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Bitcoin Checker - Indodax Academy

Bitcoin Checker is a FREE application to track the latest price of your favorite crypto assets (on over 100 supported exchanges) in many customizable ways (such as notifications, Text-To-Speech voice announcements, Home widget, lock screen, and multiple alarms).

Bitcoin Checker refers to a popular crypto asset application that is very useful for all crypto asset users. It is a solid application designed to display the latest prices on most crypto assets worldwide.

This app comes with an easy-to-use user interface, and it is most useful considering the amount of data it displays.

Regardless of the crypto asset, you need data on, whether it’s Bitcoin or Dogecoin. The application will have all the relevant information. Best of all, Bitcoin Checker is completely free to use.

With Bitcoin Checker, you can verify the latest prices of all crypto assets from nearly 80 exchanges worldwide.

Prices will also be displayed in an easy-to-read notification on your status bar. Apart from that, you will also get alerts to update you on all current price changes. Users can even completely customize the app according to their needs.

The display on the screen will also show the coin’s price in sub-units. All customized announcements can be delivered via text-to-speech format. You can even have different alarms for different types of warning conditions.

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