Unlike Stocks, Here's All Interest Points about Bitcoin
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Unlike Stocks, Here’s All Interest Points about Bitcoin

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Unlike Stocks, Here’s All Interest Points about Bitcoin

Inilah Cara Cek Transaksi Bitcoin pada Block Explorer

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For you stock traders, you need to read this article that trading Bitcoin and crypto-assets is more attractive than stocks. This is the difference between stocks and Bitcoin.

For those of you who don’t know what Bitcoin is, you can check it out here. In this article, we will compare that Bitcoin is more attractive than stocks. In fact, it is more attractive than trading with other instruments such as forex.

As we all know, the stock exchange is a market that deals with the buying and selling of a company’s securities. Usually, these companies are referred to as issuers.

Companies whose shares you can buy are those that are already listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This company became a public company or Tbk. For example, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.

The Same thing about Bitcoin and Stock

For those of you who are very unfamiliar with Bitcoin, you can listen to this point. There are actually several similarities between trading stocks and trading crypto assets like Bitcoin.

If you want to buy shares of a public company, you buy them at an exchange or brokerage.

This pattern is the same as Bitcoin which is sold on exchanges such as Indodax. Not only Bitcoin, Indodax also lists or sells 112 types of crypto assets.

The way to play is also the same as stocks. You buy Bitcoin for a certain price and then sell it when the price is going up. Fundamental analysis and technical analysis also apply when you are trading crypto assets like Bitcoin and others.

Bitcoin is Interesting More Than Bitcoin

There are several differences between Bitcoin and stocks. You can see the differences below. One of the most fundamental differences is that Bitcoin was adopted from blockchain technology. This technology is not regulated by the government.

Meanwhile, stock price movements still depend on state policies, currency, and others. Shares are only obtained by buying sheets or lots.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin and crypto assets are usually obtained from mining or mining digitally. You can also trade or exchange for fiat money such as Rupiah and Dollars.

Here are the points that Bitcoin is more attractive than stocks.

1. 24 Hours Market Activity

You can only trade stocks during business hours. Only from Monday-Friday. Stock hours are open from 09.00-17.00 WIB. If you make a transaction, either selling or buying, your order will only enter when the stock hour has opened.

Unlike Bitcoin and alternative coins (altcoins). Market activity runs for 24 hours without stopping. So, you can trade Bitcoin whenever you want. An immediate sell or buy order is approved right away, without having to wait for office hours.

So, you spend more of the time when you are trading or investing in Bitcoin and altcoins.

2. Bitcoin Market a Whole World

Stock exchange market activity only depends on the country. If you play shares in Indonesia, you can only buy tbk companies from Indonesia. The payment also uses Rupiah.

If you want to buy foreign stocks, then you must join a broker from abroad. Usually, transactions also use the currency of the country. For example, such as Wallstreet and Nasdaq which only use US dollars (USD).

Unlike Bitcoin and Altcoins. Its market activity occurs all over the world. The price movements up and down are also almost the same around the world. You can buy Altcoins from any country by transacting via Rupiah via Indodax.com.

So, you can choose from a lot of crypto assets for trading.

3. Price Fluctuation

To maintain price fluctuations and price balance, the Indonesia Stock Exchange has imposed price restrictions. This applies if the price rises too fast and too high. Vice versa.

If the stock rises past the 35% increase in one day, all orders will be rejected. This is known as ARA (auto rejection on). Conversely, if the stock drops past 25% in one day, all orders will also be rejected. This is called an ARB (down auto rejection).

Unlike Bitcoin and crypto assets. An increase in crypto assets can occur hundreds of percent in one day. Although the decline can also be very deep. A market that is active 24 hours a day and occurs around the world is the reason why the price of Bitcoin and other crypto assets rises and falls so sharply.

However, you can certainly use this unlimited increase for maximum profit when trading.

4. Bitcoin is Currencies

Shares are purchased with a minimum of one hundred shares in one lot. You can only save the share sheet, then you can sell it again.

Meanwhile Bitcoin and altcoins can be used for payments. You just need to link the wallet address or wallet of an exchanges and exchange it. For example, suppose you want to exchange money overseas.

Abroad, crypto assets have actually been used to pay for an internet platform. In fact, there are also many offline merchants who are willing to exchange Bitcoin and altcoins.

5. Bitcoin and Altcoin Can Trade on Different Platform

Stocks can only be played on one exchange. Cannot be exchanged or transferred to another exchange.

Bitcoin and altcoins can be exchanged with the same type between exchanges. For example, if you have Bitcoin, you can send it to another exchange. What is the goal?

The goal is that you can trade using the arbitrage method. This means that you can trade by looking for the difference in the selling price of each crypto asset. Although in fact, the difference between Bitcoin and altcoin prices between platforms is not that large.

6. The Innovation Always Developing

No one can argue that blockchain technology is increasingly needed and growing. This reason is also why Bitcoin and altcoins are more attractive than other stocks and investment or trading platforms.

In the past, Bitcoin and altcoins were only obtained by mining. Miners have to use specialized computers with hundreds of millions of hardware or hardware devices.

However, there are many altcoins that can be obtained by staking or underwriting. You can pledge one type of crypto asset to get another type of crypto asset.

Not only staking, futures or leverages trading methods also exist in crypto assets. Airdrops or sharing of free crypto assets are also often done by crypto asset developers.

Are You Ready to Trading Bitcoin?

Those are interesting facts about Bitcoin compared to stocks and other investment / trading instruments. For those of you who have not registered to become an Indodax member, you can click this link.

Oh yes, even though the price of crypto assets has reached hundreds of millions, such as Bitcoin, YFI and others, you can still start trading from the smallest nominal amount of IDR 10,000. Because trading on Indodax can be started from the smallest decimal fraction of IDR 10,000.

Watch other interesting articles on Indodax.academy.

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