Keyloggers and Security Threats to Crypto and Digital Assets
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Keyloggers and Security Threats to Crypto and Digital Assets

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Keyloggers and Security Threats to Crypto and Digital Assets


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Keylogger is an action commonly performed by hackers (hackers) that can threaten the security of anyone’s data.

This type of data theft has harmed many companies and novice device users.

So, what is a keylogger, and how to avoid it? Check out the following reviews!

What are Keyloggers?

What are Keyloggers

It understands keylogger, a method of secretly hacking by recording computer keyboard activity.

Keylogger attacks take the form of malicious software or spyware or are usually attached to emails.

If spyware is installed on a computer, hackers can record every keystroke on the keyboard of that computing device.

This type of hacking is a dangerous hacking activity that everyone should be aware of.

This is because various data successfully collected from keyboard recordings will allow hackers to obtain important information and sensitive data.

For example, social media accounts, Bitcoin, e-banking, and others. However, the keylogger has also been applied legally with a positive purpose.

Usually, companies in the field of website and application development use a keylogger to monitor each employee’s computer device.

In addition, several parents take advantage of this software function to monitor their child’s internet usage.

Keyloggers have a positive side that depends on their purpose and how they are used.

However, different situations may occur if hackers use this technology to commit crimes and for their interests.

From information theft, login credentials, and access to important company data to hacking chat content.

Not only that but the data obtained can also be traded to launch other, bigger attacks.

Crypto and Digital Asset Security Threats

The threat to the security of crypto and digital assets is vulnerable to overshadowing anyone, both investors and traders, who invest in this one investment instrument.

This can happen because crypto assets have a close relationship with technology and digital, especially the internet.

Therefore, users must be aware of the dangers and risks of cybercrime that lurk them, including keyloggers.

As is known until now, there are still many methods used by criminals in the digital (cyber) world to steal crypto assets belonging to internet users.

Apart from that, there are also criminal acts by irresponsible individuals who use cryptocurrencies to drain money from their victims.

Please note crypto assets can also be accessed using the internet network. In contrast, on the internet, there are many loopholes for scammers to find their prey, especially in an era when crypto asset prices are bright.

How Keyloggers Work

How Keyloggers Work

As mentioned above, there are also types of keyloggers that are not illegal.

Even so, you still have to be careful about using a keylogger that can potentially threaten various data on your device.

Therefore, you need to know how keylogging works, which hackers usually do. The following are the points of explanation:

  • The keylogger can be installed when a user clicks on a link or opens a file from a phishing email.
  • The software can also be installed via web page scripts. The action was carried out by exploiting a vulnerable browser. Then, the software will be launched when the user enters the website.
  • After the user clicks on the link or file, his device will automatically install the alias spyware without his knowledge.
  • Furthermore, spyware will monitor and record all typing on the user’s keyboard, ranging from passwords and access to protected systems to savings information.
  • Finally, from a distance, spyware will also summarize the results of observations of hackers monitoring the victim’s device.

How to Prevent Keyloggers

This cyber attack is a data theft technique that is difficult to detect by the security system on the device.

Therefore, you need another alternative to protect your device from this software.

The following are various ways to protect data from keylogger attacks that you need to know:

  • First, you should use a one-time password (OTP) or two-factor authentication.
  • Furthermore, you can install a system that has proactive protection. This system is also specifically designed to detect the keylogger software.
  • You can also use a virtual keyboard to avoid this cyber attack.
  • Avoiding suspicious links or websites is best because keylogging attacks usually start from phishing.
  • Finally, you should also avoid conversations with strangers, both online and in person.

Tips and Tricks to Increase the Security of Crypto Assets and Digital Assets

To increase the security of crypto assets and digital assets, there are some tips and tricks that you can try to apply. Here is the review.

1. Not storing crypto assets in one digital wallet

First of all, you should avoid the practice or habit of storing crypto assets in only one digital wallet.

By dividing your assets into more than one digital wallet, your assets are relatively safer if, one day, one of your digital wallets has technical or non-technical problems.

This first tip can also be an effort to prevent the theft of your assets in large quantities.

Therefore, you should use two or more digital wallets to reduce the risk of theft and other criminal acts.

2. Using a cold wallet

It is highly recommended that you use a cold wallet if you have many crypto assets.

The cold wallet is a digital asset wallet that can carry out its activities without internet access.

That way, you can reduce the risk of theft of your data or digital crypto assets.

It’s important to note you can split your assets in half and store them in a hot wallet and a cold wallet.

This step will reduce the risk of cyber-attacks or data theft by irresponsible persons.

You can still use the funds stored in the hot wallet later for trading on the crypto exchange.

3. Consult an expert

The next tip is that you should start consulting experts. In this case, you can learn from experienced traders or by joining crypto asset groups/communities and trading.

In this community, you will get a lot of the latest information regarding crypto assets and the world of trading and experiences that can add to your knowledge.

4. Ensure the security of the network used

There are many gaps in the internet network that irresponsible persons can exploit to infiltrate your device.

Especially for example, when you access the internet via Wi-Fi in a public space with better security.

Therefore, you should refrain from using networks in public facilities when transacting crypto assets.

Using a cellular network or private Wi-Fi when investing or transacting your digital assets would be better.

5. Ensure device security

Apart from the internet network, the security of your device, both laptop, and smartphone, is also mandatory to ensure its security.

In this case, you must have an anti-virus that can ward off malware, spyware, and other dangerous hackers.

6. Know the regulation of crypto assets

Not only are buying and selling (trading) and storage, but it is also important for you to know the regulations and regulations that apply to crypto assets.

The goal is to anticipate if, at any time, your crypto assets suddenly disappear due to the actions of irresponsible parties.

7. Make sure to choose an official and regulated exchange platform

The last tip is to choose an official crypto exchange platform regulated by the authorities/government.

This is because this regulated platform will certainly operate in line with government regulations and has credibility that is beyond doubt.


In conclusion, a keylogger is a hacking method carried out by secretly recording computer keyboard activity.

This type of hacking aims to steal important user information or data, such as social media accounts, Bitcoin, e-banking, etc.

Related to this, there are several ways you can prevent keylogging, including using a one-time password (OTP) or two-factor authentication, installing a system with proactive protection, and using a virtual keyboard.

Besides that, you can also avoid suspicious links/websites and start avoiding conversations with strangers, both online and in person.

It’s important to underline again even though not all keyloggers are illegal, you still have to be aware of them, OK?

Apart from keyloggers, you must be aware of various things that can steal your personal data, such as phishing.

So, for complete information about phishing, you can read it at INDODAX Academy.

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