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BitcoinOS is a decentralized modular system developed by Sovryn, with the aim of improving the scalability, interoperability and programmability of the Bitcoin network. BitcoinOS uses rollups technologies, such as Taproot, Lightning, and Zero-knowledge rollups, to address scalability issues on the blockchain.

BitcoinOS consists of several main components:

EVM-compatible execution environment: An Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible execution environment, supporting existing DeFi applications on Sovryn.

Data security rollup: A rollup that manages encrypted transactions and provides data security for users.

SOV token: Governance token for modules and regions in the BitcoinOS ecosystem, allowing token holders to participate in the development and development of the ecosystem.

BitcoinOS was developed by the Sovryn community, which has built the largest and fastest growing Bitcoin DeFi and smart contract ecosystem. The main goal of BitcoinOS is to improve the scalability, interoperability and programmability of Bitcoin so that it becomes a more effective and efficient system for users.


Examples of BitcoinOS usage in a sentence

“Sovryn developers are working on BitcoinOS, a modular system aimed at improving the scalability and programmability of the Bitcoin network.”

“With the EVM-compatible execution environment on BitcoinOS, existing DeFi applications can be easily integrated into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

SOV token holders can participate in BitcoinOS governance and influence the direction of development and expansion of this decentralized ecosystem”


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