Jasmy, retiring as of December 2021), and Hiroshi Harada (CFO at Jasmy & Executive Financial Analyst at KPMG).

In October 2021, Jasmy Coin (JASMY) was launched on the Japanese exchange BITPoint Japan. JASMY itself is the ERC-20 token that powers the Jasmy platform, acting as the main utility token of the network and playing a vital role in building the entire Jasmy ecosystem.

The project has partnered with major players in the digital industry, including: Transcosmos, Panasonic and VAIO.

JasmyCoin (JASMY) Crypto Asset Rating

Jasmy Coin’s crypto asset ranking according to the CoinMarketCap website is currently #134, with a market cap of IDR 2,677,044,925,276. There is a circulating supply of 48,899,999,999 JASMY coins and a maximum supply of 50,000,000,000 JASMY coins.

How to Buy Jasmy Coin Crypto Assets on INDODAX

For those of you who want to buy the Jasmy Coin crypto asset, you can buy it on INDODAX starting September 14 2023 at 14:00 WIB. Here’s how to buy it:

  • For those of you who are not yet members, you can register directly at INDODAX.
  • After successfully registering, you can log in to your Indodax account, and if you are confused, you can read how to make a deposit here.
  • After your deposit and balance are entered, you can return to the INDODAX crypto market page.
  • Search for Jasmy (Jasmy to IDR) on the IDR market, then click it.
  • After entering, all you have to do is buy by filling in the balance and the price at which you want to buy a shred coin. You can also buy it instantly or directly at the current price.
  • After that, you need to wait for the price to increase for some time.
    After the price increases, you can sell at a higher price with the instant method.
  • If you sell with the limit method, you can place an order after buying. Make sure you enter a higher number when selling.

You need to know that by taking advantage of the stability of the IDR value, you can gain profits in the crypto market.

Come on, immediately invest in the newest crypto asset JasmyCoin (JASMY) coin, and enjoy the attractive growth potential. Be part of the crypto revolution and start achieving financial success with this newest crypto asset.

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