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Renzo Coin (REZ) is a utility token associated with the EigenLayer protocol. It is a liquid restaking token (LRT) and strategy manager for the EigenLayer ecosystem.

Renzo Coin serves as an interface into the EigenLayer ecosystem, allowing users to secure Actively Validated Services (AVS) and earn additional rewards on top of regular staking rewards.


EigenLayer is a second-layer protocol for Ethereum that focuses on scalability and security. In this ecosystem, Renzo Coin (REZ) plays an important role as a liquid restaking token. This allows REZ holders to delegate their tokens and earn rewards from network validation activities.

One of the main functions of Renzo Coin is to secure and manage Actively Validated Services (AVSs) in EigenLayer. AVS is a special validator node responsible for verifying transactions and data. By staking REZ, users can support AVS and earn additional rewards on top of regular staking rewards.

Renzo Coin also acts as a management token for the EigenLayer protocol, providing voting rights in governance and allowing token holders to propose and vote on protocol changes.


Examples of using Renzo Coin in a sentence

“Investors decided to stake Renzo Coin (REZ) in order to secure the Actively Validated Service and earn additional validation rewards in the EigenLayer ecosystem.”

“REZ holders use their tokens to propose protocol changes and participate in EigenLayer governance.”

“The EigenLayer project is issuing Renzo Coin as a liquid management and restaking token to facilitate participation in their network.”


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