Quant Crypto Assets Listing on Indodax This Week
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Quant (QNT) Crypto Assets Listing on Indodax This Week

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Quant (QNT) Crypto Assets Listing on Indodax This Week

Quant (QNT) Coin Akan Listing di Indodax!

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Indodax has again added to its list of crypto assets. This time, there is a quant crypto asset that will be listed this week.

What is the QUANT (QNT) crypto asset

The Quant blockchain project was launched in June 2018 with the aim of connecting blockchain and networks on a global scale. This is without compromising network efficiency and interoperability. This is the first project to solve the problem of interoperability through the creation of the first blockchain operating system.

This project was built as a distributed operating system ledger technology and Overledger Network. To connect different blockchain networks. The project is billed as the first OS built for blockchain.

Quant’s main goal is to use Overledger capable of bridging the existing environment between different blockchains. The backbone of this project is the Overledger network, which Quant calls the ecosystem on which the future digital economy ecosystem will be built.

Overledger supports developers to build decentralized multi-chain applications (known as MApps) for their customers. For developers to build Mapp on the network, they must have a certain amount of Quant tokens (QNT).

Quant Uniqueness

Since the introduction of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, innovators have found use cases in almost every known industry. However, there are seamless interoperability issues between these projects. Quant was created to be the missing link between “different” blockchains.

Quant’s operating system, Overledger, is designed to act as a gateway for any blockchain-based project to access all other blockchains. It also works in connecting applications to other applications in the same blockchain ecosystem, such as Ethereum.

More than a few blockchain interactions, Quant creates different layers for applications to interact at different levels. Quantity has a wide range for transactions, messaging, filtering and ordering, and applications for sharing and referencing identical messages associated with other applications.

The Quant App Store has the ability to read and aggregate transactions across multiple ledgers. Using Overledger, developers write smart contracts on various chains including those that don’t support it, such as Bitcoin.

Developers can also use the store to create and release multi-chain applications (MApps).

Quant Crypto Assets Supply (QNT)

Companies do not need to purchase QNT tokens to use the Quant Network. However, they need a QNT token to use the network.

Developers have to buy a license (in QNT) to build anything on the platform. It requires tokens to be unlocked for 12 months. The cost of running the Gateway and performing read/write operations on Overledger requires the use of QNT tokens.

Maximum QNT token supply set at 14,612,493 tokens. QNT tokens are divided in the following way:

  1. 9.9 million QNT tokens sold to the public during the ICO;
  2. 2.6 million QNT tokens are assigned to the company’s reserves, to keep the project running;
  3. 1.3 million QNT tokens made available to the founders of the company;
  4. 651,000 QNT tokens were issued for the company’s products.

Currently, the circulating supply of tokens is 12,072,738 QNT. An additional 2 million tokens are held by the company. These tokens are unlocked and can be sold or issued at any time.

Quant Security

Overledger forms the backbone of the Quant Network. Overledger ensures communication between DLT networks and interaction with different blockchains.

The Overledger Network includes gateways for connecting various blockchains. Similar to the Ethereum proof-of-stake blockchain, the Quant Network community is involved in handling treasury smart contracts.

Community handles QNT payments that flow from users to gateways. They do this in a way where people are accountable to any observer.

How to Buy Quant Crypto Assets (QNT) on Indodax

Well, this week, the Quan crypto asset (QNT) will be listed on Indodax, namely open deposit on July 21, 2021 at 14:00 WIB and open trading on July 22, 2021 at 14:00 WIB.

Here’s how:

  1. For those of you who are not yet a member, click the link here.
  2. After that, make a deposit. For those of you who are confused about how to deposit, if you click this link.
  3. Once your deposit and balance are in, you can return to the market.
  4. Search for QNT. then click
  5. After logging in, you just have to buy by filling in the balance and at what price you want to buy QNT. Or you can also instantly or directly.
  6. After that, you need to patiently wait for the price to increase for some time.
  7. After the price increases, you can sell at a higher price with the instant method.
  8. You can also buy with the limit method.
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