What is a Crypto Faucet and How to Use It
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What is a Crypto Faucet and How to Use It

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Apa Itu Faucet Crypto dan Bagaimana Cara Menggunakannya?

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Crypto faucets are one of the most popular ways for crypto enthusiasts to increase the number of assets they have.

To note, another way to increase the number of crypto assets can be by buying, trading, or also by staking. These methods are also legal and do not harm any party.

On the other hand, this crypto faucet is actually in the form of an application/site that distributes small amounts of crypto in exchange for services rendered by someone.

This rewarding initially occurred when the early days of crypto were still relatively new. At that time, there were a number of parties who distributed crypto assets for free so that more people would want to learn about this digital asset and participate in investing.

However, over time, there are also challenges in this crypto faucet, for example fraudulent actions that support crypto faucets. So, how to avoid it? You will find the answer in the review below.

What is Crypto Faucets?

In terms, “faucet” itself means “faucet”. Thus, the faucet can also be interpreted as a “drip”. Therefore, this technique of acquiring crypto assets is known to have small rewards, like drops of water on a faucet.

The rewards that crypto faucets come from completing simple tasks, which are then rewarded with small rewards. Generally, those tasks include watching product ads etc, completing captchas, clicking links, and so on. When the task is complete, you will get a small amount of cryptocurrency transferred to your digital wallet.

As mentioned earlier, the faucet mechanism itself relies on completing simple tasks given by the website/application. The first step here is that the user will be asked to register himself at a trusted cryptocurrency faucet.

At that stage, the user must fill in his/her identity and crypto wallet address. Then, if the account is already active, the user can choose the task they want to complete. When the tasks on the website are successfully completed, the rewards will automatically go to the user’s online micro wallet.

Then, when the accumulated amount exceeds the limit, the rewards can be sent directly to the user’s crypto wallet. The existence of an online micro wallet that is included in a cryptocurrency faucet account serves as a platform for collecting crypto asset rewards before being transferred to the user’s main crypto wallet—with the aim of saving transaction fees.

Things to Look for before Choosing a Crypto Faucet

Initially, cryptocurrency faucets were released to distribute Bitcoin globally. In fact, in its history, the Bitcoin faucet created by Gavin Andresen has distributed 5 whole Bitcoin coins to the users of this faucet.

However, of course this technology cannot be separated from the shadow of crime or criminal action. For example, various forms of fraud that camouflage into cryptocurrency faucets, when in fact they are not. Therefore, before looking for and choosing a cryptocurrency faucet, there are some important things to consider.

The first relates to the smallest number of Bitcoin units—or known as Satoshis—that you can earn for performing a task. Second, related to the length of time it takes the user to get coins after the task is completed later.

Third, relates to the lowest amount of crypto assets that can be withdrawn from the wallet to the user’s wallet. Fourth, also consider the issue of payments, whether in person or via a micropayment wallet.

Before choosing a faucet, you as a user are advised to be careful, especially when asked to click on a link. The reason is, there are always irresponsible parties who will take advantage of this faucet activity to get you stuck with malware and viruses through the links they create.

Faucet List that is Safe and Avoids Fraud

The list of trusted, safe, and fraud-free bitcoin faucet applications is as follows.

  • Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin Aliens has distributed around 1,090 Bitcoin coins for free since this faucet app was launched in 2014. Through this site, users can get crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin, by playing games on their mobile devices.

It could mean that users will play games in exchange for Bitcoins in Bitcoin Aliens. The steps to get started are also easy, you only need to download the Bitcoin Aliens application to your cellphone, register, then play.

In this app, each game has its own unique Bitcoin payout. In short, the more games you play, the more bitcoins you can get in your wallet.

  • FreeBitco.in

The FreeBitco.in app is unique because, here, users will earn free Bitcoins every hour just by using this app.

The procedure is also easy, which is enough to play the games suggested by the application. The pattern is the same as Bitcoin Aliens: the more you play, the more cryptocurrency assets you will get.

In addition, if the user recommends this application to his friends, he will get a Bitcoin Satoshi reward.

  • FreeBitcoin.io

In this application, which was released in 2018, Bitcoin can only be withdrawn if the user reaches 1 Bitcoin. Later, the reward will be sent directly to the user’s bitcoin e-wallet.

  • Bitcoin Bonus

Rewards aka prizes worth 5,000 Satoshi per 15 minutes await users who register in this application. In addition, in this BonusBitcoin, Bitcoin faucet bonuses can be harvested daily for 5% of the user’s balance. This is done by playing games on cryptocurrency faucet apps.

  • Blockchain Poker

Blockchain Poker will be very familiar to fans of Texas Hold’em cash games. Because, this will be the most appropriate way to get cryptocurrency quickly for Texas Hold’em fans.

That’s because users don’t need to register to play this game. New players to Blockchain Poker will instantly get a free Satoshi so anyone can join in and play—even those who don’t have Bitcoins can play them.

Even so, if the user does not have at least 50 Satoshi then the game will be limited. However, participants can top up their balance up to a maximum of 100 Satoshi every three minutes.

  • MoreMoney.io

Designed in 2019, MoreMoney.io is known to have distributed around 7 Bitcoins to its users.

Here, users can earn up to U$500 in Bitcoin every 60 minutes by claiming the faucet.

In addition, users will earn 25% of the revenue generated by the recommendations given to attract new users to the site.

  • Bit Fun

The next cryptocurrency faucet app is FitFun. Here, users will earn Bitcoins just by playing games. Interestingly, users can earn Bitcoin assets in Satoshi units by simply watching ads or rolling the dice.

  • SatoshiLabs

This simple and attractive SatoshiLabs game is a great choice for Bitcoin cryptocurrency seekers. Here, users can reach the top lab manager level and earn real passive income from their labs.

Not only that, users can withdraw money from the cryptocurrency faucet directly to FaucetHub or to a registered Bitcoin address.

Beyond that list, it’s important to remember that there are many crypto faucets available and they don’t just cover Bitcoin. Also, don’t get hung up on just one cryptocurrency faucet if you want to get more bitcoins. Good luck!

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