Worldcoin: AI's Transformation of the Crypto World into the Future
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Worldcoin: AI’s Transformation of the Crypto World into the Future

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Worldcoin: AI’s Transformation of the Crypto World into the Future

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In recent times, OpenAI has been in the online spotlight thanks to its innovative artificial intelligence technology, particularly its ChatGPT product.


That success brought attention back to OpenAI’s founder and CEO, Sam Altman, as his crypto project, Worldcoin, recently secured $115,000,000 in Series C funding, which is equivalent to around Rp1,700,000,000,000.


Now, to understand more about what Worldcoin is, from its founder and vision, history, to its future prospects, check out the full review below.


What is Worldcoin?


In principle, Worldcoin represents a crypto project that carries the concept of an open source protocol with the use of biometric technology connected to a special device called the Worldcoin Orb.


The device is designed to scan the user’s iris, body, and face to produce a highly detailed picture. The main purpose of this technology is to verify the identity of users within the framework of the World ID project.


In addition, this approach can also be used as a verification mechanism for obtaining airdrops. In this crypto project, there is a built-in token called WLD that serves as a tool for storing value and making payment transactions.


For those interested in getting involved in this crypto project, a visit to the Orb operator is required to perform an iris scan through Chrome Orb. The collected data will be stored anonymously to keep the user’s identity safe.


According to information from the company, the World ID product has successfully collected 1,700,000 trustworthy biometric data. In addition, the company has also released the World App as part of its proof of personhood strategy.


It is known that the release has attracted participation from 1,500,000 people before its release and has more than half a million active users every month.


Worldcoin Founder and Vision


As mentioned earlier, Worldcoin is a crypto project owned by Sam Altman, who also serves as the CEO of OpenAI.


Altman is known for his innovative vision and commitment to developing technology that can have a positive impact on society. Worldcoin itself has three main missions.


First, creating a global identity; second, becoming a global currency; and third, developing applications that enable payment, purchase, and transfer services using tokens.


In addition, this crypto project was born with the aim of providing equal access to crypto assets for everyone, regardless of location or wealth.


Altman believes that by providing equal access to global wealth, every individual can contribute to creating a more just and equitable future. Funding this project is therefore an important step in realizing that vision.


History of Worldcoin and the Viral Goat


Worldcoin 2


Worldcoin is committed to creating a universal base currency. Users can register their identity through the Worldcoin app by performing a live eye scan using devices called “Orbs”.


Once the identity is verified, users will be given a certain amount of Worldcoin crypto assets as an incentive. One interesting story that stems from Worldcoin is that of a user in Kenya who used the crypto assets he received to buy a goat.


The story went viral on social media and caught the attention of the crypto community. As a show of support, the crypto community sent the user some crypto assets, which were then used to buy more goats.


Currently, the user has accumulated a total of 13 goats thanks to the help of the crypto community.


Critique of the Orb Device


Despite this promising potential, the Orb device has been the subject of significant criticism. The criticism has not only come from the crypto community, but also from privacy and security experts.


This is due to the fact that eyes are often used as security keys on electronic devices, raising concerns about privacy and security.


However, Worldcoin insists that privacy and security are top priorities, and no eye scan data is stored.


According to Altman, the device is only used to verify whether users have received Worldcoin coins before.


At least 130,000 people worldwide have been scanned using the device, with Worldcoin promising to reward between $10 and $200 based on the initial number of eyeball scans.


Worldcoin Expansion and Adoption Exploration


The project aims to reach 1,000,000,000 users this year and that shows great ambition. Worldcoin hopes that this method can be adopted by users around the world.


To date, Worldcoin has shipped Orb devices to 12 countries around the world and has been tested in 5 countries, including Chile, Kenya, Sudan, France, and Indonesia.


The Orb device itself was designed by Thomas Meyerhoffer, a Swedish industrial designer previously involved in Apple and Porsche projects.


In November, Worldcoin plans to increase production to 4,000 Orb devices per month, which will be distributed to Orb Operators around the world.


Future Prospects and Expectations


Worldcoin 3


With the project being developed by Worldcoin, it seems that the future is promising. The amount of funding raised is substantial, giving Worldcoin the opportunity to accelerate growth and expansion.


Worldcoin plans to allocate these funds for technological infrastructure development and new product innovation, as well as for expansion into new markets.


It is expected to be a momentum for Worldcoin to strengthen the presence of globally adopted crypto assets, while contributing to the growth of the entire crypto ecosystem.


With strong financial backing, investments from financiers, and support from the crypto community, Worldcoin is projected to achieve its vision and mission in the future.


Moreover, Worldcoin is poised to change the way people interact with wealth and open up new opportunities for the global economy.


Overall, Worldcoin stands out as a new and innovative crypto project that has the potential to change the current paradigm of crypto asset adoption.


The tools that have been developed to support this technology are strong evidence that this project has bright prospects for the future.




To conclude, Worldcoin is a crypto project that is attracting attention with its biometric technology innovations, especially the use of Orb devices to verify user identity.


The project has a vision to create a universal base currency, with the aim of increasing access and use of crypto assets globally.


Despite criticism regarding privacy and security, Worldcoin is determined to maintain user privacy and only uses eye scan data for verification purposes, not for data storage.


Worldcoin has managed to raise substantial funding and it is possible to accelerate the growth and expansion of the project going forward.


Furthermore, it is important to have a good understanding of promising crypto projects such as Worldcoin as this makes it possible to capitalize on profitable investment opportunities and understand their role and impact in the global crypto ecosystem.


Ultimately, with its ambitious vision and prominent innovations, Worldcoin is one of the most interesting crypto projects to consider.


Let’s Invest Crypto in Worldcoin on INDODAX


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It is important to remember that investing in crypto assets has a high level of volatility and involves the risk of capital loss.


Therefore, before investing, it is advisable to do your own research or Do Your Own Research (DYOR) and carefully consider your risk tolerance and investment objectives.


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