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The bug bounty program is a reward program offered by technology companies or crypto platforms to anyone who successfully finds security vulnerabilities in their digital products.

If they successfully find a security flaw and report it to the company correctly, the discoverer is entitled to a cash reward or other reward. The main aim of this program is so that companies can immediately identify and fix security vulnerabilities before they are misused by irresponsible parties. Common bug bounty programs are offered by large tech companies, crypto platforms, and blockchain projects.


Examples of “bug bounty” in use in a sentence 

“The Ethereum Foundation rewards ETH tokens for anyone who successfully finds security vulnerabilities in the Ethereum protocol through a bug bounty program.”

“Security researchers compete to find critical bugs on DeFi platforms for cash rewards offered through bug bounty programs.”

“By participating in the bug bounty program, security developers can earn additional income if they succeed in finding loopholes in popular blockchain systems.”



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