This is the Prediction of Crypto Assets in 2023!
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This is the Prediction of Crypto Assets in 2023!

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It almost doesn’t feel like it. 2022 is only a few days away. What have you prepared for the new year? Then, how about the development of crypto assets in 2023? Come on, let’s discuss the predictions!

Welcoming 2023, three things can support the development of crypto assets in Indonesia and throughout the world.

1. Google cloud payments with crypto assets

For some selected customers, payment for Google Cloud services will be able to use crypto assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The plan will come into effect early next year. This is due to the agreement that google has with coinbase.

Amit Zavery, a vice president, general manager, and head of the Google Cloud Platform, said that only a select group of clients could make payments with crypto assets, which are already active on web3 through the integration of coinbase commerce. Later, this service will also be offered to more customers.

Google Cloud has been actively advancing its presence in the web3 world since launching its blog post on the twenty-seventh of January, which contains the launch of its entire internal team dedicated to digital assets.

2. New feature meta

Incorporation meta platform reveals its roadmap to release four new VR headsets two years from now. This Meta VR project is called the Cambria and Funston project. These two headset projects are intended for work use and productivity.

Two other is the Quest headset for playing games. According to the information, these new VR or AR headsets will include even more advanced tech specs and ensure everyone can entertain and work in the Metaverse.

Unfortunately, only a few details about the Quest headset for playing this game have been revealed. They only mention that the Cardiff and Stinson projects will be released in 2023 and 2024.

3. One year until bitcoin halving day

Bitcoin halvings will occur after every 210,000 blocks mined, or roughly every four years. The block reward given to Bitcoin miners for processing transactions will be halved.

This is Bitcoin’s way of enforcing synthetic price inflation until all Bitcoins are released.

Then, what effect does it have on Bitcoin?

These halving events affect the market value of Bitcoin. As more coins are released into the network, their demand will increase. Bitcoin’s value will also increase.

Well, what do you think? Will crypto assets in 2023 develop with these things? Also, watch other Indodax Academy videos to find out additional exciting information! Happy new year!

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