Aerodrome Finance (AERO) is Now Listed on INDODAX
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Aerodrome Finance (AERO) is Now Listed on INDODAX!

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Aerodrome Finance (AERO) is Now Listed on INDODAX!

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Aerodrome successfully achieved a TVL of $420 million in less than a year since its launch, demonstrating significant growth.


Aerodrome Finance (AERO) crypto asset is now listed on INDODAX on the Base network.


Interested in Aerodrome Finance (AERO) and how to buy it? Learn more before investing by reading below!


About Aerodrome Finance (AERO)

Aerodrome Finance is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) designed to be the main liquidity hub for Base. It integrates a liquidity incentive mechanism, a governance model based on vote-locking, and a user-friendly interface. 


Utilizing the latest features of Velodrome V2, Aerodrome NFTs participate in voting for token emission allocations and benefit from the incentives and fees generated by the protocol. 


Aerodrome aligns with the Optimism Collective vision for public goods, allocating 25% of vote power to Ecosystem Goods to enhance liquidity and support public goods funding. The platform operates using the AERO token. 


Aerodrome, in partnership with Velodrome, is the primary hub of the Superchain ecosystems, with veVELO lockers receiving the largest initial veAERO distribution via a launch airdrop, kickstarting the Aerodrome flywheel.


For more information, visit the official website of Aerodrome Finance (AERO) at


Challenges, Opportunities, and Utilities

The main problem that Aerodrome Finance aims to address through the use of the AERO token is to improve liquidity in the Base network ecosystem. This is evident from Aerodrome’s objectives which are to become the primary liquidity source on Base by launching with around 20 partners to obtain the largest liquidity, serve as a hub that facilitates rapid and cost-effective liquidity formation for protocols on Base, and utilize the AERO token to attract more votes to critical liquidity pools in order to increase liquidity on those pools.


In other words, Aerodrome Finance seeks to solve the issue of low liquidity in the Base ecosystem by leveraging the technologies and mechanisms provided by the AERO token such as facilitating partnerships, serving as a hub, and incentivizing participation through voting. The overall goal is to enhance liquidity across the Base network and make it easier for projects to access liquidity.


Aerodrome Finance distinguishes itself in the DeFi space as an advanced AMM on the BASE network, launched on August 28, 2023. It stands out by merging features from Velodrome V2 with a unique liquidity incentive engine, vote-lock governance, and an intuitive user experience. Aerodrome offers low slippage and high liquidity, facilitated by $AERO token emissions and incentives for liquidity providers (LPs). 


By allowing LPs and veAERO voters to influence emission distributions and rewarding them with trading fees and incentives, Aerodrome fosters active governance and participation. The Aerodrome protocol utilizes two distinct tokens to facilitate its utility and governance mechanisms. The AERO token, an ERC-20 standard token, serves as the utility token for the protocol. It is distributed as emissions to liquidity providers who contribute to the platform’s liquidity pools. 


On the other hand, the veAERO token, structured as an ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT), is employed for governance purposes. Any AERO token holder can participate in the governance process by vote-escrowing their tokens, which involves locking them for a specified period, ranging up to four years. 


In exchange, they receive a veAERO NFT, also known as a Lock or veNFT. The longer the lock duration, the higher the voting power or weight assigned to the underlying locked balance, following a linear relationship. For instance, locking 100 AERO for 4 years would yield 100 veAERO, while locking the same amount for 1 year would result in 25 veAERO.


Founder and Investor of Aerodrome Finance (AERO)

Alexander Cutler is a co-founder of Aerodrome Finance, a major liquidity protocol on the Base blockchain. Before venturing into the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, Cutler worked in politics, technology, and consulting. He is also a core team member at Velodrome Finance, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Optimism network.


With the support of investors from the Base Ecosystem Fund


Crypto Asset Ranking Information

As of June 5, 2024, the CoinMarketCap ranking of Aerodrome Finance (AERO) is #230, with a market cap of USD 518,610,849. It has a circulating supply of 478,985,140 AERO and a maximum supply of 1,074,039,674 AERO.


How to Buy Aerodrome Finance (AERO) on INDODAX 

Now that you’ve discovered more about Aerodrome Finance (AERO), you can start investing in Aerodrome Finance (AERO) easily and securely on INDODAX. 

You can access INDODAX via the INDODAX Mobile App, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store, or by visiting the INDODAX website.

To buy Aerodrome Finance (AERO) crypto asset on INDODAX, follow the steps below:


  1. Register on INDODAX if you are not yet an INDODAX Member or login to your INDODAX account
  2. Then, deposit by reading how to make a deposit below
  3. After making a successful deposit and the balance has been credited to your INDODAX account, visit the INDODAX market
  4. Search for AERO in the IDR market, and click to visit the crypto asset page
  5. On the crypto asset page, enter the balance and desired AERO purchase price, or buy instantly at the current price
  6. Next, you should wait for the price to increase for some time
  7. Once the price increases, your assets can be sold at a higher price with the Instant method
  8. If you use the Limit method to sell, make sure to place a sell order after purchasing the asset and enter a higher sell number


INDODAX also offers other features than trading, such as INDODAX Earn which allows you to lock crypto assets and earn interest rewards, and INDODAX OTC for large crypto transactions in a more personalized and secure way.


Let’s invest in Aerodrome Finance (AERO) on INDODAX now!

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