All About NFT Generator, Easy Way To Create Your Own NFT
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All About NFT Generator, Easy Way To Create Your Own NFT

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All About NFT Generator, Easy Way To Create Your Own NFT

Penjelasan Apa Itu Foto NFT? Dan Tips Agar Cepat Laku

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NFT generator, what is that?

As the name implies, the NFT generator is directly related to the NFT or Non-Fungible Token (NFT)—a cryptocurrency token that is popular lately.

Basically, the NFT generator will help you to sell NFT in the marketplace later. The trick is to make NFT art, which is also closely related to artistic works. This type of work is collectible, making it a favorite for NFT collectors.

However, designing a work of art, especially a picture, is not an easy thing, especially if it has its own artistic value. Moreover, if you don’t have a foundation or track record as an artist, be it an illustrator, designer, or painter.

However, you don’t have to worry. With an NFT generator, you can now produce NFT images that have artistic value. Here is the review for you.

NFT Generator—NFT at a glance: Functions and How it Works

NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a cryptocurrency asset that can be used as an investment tool. This digital asset can be used as proof of ownership of goods. To buy NFT, you can use crypto currency.

Apart from the NFT art mentioned above, other NFTs can also be in the form of video clips, games, music, and other things that are considered to have their own uniqueness. The history of NFT at least began in 2017. It happened when “Crypto Kitties”—an NFT-based game—was released to the public.

This NFT investment transaction also often uses ether (ETH), which is a coin from Ethereum. Meanwhile, the function of NFT itself, as mentioned earlier, is as an investment tool. In addition, NFT can also function as a place to monetize works, especially those produced by artists.

Regarding how NFT works, this digital asset is closely related to blockchain technology—because it is a part of it. Blockchain itself is a digital data storage system that makes it possible for users to secretly transfer data to each other through the encryption framework in cryptography.

The encryption scheme can convert information data into a secret code that will be sent later. Thus, the data will not be tracked and owned by other users, who do not own the data.

One form of data in the blockchain system that is now growing is NFT digital certificates. Usually, the certificate is affixed to an image, photo, video, or other digital artwork. In summary, NFT can also be regarded as a physical copyright certificate that can guarantee the authenticity of a work.

NFT Generator and How to Create a Unique NFT to Attract Investors

A unique NFT will certainly attract investors to buy it. This uniqueness, for example, is presented by a young man named Ghozali who became a millionaire and gained fame after selling his selfies on the NFT marketplace called OpenSea.

To create a unique NFT, you can take advantage of technology that is increasingly and continuously developing. Without the need for special skills in the  art field, nowadays anyone can create NFT art instead of their own digital art.

In this case, you can use the NFT Generator to create a unique NFT asset and thereby attract investors to buy the work.

Before entering the list of NFT generators that can help you to produce NFT art that potential investors are looking for, let’s get to know what a generator is first. The review is below.

NFT Generator Art Is…

NFT generator art is basically a tool or device that can help you to generate or create unique NFT works instantly and easily.

However, it’s important for you to know that this tool is different from special illustration or photo editing applications such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Because this generator application will let you produce illustration work from scratch.

This tool will provide templates / filters / artificial intelligence (AI) to create a work instantly and automatically. Here, you only need to choose a template/filter that has been provided, then create it or combine it with other templates/filters.

Therefore, it is important to understand that you don’t actually design an NFT art from scratch, which of course requires a long process. Then, what are the NFT generator sets that you can use to create a unique NFT?

The full recommendation is in the review below.

List of NFT Generators to Create NFT Art

For those of you who are interested in creating your own NFT art, you can see the recommendations for devices/tools/applications as follows.

  1. NightCafe

The first NFT generator on this list is NightCafe. This generator is highly recommended for you because the device has adopted artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. With these two new and reliable technologies, you will be able to create works automatically and of course uniquely.

To use this generator, first, go to the NightCafe website, then click “Create” in the top right and select a creation method according to your preferences. Next, enter an image and fill in the details field. The next step, just click “Create”, the NightCafe will process your image for a few minutes.

There are many template options in this generator. When you select an image here, this generator set will process and combine it with the template/filter you selected.

Uniquely, this one device has a mode that can create images from scratch. That way, you only need to determine the image you want and then NightCafe will help you design a new work that is unique and has a sale value.

Interestingly, you can try NightCafe first for free. Even so, this free version will only give you five credits that can be used according to your preferences for your work later.

If you’re interested in using NightCafe as a generator, it’s highly recommended to subscribe. That way, you can design your work however you want and the results are guaranteed without a watermark.

  1. Fotor

On the front page of the Fotor site—when you enter it—you’ll immediately find a quote that reads “Everyone can be an NFT artist.”

It’s not an empty word. Fotor materialized the tagline by helping all people who do not have a foundation in the arts to become NFT artists, because Fotor is equipped with AI technology.

Regarding how the Fotor generator works, first of all you just need to go to the Fotor website, then click “Create NFT Now” and choose the image you want to convert into an NFT. Next, you just select a template for the new layer and click “Download” after the image processing is complete.

Like the NightCafe generator earlier, this AI will immediately process the selected image to become a new work of art. In addition, you can access this platform without paying, but for this version there will be a watermark on NFT’s work later. Therefore, it is recommended to subscribe so that you can generate photos/images without a watermark.

  1. NinjaFT

Unlike the previous two generators, this platform can only be accessed through applications available on Android/iOS. For fans of card-shaped NFT, this is a highly recommended platform. There are hundreds of card templates, for example Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh, or also NBA collection cards.

Using this application is also easy because you only need to select the photo/image that you want to convert into an NFT. Then, just choose a template according to your preferences.

This NFT generator can be operated by entering the application, then tap “Trading Cards”, tap “Create”, and just select the options and templates according to your preferences. In addition, you can also select “Gallery” to generate card templates.

Compared to other NFT art generators, NinjaFT is known to be connected directly to the blockchain network. That way, you can directly mint NFT that has been made on NinjaFT to Binance and you can sell it immediately.

Interested in trying NinjaFT? You can download it at this link (for Android users) and at this link (for iOS users).

  1. 8bit Painter

The 8bit format is a pixelated image, which will be found in many NFT marketplaces. There are two modes to choose from to generate NFT in 8bit. The first mode is Import Images and the second is called Canvas.

With Import Images, it will help you to be able to convert a regular image to a pixelated form, whereas with Canvas, you will actually create a pixelated image from scratch.

For Android users, you can download the application at this link and at this link for iOS users.

As for how to generate NFT here, you must first enter the 8bit application, then tap the “+” circle at the bottom of the screen, and select the canvas size. Then, make the image according to your taste and preference. Or, you can also import images from your phone.

  1. NFT Art Generator

Another option is the NFT Art Generator. This tool is a bit different from Fotor and NightCafe, which only processes images with templates/filters. Because this generator can process pieces of PNG or GIF images and combine them into a new NFT masterpiece.

For how to generate it, you only need to go to the NFT Art Generator site. Select the image you want according to the layer (background, layer 1, layer 2, and so on.).

However, before inserting images, sort and group photos by layer for easy processing. Then, click “Preview” to see your NFT work. In addition, you can also click “Generate Collection” to directly download the NFT you just created.

For your information, this platform is perfect for those of you who want to mint and sell large amounts of NFT.

  1. SuperMe

Although it’s not really a special NFT generator application, by using SuperMe, the work you create can be very authentic and unique.

This generator app which is actually a video game will help you to create a face avatar as you wish. You can also change your hair, face, eyes, mouth, and so on.

To download this app, you can go to this link (Android) and visit this link (iOs).

Regarding how to generate NFT here, you need to enter the SuperMe application, then register an account or email link. Next, tap on the blank avatar in the center of the screen and create your own avatar. Next, tap the “Save” icon in the lower right corner of the screen and now your NFT image has been saved on your cellphone, and is ready to be minted.

Like 8bit, this platform can be a powerful art generator. Because you can create an avatar in the style of an anime character or also an animated cartoon.

  1. GoArt

Last on this list, there is an NFT art generator based on photo editing that is easy to apply. For information, this application can be downloaded for Android and iOS users. On this platform, you can convert a photo to NFT.

The photos you choose will be beautified with special authentic filters, such as pop art, Picasso paintings, Van Gogh, and so on.

The way to generate the NFT is that you first enter the GoArt application, then select the photo you want to change. Then, choose a filter that suits your taste and save the image on your phone.

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