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Altseason is a period in the crypto market where altcoins experience significant increases in price and trading activity exceeding Bitcoin and other major crypto assets.

Altseason is characterized by drastic spikes in the prices of hundreds of altcoins almost simultaneously, sometimes reaching thousands of percent in a matter of weeks or months. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s dominance tends to decline due to the much higher growth of altcoins.

Altseason is usually driven by the euphoria of new retail investors who are hunting for altcoins with potential and relatively affordable prices.

Examples of “Altseason” usage in a sentence

“Many analysts predict the arrival of altseason in 2023 after Bitcoin experienced a long bull run in the previous year.”

“Many unknown altcoins recorded 5x and even 10x price growth during the 2021 altseason.”

“The significant increase in trading volume and altcoin market capitalization indicates the potential for an altseason to arrive.”

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