Gala Games : A Unique Blend of Gaming & Blockchain
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Gala Games : A Unique Blend of Gaming & Blockchain

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Gala Games : A Unique Blend of Gaming & Blockchain

Gala Games versi EN

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NFT games, or NFT-based play-to-earn games, are currently gaining popularity. Apart from Axie Infinity and Decentraland, there is also a similar game that is attracting attention, namely Gala Games.

Basically, Gala Games is a platform and ecosystem focused on blockchain gaming. Founded by Eric Schiermeyer in 2020, Gala Games aims to connect players and game developers in an ecosystem powered by blockchain technology.

So, to better understand what Gala Games is, how it works, the list of ecosystems, its uniqueness, and how to register, see the following review.

What Is Gala Games?

Apa Itu Gala Games?

Gala Games crypto is a blockchain game platform that integrates non-fungible token (NFT) technology. The platform is instrumental in creating a blockchain gaming ecosystem that allows players to trade and own gaming assets worldwide at any time.

This Gala Games was initiated by Eric Schiermeyer on July 21, 2019. The founder of this platform aims to take the gaming industry down a completely new path by giving control back to the players in the gaming world.

In an official statement from the Gala Games website, the main goal is to create “blockchain games that you actually want to play.” Gala Games, in essence, aims to change society’s view of players by giving players authority over the game and in-game assets while reviving the concept of creative thinking in the world of gaming by leveraging blockchain technology.

How Do Gala Games Work?

Gala Games crypto is similar to platforms like Steam and Epic Games, where users can choose from a variety of available games.

However, the difference lies in the fact that every game on Gala Games is free to play and accessed via a decentralized application (DApp).

The Gala Games ecosystem is built on the Ethereum network, with GALA tokens using the ERC-20 format. However, the high density of the Ethereum network has resulted in high gas fees.

Starting in early 2021, Gala Games has collaborated with several other blockchains to overcome expensive transaction fees on Ethereum.

Currently, GALA tokens can be used on both the Polygon and BNB Chain networks, allowing all users to enjoy more affordable transaction fees and faster processing using both blockchains.

Through a post on its official blog, Gala Games has announced the launch of “Project Gyri” or Gala Chain, an independent blockchain that will be built by Gala crypto.

List of Ecosystems in Gala Games

After knowing the definition and how it works, now is the time to get to know what the ecosystem in Gala Games is. Getting to know the list of ecosystems in Gala Games will basically be very beneficial for players and industry players.

The following is the ecosystem in Gala Games, namely:

Spider Tank

Spider Tank is the second game released by Gala Games and can now be played. Unlike Town Stars, this game was developed by Gamedia, a game studio with decades of experience based in the Netherlands.

In Spider Tank, players have the ability to create their own tank and compete against other players in a battle arena (also known as PvP or Player vs. Player mode). You can download Spider Tank directly from the Gala Games website and start playing right away.

However, it should be noted that your access to playing Spider Tank will be very limited if you do not buy a special NFT for Spider Tank. This is where crypto and blockchain technology starts to play a role.

In the Gala Games marketplace, there are hundreds of Spider Tank NFTs available that you can buy. These NFTs typically include parts from tanks, weapons, and other elements.

By purchasing NFT Spider Tank, you will also get an advantage in increasing the strength of your tank. Additionally, having NFTs in the game gives you access to the P2E Spider Tank scheme that is being developed.

The P2E Spider Tank mechanism will officially start in Q4 2022. Gala Games recently published a litepaper about the P2E Spider Tank scheme, which uses SILK tokens as the in-game cryptocurrency.

Town Star

Town Star is the first game introduced in the Gala Games ecosystem. This game was created directly by the Gala Games development team and is currently in the beta phase. Not only that, Town Star also won the “The Best Blockchain Game” award at the 2022 AIBC Award.

In Town Star, you will play the role of a small town manager whose job is to produce and produce various goods, then sell them to earn income and develop your town.

You can produce various types of goods, including milk, oil and other agricultural products such as eggs. The main goal in Town Star is to continuously increase the production of goods and develop your city.

What’s interesting is that you can play Town Star without spending any money at all; You only need to create an account on the Gala Games site. In late September 2021, Town Star introduced the “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) concept through TOWN tokens and various other NFT items.

Players can compete on leaderboards to earn “town points” which will determine the number of TOWN tokens they earn.

Additionally, players also have the option to purchase various NFTs that serve as in-game items and can help them in the process of producing goods.

However, on July 17, 2022, the TOWN token reward scheme was temporarily suspended as Gala Games is evaluating the economic aspects of P2E Town Stars. Gala Games is also increasing the number of development teams working on Town Star as a serious effort in developing this game.

NFT Marketplaces

Gala Games provides an exclusive NFT marketplace for its gaming ecosystem. There, you can buy various types of NFTs using crypto assets such as ETH, BAT, and also GALA.

Gala Games also provides a special digital wallet designed to store NFTs and Gala-related assets. You can keep these NFT collections as investments or use them directly in games in the Gala ecosystem.

However, since July 31, Gala Games has announced that all of its NFT collections can now be purchased directly on OpenSea. Users only need to transfer their account from Gala wallet to MetaMask to make purchases on the OpenSea platform.

What Makes Gala Games Unique?

Apa yang Membuat Gala Games Unik?

After knowing the ecosystem, now is the time to find out what makes Gala Games unique. In fact, knowing what makes Gala Games unique will provide significant benefits, both for players, investors, and industry players in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

These are the factors that make Gala Games a unique entity in the world of video games and blockchain, including:

  • Variety of Games in the Ecosystem: The Gala Games ecosystem presents various types of games targeting various groups of players. This approach to diversifying the game has the potential to attract a variety of players with different preferences.
  • Investment in Platform: Investing in the GALA token means you participate in the development of gaming and NFT platforms. Gala Games also has plans to expand its platform by adding features such as music, movies, and a wider variety of NFT collections.
  • Focus on Quality: One of the main principles of Gala Games is to give priority to the quality of the game before considering financial aspects such as P2E and NFT. Gala Games also has partnerships with various development teams.

How do I register for the Gala Games?

Knowing how to register for Gala Games is certainly important for those of you who are interested in getting involved in this blockchain game ecosystem.

By following the steps below, you will have a Gala Games account that will allow you to explore the gaming ecosystem and participate in various activities offered by the platform. Here’s the complete guide.

  • Visit the official Gala Games website at
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, find and click the “Register” button
  • Fill in the required information, starting with name, email, to password
  • After filling in all the required data, click the “Create Account” button
  • Now you are ready to play games at Gala Games!

Come on, invest in crypto in Gala Tokens!

So, now you understand what Gala Games is, how it works, list of ecosystems, uniqueness, and how to register. Next, after you understand and understand Gala Games, now is the time to start investing in crypto in Gala tokens on INDODAX.

You can buy this crypto asset for your investment, but it’s a good idea for you to first check today’s Gala to IDR price on the INDODAX Market.

To invest in INDODAX, first you need to download the Indodax application first then register and log in to your Indodax account.

Next, you can start by verifying your account before you can deposit funds and start trading crypto on INDODAX.

After successfully passing the account verification process, the next step is to transfer funds to your INDODAX account and choose the type of crypto you want to trade.

Later, after choosing the crypto to trade, you are ready to start trading. You can determine the buy or sell price according to your preferences or use the current market price.

Very easy, right? Let’s start investing in crypto at INDODAX right now!

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