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Internet Computer Protocol

Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a decentralized internet computer network protocol developed by DFINITY. ICP enables the creation of a blockchain Internet Computer that functions as a public world computer for running decentralized web applications.

ICP is connected to a network of dedicated devices called “node machines” spread across the world. These node machines are connected to each other via the internet using the ICP protocol, forming the Internet Computer blockchain.

ICP uses advanced technologies such as chain key cryptography and allows users to create websites, applications, and other web-based services in a decentralized manner. ICP not only functions as a cryptographic asset but also as a tool for building decentralized web services. It addresses the problem of centralizing internet infrastructure by providing a decentralized system that allows data to move across independent data services around the world.

Examples of Internet Computer Protocol usage in sentences

“DFINITY developed the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) to create a decentralized public-world computer capable of running web applications without centralization.”

“The decentralized blockchain project relies on ICP and a global network of node machines to build distributed and secure web services.”

“Developers can use ICP to create decentralized applications that run on the Internet, avoiding centralization of data and services.”

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