Top 5 Crypto Gainers April 2021: DOGE Leads, No Bitcoin & ETH
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Top 5 Crypto Gainers April 2021: DOGE Leads, There’s No Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Top 5 Crypto Gainers April 2021: DOGE Leads, There’s No Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Here are the Top 5 crypto gainers that rose the most throughout April 2021. DOGE, even though it was not as expensive as it is now, has taken the lead. In April, Bitcoin and Ethereum were not included in the top 5 crypto gainers on the Indodax Market. Why is that?

Before we discuss what the top 5 gainers’ crypto assets are, we will first discuss why Ethereum and Bitcoin are not among the top 5 gainers.

Bitcoin did not enter because at that time it had experienced a decline. Even though at that time, Bitcoin had already touched the highest level of IDR 950 million. However, he had dropped to Rp720 million.

Ethereum also recorded its highest level, namely Rp.47 million at the end of April. Unfortunately, Ethereum’s rise just didn’t go up to 100%. Early April, Ethereum was only Rp.27 million and at the end of April it was only Rp.47 million.

However, Ethereum’s increase has almost doubled yet to be included in the Top 5 Gainers? How much does DOGE increase?

Here are the Top 5 Crypto Gainers for April 2021:

1. DOGE, Up 594%

The increase in DOGE was recorded at 594 percent. Of course, this is among the most fantastic increases on a monthly basis. DOGE was only Rp. 900 in early April and increased by Rp. 4559 on April 30, 2021.

Unfortunately, DOGE still doesn’t have fundamentals that are not as good as its price. Because the increase in DOGE only happened because of DOGE being popular on social media, especially because of Elon Musk.

Despite its popularity, DOGE is a means of payment on many platforms in the United States.

2. Matic Network Up 248%

Matic became the second top gainers. The increase was 248%. Early April, only IDR 5134. Meanwhile, by the end of April, it had reached almost Rp1,400 and it became an all time high.

Then, what is MATIC?

Matic Network strives to provide an off / on side chain solution to scalability problems without sacrificing decentralization. Matic Network adapts Plasma technology with Ethereum to become the first Matic platform to implement its scalability integration.

3. Ethereum Classic Up 247%

This crypto asset is different from its parent, Ethereum. The increase was 247, unlike Ethereum which did not reach 100%.

Ethereum classic in early April 2021 is only Rp.141,494 with an increase until the end of April 2021 reaching Rp.731,000.

Ethereum Classic is a crypto that supports smart contracts and decentralized applications (dapps). This stems from a disputed hard fork of the ethereum blockchain that took place in 2016. Following that year’s creation of a decentralized autonomous organization, dubbed The DAO, on top of the Ethereum blockchain, hackers managed to exploit the vulnerability and steal an estimated $ 60 million ether.

4. XRP Up 244%

Ripple or XRP is up 244%. The increase has been seen, after his trial with the SEC and re-listing on Coinbase.

Early April, XRP was only IDR 8,176 and the price at the end of April was IDR 24,142.

XRP is a popular crypto asset with a market cap at number 5 of all thousands of cryptos in the world. This crypto collaborates a lot with payment institutions.

Because indeed its utility as a means of payment with the advantage of fast and cheapest transactions.

5. XinFin Network Up 234%

Finally, Xinfin Network (XDC) rose 234%. The increase was 234%. Early April 2021, XDC will increase from IDR 643 in early April and increase to IDR 1400 at the end of April.

XinFin is a Blockchain Technology Company based in Singapore that focuses on improving Business Process Efficiency and has used Blockchain solutions for international trade and finance.

So, those were the Top 5 crypto gainers on Indodax. How much is your profit?

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