Get to Know Forsage and How to Avoid It
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Get to Know Forsage and How to Avoid It

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Get to Know Forsage and How to Avoid It


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You guys still don’t know what Forsage is. Or do you already know and still want to learn more?

Forsage is an Ethereum network project built using a smart contract system to generate crypto assets. Let’s see the full review here!

What is Forsage?

What is Forsage

Forsage is a program or project that claims to be multiple marketing systems built using blockchain technology.

However, unfortunately, many people still need to learn that the system used is somewhat controversial and has the characteristics of a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme.

You need to know that a Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment scheme that promises small risks for investors.

This project is known to be built using a smart contract system on the Ethereum network to obtain crypto.

In this project, the users are promised to get benefits. The trick is simply using this system. Users will earn passive income or passive income.

For information, an investment that uses a Ponzi scheme is the circulation of money between members only.

The scheme, run by recruiting people, will only rely on a steady stream of new investments to continue to return funds to previous investors.

A History of Forsage

Created by a Russian man named Lado Othok Icof, Forsage is claimed to have helped many people to profit from crypto.

However, this service did make no sense from its inception. The reason is, Forsage has absolutely no person in charge and admin staff and founders on its website.

Of course, this can indicate that their actions are a fraud, including on the Forsage Indonesia service, which has many users.

How Forsage Works

This forsage takes the workings of a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme. In this case, the top/old recruits in this scheme will benefit more.

On the other hand, other users at the bottom are required to deposit a certain amount of funds for the top level/recruitment.

Therefore, in Forsage, to make a profit, users must invite people to use a specific Forsage address.

Advantages That Forsage Offers

At least there are three advantages offered by forsage in marketing. Here is a description.

1. Security

The security referred to here is an entirely decentralized, transparent system, and deposits go directly to the user’s digital wallet.

Blockchain technology always offers the same thing on each of its platforms.

Even though there won’t be a scam, there will be losses for the user.

In this system, predecessors or old recruits will earn money from recruits, and this will continue until, at one point, when there are no more recruits, the user will experience a loss.

2. Long term

Even if it offers an extended timeframe, it will only be useful if there is a promised profit.

Therefore, even if the code stored on the Ethereum network spreads and doesn’t die, it still won’t benefit users.

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3. Minimal initial capital

Minimal initial capital will usually be the inducement of this type of fraud.

There are also Ponzi-schemed businesses that promise no initial capital, aka free.

However, if you look closely, for the beginner level, at least users need to deposit more than IDR 300,000.

The funds will later be used for the first level costs, amounting to IDR 85,000 for matrix X3, IDR 85,000 for matrix X4, and transfer fees.

Users can deposit up to millions and hundreds of millions for the next level.

Forsage Case Example

Forsage Case Example

Initially, Forsage users will deposit funds using an Ethereum wallet.

Then, the user will be asked to buy his position with an X3 or X4 matrix, with a minimum payout of 0.025 ETH.

The Forsage X3 places as many as three other people under that user.

This position will then be filled again by new users who will deposit some funds.

Later, the payment will go to the user above their scheme.

Then, the user in his position will look for other users to take part in placing the position.

In truth, these recruits would only benefit users above their level.


In conclusion, Forsage is a project that uses blockchain technology and claims to be multiple marketing systems.

This one system is suspected of using a Ponzi scheme. Built with smart contracts on the Ethereum network to acquire crypto assets, this project promises to benefit its users with minimal risk.

In marketing, Forsage puts forward three advantages: safety, long-term, and minimal initial capital.

There is a lot of controversy about the legality and safety of a business model like Forsage, the huge amount of risk associated with investing, and the possible loss of assets.

Therefore, before investing, it is advisable to research, fully understand the business model, consider the potential risks, and make an informed decision.

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