7 NFT Virtual Games Predicted to Be Popular in 2022
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7 NFT Virtual Games Predicted to Be Popular in 2022

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7 NFT Virtual Games Predicted to Be Popular in 2022

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Virtual games or that generally use software are closely related to Virtual Reality (VR) technology. This technological tool has also made this type of game gain hype or its current success.

Moreover, Adidas Originals—a sports equipment company from Germany—is also known to have joined the virtual game The Sandbox since mid-February 2022, which certainly adds to the hype of this type of game.

In this collaboration, Adidas began marketing NFT which can be used exclusively in the blockchain-based video game. In fact, Adidas has reportedly annexed a virtual plot of land in the game The Sandbox. The land is being worked on to be filled with exclusive content and experiences.

With the presence of the famous Adidas brand, this type of game is now increasingly crowded. However, what exactly is a virtual game? To find out more about it, see the review below.

What is Virtual Games?

This type of game has indeed gained fame in recent times. The reason is, they managed to make the players of this game seem to enter the world of the game.

As explained earlier, this type of game is closely related to Virtual Reality (VR). That means, this type of game is a game that brings real-world experiences into a game with the help of Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

The latest developments of this very popular type of game have also touched the realm of crypto assets. In this case, players will find elements of crypto currency in the games they play.

In recent years, crypto assets have also experienced rapid development. It is not surprising then that the game world has begun to adopt NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens into the game.

Currently, the NFT-based virtual game has allowed players to collect and trade assets in the game, such as characters, weapons, vehicles, and so on. With these advancements, players can not only have fun, but can also earn additional income.

On the other hand, there are several types of this game that have adopted NFT, such as Rainmaker, RaceFi, Battle of Guardian, Polygonum, Sand Box 3D, Gods Unchained, and MetaWars. These seven games are also predicted to be popular this year.

Curious about the game above? Come on, see the description below.

7 NFT Virtual Games That Will Be Popular in 2022

  • Rainmaker: the best play to earn NFT gaming platform

Rainmaker is a popular blockchain based game with a play to earn concept. In addition, Rainmaker is also known as one of the world’s first cryptocurrency and stock fantasy gaming platforms.

In the year 2021 ago, this game became a very important game. After all, there’s a lot to be said for Rainmaker’s impressive progress and growing player base.

In this game, you can win cash prizes by participating in contests that use real-time cryptocurrency and stock market events to evaluate your decision-making abilities. You will get the prize if you are good at managing your portfolio.

Rainmaker itself uses the principles of a skill-based online fantasy game based on real-time events, analysis, and fluctuations in real-time cryptocurrency and stock markets in return for its users.

Best of all, you can of course trade Rainmaker tokens on one of the most popular NFT Ethereum exchanges. As for each of them will have a different price, depending on the characteristics and rarity.

  • RaceFi: an innovative new metaverse in the SOL ecosystem

To note, RaceFi is the first Solana ecosystem company to use artificial intelligence and machine learning. If you want to make money in the RaceFi metaverse, you can participate in various ranked game modes or by owning in-game properties.

This impressive application of NFT technology also has a sizeable fan base. RaceFi also uses two Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, namely AXS and SLP. Although only available on Android, this game is one of the unique games that uses NFT.

  • Battle of Guardian: the best NFT fighting game on the Solana blockchain

Battle of Guardians (BOG), an NFT multiplayer fighting game, is known to be developed using the Solana Network. Here, epic multi-field battles will take place in the vast game world.

BOG is a one-on-one game, with players competing for prizes by beating their opponents. More than just fighting, BOG, which is also an NFT-based game, allows players to buy and rent NFT.

In fact, in certain markets, players can also trade and exchange NFT characters and other game items. Therefore, this platform is considered to have a promising future and the potential to completely change the NFT gaming industry.

  • Polygonum: the first cross-platform DeFi game, crypto + NFT

This free-to-play cross-platform DeFi game includes Crypto, NFT and Open Gaming World components. Every factor in this game has been carefully considered in order to provide the best experience for players.

In Open World, you can earn money by engaging in activities in the game, such as trading and fighting. Now, Polygonum occupies the middle position, both with and without cryptography.

As for this virtual crypto-shooter game, which is unique due to its user-friendly interface, precise mechanics, and dynamic community, it is now also predicted to be popular in 2022.

  • Sand Box 3D: decentralized game on Ethereum blockchain

Currently, the popularity of The Sandbox cannot be doubted. Plus, this one game has a SAND cryptocurrency with a value that continues to skyrocket.

The Sandbox itself is a decentralized game that was launched in 2011 by Pixowl. This game operates on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

The Sandbox also creates a decentralized platform for the gaming community. The trick is to combine elements of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and NFT.

In this game which is a metaverse, you can create, build, buy and sell crypto assets in the form of games that are registered as NFT. Well, as a player, you too can create NFT digital assets, upload them to the marketplace, and drag and drop them to create your own gaming experience with The Sandbox Game Maker.

  • Gods Unchained: profit-making NFT card game

This is a game developed by the developer Immutable, led by Chris Clay, which is also built by talented engineers who have worked in the world’s largest technology companies, such as Google and Riot Games.

Then, Immutable also created a game where players can have completely the items they buy in the game. With this full ownership, players will not feel like they are losing their money when they top up.

The items purchased in this game can later be resold at high prices to other players. Gods Unchained itself is a card game genre, which combines RPG elements. Each card with a fantasy-themed character has an effect and power.

Now, alternately, players must design strategies so that the cards can beat the opponent’s cards. This card is also not just digital data, but also as an asset that has a certificate and can be verified for its authenticity. Therefore, the cards in this game can be traded at various prices, depending on the level of card rarity.

  • MetaWars: NFT-based multiplayer role-playing strategy game

MetaWars is a strategy/multiplayer game with a vast universe powered by a thriving digital economy. This game is built on blockchain technology.

Here, you can choose your own path using a large collection of NFTs and influence every major event across the galaxy. The setting in this game is outer space. Futuristic science technology will also accompany the adventures of the players.

Players in this game can do a number of activities with other players or alone. There are three main aspects to MetaWars, namely exploration with other users, combat and completing challenges, and designing fleet formations with robots and ships that can be collected as NFT. This virtual game also has its own coin, namely WARS.

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