Description and Definition of BMI (Bitcoin Misery Index)
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BMI (Bitcoin Misery Index)

The Bitcoin Misery Index measures the level of “suffering” of Bitcoin market participants on a scale of 0 to 100. The number 0 represents extreme market depression, while a score of 100 indicates market euphoria.

The lower the BMI number, the better the time for Bitcoin accumulation because the market is pessimistic. On the other hand, a BMI that is getting closer to 100 means that the market is in an overbought condition and the Bitcoin price has the opportunity to experience a correction.

BMI creator Thomas Lee has determined that the ideal Bitcoin accumulation point is when the BMI is below level 27. When the BMI reaches that level, it means the market is experiencing strong depression and pessimism, so it is a buy opportunity for long-term investors.


Examples of BMI (bitcoin misery index) usage in sentences

“As the Bitcoin Misery Index is currently at level 20, many analysts predict this is a good time for BTC accumulation.”

“Bitcoin’s BMI fell to its lowest level this year at 15, suggesting market euphoria has completely evaporated.”

“Large investors will typically add to their Bitcoin positions aggressively if BMI falls into the optimal buy zone below 27.”



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