Description and Understanding of ATL (All-Time Low)
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All-Time Low (ATL)

All-Time Low (ATL) is the lowest price ever reached by a crypto asset throughout its trading period. This is the lowest point in the historical price movement chart of the crypto asset.


ATL indicates the lowest value ever reached by the price of a crypto asset since it was first traded until now. ATL prices are usually formed when there is a severe crisis in the crypto industry or when there is no buying interest at all in the crypto asset.


After touching ATL, usually crypto asset prices will rebound and start to rise again. However, sometimes there are crypto assets that continue to decline after touching ATL. Therefore, ATL can also be used as a reference support level for future price technical analysis.


Examples of All-Time Low (ATL) in use in sentences


“Bitcoin prices fell to the ATL level of $200 in 2015.”

“Many altcoins fell to the ATL point when the crypto crisis occurred in 2018.”

“Traders often wait for crypto asset prices to fall to ATL to buy cheaply before rising again.”

“After touching ATL at $3000, Ethereum then rebounded quite sharply to return to $4000.”

“Analysts estimate that Bitcoin’s support level is at ATL $3000; if the price breaks it it will fall further.”




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