Revealing the Best Crypto Roadmap for Smart Investing
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Understanding Crypto Roadmap: Digital Asset Navigation

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Understanding Crypto Roadmap: Digital Asset Navigation


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In recent years, crypto assets have become the choice of many investors to invest their capital. Crypto is a digital asset that uses cryptographic technology to secure transactions and control the creation of new units.

Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, a decentralized ledger that records all transactions ever made with that crypto asset. Examples of popular cryptos are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others.

In a general context, a “roadmap” refers to a plan that maps out the goals, vision, and steps to be taken by an organization within a certain period.

Meanwhile, in the crypto context, a roadmap is a plan used by a crypto project or developer team to describe their crypto project’s vision, mission, and goals.

So, to better understand a roadmap in general and in NFT, its functions, purposes for making, principles, examples, and how to make it, see the following review.

What are Roadmaps?

apa itu roadmap

In general, a roadmap is a plan used to provide an overall picture of how an initiative will develop over time. This includes details about what features, functions, or improvements will be implemented and the desired timeline for achieving these goals.

On the other hand, in the crypto world, a roadmap is a development plan used by a crypto project or development team to plan and describe the development of their crypto project from start to finish.

Please note the crypto roadmap specifically describes the technical, business, and community steps that will be taken throughout the project’s life. This includes release schedules, security fixes, new features, integrations, and other development stages.

Get to know the Roadmap in NFT

In the world of NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens, a roadmap must be prepared before a product is launched on the NFT marketplace. The NFT roadmap will assist the production process and explain the project.

The roadmap serves as a strategic guide as well as planning in the development of NFT projects. In building a successful NFT project, the roadmap must also guide the steps, from conception to the launch and ongoing development stages.

Later, with a clear and detailed roadmap, the development team can work together to achieve the goals of the NFT project and take the NFT ecosystem to a higher level. The roadmap will also help to explain plans to investors and the community and increase transparency and trust in NFT projects.

Roadmap Function

fungsi roadmap

After understanding what a roadmap is, it is important to understand what it does in general and crypto projects. This understanding is important because roadmaps are key in directing, managing, and achieving project objectives efficiently and effectively.

Meanwhile, in crypto projects, the main function has additional characteristics related to technical, financial, and community aspects in the crypto ecosystem. Some of the main functions of a roadmap in a crypto project are a technical plan, development of the main network (mainnet), and explaining the achievement of the main features of the crypto project, including financial planning and use of project funds.

A roadmap for a crypto project serves as a detailed guide that will help the development team to understand the stages of project development and its long-term goals. Therefore, the roadmap becomes a key instrument for the success and sustainability of crypto projects in a highly competitive market.

Purpose of Making Roadmap

Explain why a roadmap is used before implementing a planned activity or project. Do you already know what the roadmap functions are? Now, it’s time to find out the roadmap’s goals. A good NFT roadmap will generally provide a list of plans to achieve and product features.

For example, developers can include release dates or crypto airdrop events to show NFT progress for potential investors. This is so that potential investors know the value provided by the project.

The following are several other objectives of the roadmap that need to be known, including:

  • As a guide in implementing and changing projects systematically
  • Gather all the concepts in a predetermined scope
  • As a guide regarding all processes, from the start until the project is declared successful
  • As a basic reference for any changes that will occur
  • Shows the framework to all teams to generate plans
  • Acting as a mediator for team agreements regarding online guidelines and comprehensive

Roadmap Principles

A roadmap must be made carefully. This is because the roadmap has very important functions and objectives for the sustainability of a project. Therefore, several NFT roadmap principles must be known and paid attention to, including:

1. Brief

The first principle is that the roadmap must be compiled concisely and concisely. That is, the information conveyed must be straight to the point so that later it will provide a quick understanding and speed up communication.

2. Clear

The roadmap must also have clear objectives and plans. Each step and stage in project development must be explained in detail. Thus, all parties involved will have the same understanding regarding the project’s direction.

3. Detailed

Even though it is concise, the roadmap must still be detailed enough to guide the team in implementing the project. The information submitted must include relevant technical and business details.

4. Flexible

Finally, the principle of the roadmap is that it must be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of a growing business. This flexibility will enable the team to adjust strategies and plans that align with the challenges and opportunities that arise during the project.

Difference between Roadmap and Whitepaper

In NFT marketing, we often meet these terms: roadmap and whitepaper. Not infrequently, some think that these two terms mean the same thing. In fact, roadmap and whitepaper are actually two different terms at the same time.

So, what exactly is the difference between a whitepaper and a roadmap? In the crypto world, a whitepaper is a document showing a company’s activities and product development strategy.

On the other hand, the roadmap is a systemized scenario that will implement the project in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with a fixed time limit. In short, the roadmap serves as a planning and strategic guide focusing on the steps and stages of project development to make it more practical and concise.

Meanwhile, the whitepaper serves as an in-depth explanation of the project as a whole with a focus on vision, technology, and business plan so that it is more academic and technical.

Example of Roadmap in NFT

After knowing the difference between a roadmap and a whitepaper, now is the time to find an example of a roadmap in an NFT. The examples of NFT projects with roadmaps that lead to success and acceptance in the crypto community are as follows:

1. Azuki

The first example is NFT Azuki. Called a mind map, Azuki uses a simile of phases. Here, you can click on each of the available phases to find out the details of the ongoing project status.

In Azuki, you can create an NFT roadmap with details in the form of yellow and green highlighters. The yellow highlighter indicates that the project has just opened, while the green highlighter is a sign that the project has been in progress and is being worked on.

2. NFT Worlds

Another example is NFT Worlds. Meanwhile, NFT Worlds shows points such as a to-do list which can later be checked off when done. In addition to the list, there are details on the date when the plan was successfully implemented and the date it will be completed.

How to Make an NFT Roadmap

Now that you know an example of a roadmap in an NFT, it’s time to find out how to make an NFT roadmap. This is important to attract potential investors, especially for those planning to release the latest NFT games and other NFT projects.

The following are practical steps in creating an effective roadmap for crypto projects that you need to know, including:

1. Define Vision and Mission

It is first to determine the vision and mission of the project. It serves as a basic reference for designing other aspects. Therefore, knowing more about the goals you want to achieve in the business is important.

2. Adjust to Market Conditions

Next, adjust to market conditions. It should be understood that market desires are dynamic and vary. Therefore, you must analyze market conditions so that the NFT projects can run smoothly and target the main targets according to plan.

3. Know the Problems Experienced by Consumers

The next step is to find out the problems experienced by consumers. This is important so it can be used as evaluation material in the future.

4. Collect Feedback

If you have analyzed the problems experienced by consumers, the next step is to find out solutions related to that problem immediately. It should be noted that it is important to collect Feedback from consumers to get consumer ratings for the product.


In conclusion, in crypto projects, including an NFT project, a roadmap is important for planning, directing, and achieving project objectives. This assists the team in coordinating efforts, ensuring consistency, and creating a trust for stakeholders to engage and invest in crypto projects.

Investors and users need to pay attention to the roadmap when evaluating crypto projects because the roadmap provides important information about the project’s vision, plans, and sustainability.

Observing and understanding the roadmap is an important step for investors and users to measure crypto projects’ potential success and sustainability. Roadmaps help assess the suitability of projects with the goals and expectations of investors and users, making it easier for them to make investment decisions or participate in crypto projects.

Transparency and commitment in carrying out a crypto project roadmap must be considered. Innovation in the crypto world moves fast, and a successful crypto project requires high transparency and strong commitment from the development team.

In other words, transparency and commitment are a solid foundation for success in crypto projects. An open and clear roadmap helps to create a positive environment around the project, strengthens stakeholder trust, and allows the project to thrive and grow in the competitive environment of the crypto world.

So, that was the discussion about the crypto roadmap, from its function, purpose of manufacture, principles, and examples to how to make it what you need to know.

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