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Sleepless AI is an initiative that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) technology with social interaction through a Web3-based gaming platform. This is a project developed by Sleepless AI Lab and backed by leading venture capital (VC) firms such as Labs, Foresight Ventures, and Folius Ventures.

The Sleepless AI project aims to create innovative gaming experiences by combining AI elements and social interaction dynamics. The platform is built on Web3 technology, which means it uses blockchain and crypto tokens to facilitate economics in the gaming ecosystem.

Sleepless AI’s native crypto token, commonly called the AI token, has an important role in this ecosystem. AI tokens can be used for various purposes, such as purchasing in-game assets, paying transaction fees, or as incentives for players and contributors.

Sleepless AI has successfully listed its AI token on the world’s leading crypto exchange. This increases the token’s accessibility and liquidity, as well as demonstrating the trust placed in the project by the broader crypto community.


Examples of sleepless AI usage in sentences

“AI gaming fans are excited about the launch of the Sleepless AI platform, which promises a more realistic and interactive gaming experience by combining AI elements.”

“Investors are considering acquiring Sleepless AI tokens after seeing support from leading VC firms.”

“Sleepless AI developers hope their AI token can drive wider adoption of their Web3 gaming platform by offering incentives and utility within the ecosystem.”


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