Asic Miner, a Practical Crypto Asset Mining Tool
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Asic Miner, a Practical Crypto Asset Mining Tool

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Asic Miner, a Practical Crypto Asset Mining Tool

asic miner

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As technology develops in the digital era as it is now, one thing supporting the crypto industry is the existence of ASIC miners.

An ASIC miner is an efficient tool for digital mining assets.

For information, mining is the process of acquiring digital assets by participating in validating transactions as a miner.

So, if you want to know more about what ASIC miner means, see the following review.

What is Asic Miner?

What is Asic Miner

Having higher computing power, ASIC is currently a must-have piece of hardware for a miner.

Standing for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit, an ASIC is an integrated circuit chip designed for a specific purpose.

The ASIC miner is a computerized device used only for crypto mining. Each ASIC is generally built on mining-specific crypto.

Thus, ASIC Bitcoin miners can only do bitcoin mining.

This is because the algorithms between cryptos are different, while ASIC can only process one algorithm.

The difference between ASIC Miner and GPU

So, is ASIC miner different from GPU? The answer is yes.

The most striking difference between the two lies in their intended use.

In this case, ASIC is a chip built for a specific purpose, while GPU or Graphics Processing Unit is a multipurpose processor that can do almost all calculations.

ASIC can only calculate one algorithm, while the GPU can process calculations for almost all algorithms.

Although ASIC is somewhat limited in terms of algorithms, its computational speed is much faster than GPUs.

How Asic Miner Works

How Asic Miner Works

Talking about how it works, Asic itself has an underlying form of a chip that functions to perform specific tasks.

For example, the chip on a cell phone has an important role in the device.

The way Asic Miner works is to solve the algorithm to find specific digital numbers.

If someone succeeds in getting that number the first time, he will get a reward in the form of bitcoin.

It should also be noted ASIC miners must be connected to a computer/laptop that has been installed with special software.

The faster the computer used to operate the ASIC Miner—in line with the large availability of electricity—the quicker the ASIC miner will find that specific number.

That’s why many are willing to invest big to operate ASIC miners.

Furthermore, besides the equipment will cost quite a lot, investment is also needed for computers and electricity.

How to Mining with ASIC Miner?

Below is an explanation regarding how to mine Bitcoin with ASIC miner that you need to know, including:

1. Select ASIC Mining Rig

When choosing an ASIC mining rig, you can first consider the choice of device and budget you have.

You can choose the latest model if you want to buy a new machine.

On the other hand, there are also used models sold in several local and international marketplaces that you can consider.

In short, the right equipment depends on your needs. The reason is that there are many miners who want to take advantage of the empty space in their garage, while others will choose to build a small ASIC mining farm.

Here are some important things you need to pay attention to when choosing an ASIC mining rig:

  • Hardware

A rig consists of several ASIC devices connected to work as a unit.

The things that must be considered in hardware, namely computing speed and electricity consumption. Efficiency is also an important aspect when choosing hardware.

  • Motherboards

It is the main part of the rig because it holds together the various hardware components.

The motherboard choice depends on the hardware you want to use on it.

  • Power Supply

Miners will need power. Well, the size of this power supply depends on the number of powered devices.

Besides that, the amount of power also depends on whether you will overclock the miner because that way can consume more power.

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)

His role is to coordinate various aspects of the rig, including ASIC. As such, the sound processor is key to ensuring the smooth running of the rig.

  • Frames

Its role is to bring everything together to create a compact system.

Typically, stronger frames will require fewer repair costs. However, the size depends on the number of miners you want to add.

2. Determine the mining software that will be used

The mining software is a computer program to connect miner hardware with the mining pool.

If you choose the wrong bitcoin mining software, then later, you cannot connect to the pool or even the Bitcoin network itself.

Please note the best software is determined by the target operating system and will also depend on the expertise possessed by the miner.

In this case, popular Bitcoin mining software is MultiMiner (for beginners), CGMiner (for advanced users), and BitMiner (for quick setup).

Several mining software can be used for free or paid. Some paid versions are usually subscription-based, while others charge according to the hash power of the rig used.

3. Join a trusted mining pool

Even though it’s fine for you to become a solo Bitcoin miner, it will require a sizable investment in mining equipment to discover new blocks on the blockchain.

As another option, you can join a mining pool. Here, miners can join the ASIC mining rig’s power and direct it to the Bitcoin blockchain, then distribute prizes for each block successfully mined.

4. Using a mining profitability calculator

It would help if you also planned for profit because Asic mining is basically part of the business.

In this case, you can use the mining profitability calculator as a medium to estimate the ROI margin, even before buying the desired ASIC miner.

The calculator considers essential metrics, such as the rig’s hash rate on miners, the current BTC price, the rig’s power consumption, and electricity costs.

Later, these factors will show daily, month, and year profitability.

The advantages and disadvantages of ASIC Miner

Here are some of the advantages of Asic Miner that you need to know:

  • Easy to use due to its special nature of being able to mine only one coin. Therefore, this device also has plug-and-mine capabilities.
  • Mining efficiency is higher than GPU and CPU.
  • Profit opportunities are high compared to when using other types of hardware.
  • ASIC is more environmentally friendly because this device is made to consume less electrical energy than its computing power.

Meanwhile, here are some of the disadvantages of ASIC Miner:

  • Functions that are limited when compared to GPUs, namely for mining only.
  • The price is quite high for its limited functionality.

Best Asic Miner Recommendations

The following is a list of the best Asic miner recommendations you need to know.

1. Antminer S19 Pro

Antminer S19 Pro is among the best ASIC miners for Bitcoin and the SHA-256 algorithm.

This ASIC miner is designed with the latest 5nm chip and manufactured by the world’s leading mining hardware manufacturing company, Bitmain.


  • Weight: 15,500 g
  • Noise Level: 75 dB
  • Temperature: 5 – 45 °C
  • Maximum Hash Rate: 110 Th
  • Power consumption: 3250 W (± 5%)
  • Price: 2,860 US dollars

2. WhatsMiner M30S++

ASIC miners can manage a power efficiency of 31 J/TH (joules per hash Tera).

As for the size of about 16.875? Length 5.75? Width 8.8125? Tall.

Power efficiency, power consumption, and hash rate do not fluctuate by large margins when the device is used.


  • Weight: 10,500 g
  • Algorithm: SHA-256
  • Noise Level: 75 dB
  • Temperature: -5 – 35 °C
  • Maximum Hash Rate: 112TH/s±5%
  • Power consumption: 3472 watts +/- 10%
  • Price: 3,999 US dollars

3. AVALONminer 1246

This ASIC miner device produced by Canaan—a well-known Bitcoin mining hardware company—can help you mine Bitcoin and several other SHA-256 algorithm assets.

Uniquely, this device is also equipped with an internal chip that can analyze the hash rate using an intelligent algorithm and detect cases of hash rate fluctuations.

In addition, the Avalonminer 1246 is also equipped with a 12038 master cooler fan which can withstand high temperatures for better cooling.


  • Weight: 12,800 g
  • Noise Level: 75 dB
  • Temperature: -5 – 35 °C
  • Maximum Hash Rate: 90Th/s
  • Power consumption: 3420W
  • Price: 3,890 US dollars

4. WhatsMiner M32

Despite the low level of profitability, WhatsMiner M32 is an ASIC miner that can effectively mine the SHA-256 algorithm with an efficiency of 0.054h/Gh.


  • Weight: 10,500 g
  • Noise Level: 75db
  • Temperature: -5 – 35 °C
  • Maximum Hash Rate: 68TH/s +/- 5
  • Power consumption: 3312 watts +/- 10%
  • Price: 3,557 US dollars

5. Avalon Miner 1166 Pro

This device, released in August 2020, is capable of managing a very high hash rate and power consumption than most other devices.

AvalonMiner 1166 Pro is commonly used for mining Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and other SHA-256 cryptocurrencies.

The size of this device is 16nm, and it manages an efficiency of 0.042j/Gh and is equipped with four fans.


  • Weight: 12,800g
  • Noise Level: 75 dB
  • Temperature: -5 – 35 °C
  • Maximum Hash Rate: 81TH/s
  • Power consumption: 3400 watts
  • Price: 3,000 US dollars

6. Ebang EBIT E11++

Like other devices, Ebang EBIT E11++ can be used to mine SHA-256 crypto assets.

These devices can be monitored effectively using a cluster management software system.

Users can quickly modify IP, mining pool, and numbers through the right program.


  • Weight: 10,000 g
  • Noise Level: 75 dB
  • Temperature: 25°C
  • Maximum Hash Rate: 44TH/S (-5%?+10%)
  • Power consumption: 45W/T ±10%
  • Price: 2024 US dollars

7. DragonMint T1

This is an ASIC mining device produced by Halong Mining Company.

Using the SHA-256 algorithm, this device can be used for mining Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and seven other cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 algorithm.


  • Weight: 6000 g
  • Noise Level: 75 dB
  • Temperature: 0 – 40 °C
  • Maximum Hash Rate: 16 Th/s
  • Power consumption: 1480 W
  • Price: 2,729 US dollars

8. Innosilicon A10 Pro

The Innosilicon A10 Pro+, released in 2020, has 136 x 282 x 360mm dimensions.

This device is also used for Ethereum mining.


  • Weight: 8100g
  • Noise Level: 75 dB
  • Temperature: 0 – 40 °C
  • Maximum Hash Rate: 500 MH/s (± 5%)
  • Power consumption: 950w (+/-10%).
  • Price: 2580 US dollars.

9. ASICminer 8 Nano

This SHA-256 algorithm mining device has a powerful engine and will continue to work even when 35 percent of the fans are off.

In addition, ASIC miner 8 Nano can also be used in residential areas with very low noise levels.


  • Weight: 27,000g
  • Noise Level: 47db
  • Temperature: 10°C to 45°C
  • Maximum Hash rate: 58TH/s ±10%
  • Power consumption: 2500W±10%
  • Price: 1200 US dollars

10. Bitmain Antminer S17

S17 is hardware that can mine the SHA-256 algorithm, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin BSV, and more than 40 other cryptocurrencies.

Produced by Bitmain, this device has a 7nm size, 144 chips, and is packed in 4 fans to prevent overheating.


  • Weight: 9500g
  • Noise Level: 82db
  • Temperature: 5°C to 45°C
  • Maximum Hash Rate: 53TH/s
  • Power consumption: 2385W
  • Price: 1590.99 US dollars


Application-Specific Integrated Circuit or ASIC is an integrated circuit chip designed for a specific purpose.

The ASIC miner is a computerized device that works for crypto mining.

Unlike GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), ASIC is a chip built for specific purposes.

Several ways of mining with ASIC Miner are:

  1. Choosing an ASIC Mining Rig.
  2. Determining the mining software to be used.
  3. Joining a trusted mining pool.
  4. Using a mining profitability calculator.

Do you know what ASIC miner is, from its definition and how it works to product recommendations?

So, next, you can also read other interesting articles, such as how to mining Dogecoin at INDODAX Academy.

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